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  1. 2 hours ago, Gothamite said:

    I think the fact you have to play with URLs indicate that it’s something they did for their own amusement, not intended for public consumption.  

    I found it out because I wanted to see how the new uniforms looked on the site. Part of being bored during quarantine lol

  2. 15 minutes ago, crosfam said:

    Despite what many on this board would recommend, few teams are reducing uniform options. Most are expanding. I am surprised LA didn't go with complete mix and max options as they have no plans for bone on color. I have a feeling NE will breakout alt pants with no fanfare this year too. 

    I saw that GUD (gridiron uniforms database added the new uniforms to their site, (if you click on the 2019 games on a certain combo, you have to change the 2019 in the image link to 2020, and you can change the letter after it to switch uniform combinations) and obviously it could just be just in case, but they have the Pats with white pants as well.


    Honestly looks sooooo much better compared to the navy pants.

    They also have orange pants for the Browns deep in the archives.


    Also just noticed that there's a stupid 1946 mark on the back of the inner collar 😐 (same goes with the Pats too, really man?)

  3. On 5/11/2020 at 7:56 PM, L10nheart404 said:

    I won't argue with that. My top 5 color schemes are Redskins, Dolphins, Steelers, Panthers(electric blue is lovely), and Seahawks(navy and neon green is very underrated).

    Unpopular opinion, I think the Seahawks should have royal, wolf gray, and neon green as their colors. These work really well imo.

    003087 hex colora5acaf hex color69be28 hex color

  4. 2 hours ago, officeglenn said:


    No, that's for actual fantasy sports leagues on the boards. It's not meant to be like Sports Fan Fiction or concept threads.


    Members must have 500 posts in order to view that section of the boards; there has been a 500-post minimum on fantasy league membership here on the boards for years, so that people don't sign up just for that. I'm not sure why the La Liga one is showing if you're under 500 posts, though. 

    Oh, I've seen the La liga threads since they were first introduced


    Edit: Now I can't see them anymore, I don't really care cause I'm 30 posts away lol

  5. What's the deal with the Fantasy Sports section on these boards? They are completely barren except for the one La Liga Soccer thing. Also you can't make threads for like your own personal story. Is it supposed to be like the Sports Fanfiction sub-section that got nuked a year ago? Why is it different from any other concept threads? Would like answers on this.

  6. 5 hours ago, PlayGloria said:


    For the Pro Bowl its cool with me. For a franchise like the Rams with classic designs to draw inspiration from, I don't like it at all. 

    I feel like a team that could pull off gradient numbers the best is the Texans. They don't have enough history for them to have a classic look, and it could fit the whole Texas stage flag theme they like to use. 

  7. On 5/10/2020 at 10:21 AM, ATolly66 said:

    Hello guys,


    I keep an Excel book for how I would design each team's colors and fonts (weird, I know). Every year, I try to make adjustments and I'm unsure which option for the Seahawks is the best one.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts...



    I like the neon green current font with the royal blue background

  8. 6 minutes ago, Jvelleu said:

    Hi all -- I posted a couple weeks ago looking for some critiques on a Rams logo I was working on and I got some helpful feedback there so I wanted to share an update.


    I finished the project and made a little reveal video for it



    And the full project can be seen here


    This was a ton of fun to make - hope you enjoy!

    Great concept, especially nice job with the editing!

  9. I couldn't find any predictions megathreads, so I figured why not I be the one to start it? I'm gonna start this first of all with my




    NFC EAST:           AFC EAST:

    PHI 11-5                BUF 10-6

    DAL 9-7                NE 7-9

    WAS 4-12             NYJ 5-11

    NYG 3-13             MIA 4-12



    GB 11-5                BAL 13-3

    MIN 9-7                PIT 9-7

    CHI 8-8                CLE 8-8

    DET 5-11             CIN 4-12



    NO 13-3               IND 10-6

    TB 10-6                TEN 9-7

    ATL 9-7                HOU 7-9

    CAR 2-14             JAX 2-14


    NFC WEST:        AFC WEST:

    SEA 12-4            KC 13-3

    SF 10-6               DEN 9-7

    ARI 8-8               LV 7-9

    LAR 8-8              LAC 7-9




    #1 NO 13-3                 #1 BAL 13-3

    #2 SEA 12-4               #2 KC 13-3       

    #3 GB 11-5                 #3 IND 10-6              

    #4 PHI 11-5                #4 BUF 10-6

    #5 TB 10-6                 #5 PIT 9-7

    #6 SF 10-6                 #6 DEN 9-7

    #7 DAL 9-7                #7 TEN 9-7



    PIT over BUF

    IND over DEN

    KC over TEN


    TB over PHI

    GB over SF

    SEA over DAL


    KC over IND

    BAL over PIT


    GB over SEA

    NO over TB


    BAL over KC

    NO over GB :(

    SUPER BOWL 55:

    NO 28 - 38 BAL



  10. 1 minute ago, DNAsports said:

    I’d be curious to see if the NFL would be willing to do a 3-to-6 game slate in Orlando with all three teams? Hell, two per season for six games could make it feel like Orlando actually HAS a team. The only NFL game the city gets on a regular basis is the rickety-ass Pro Bowl once a year.

    I just wish they could get a new Stadium in Hawaii for the Pro bowl (and the Rainbow Warriors) Maybe do an every other year deal where even years it's in Orlando, odd years it is in Hawaii

  11. 2 minutes ago, IceCap said:

    Jacksonville is only the biggest city in Florida by area, because they annexed the entire county.

    Its metro population is 1,504,980, which puts it behind Miami (6,158,824), Tampa (3,068,511), and Orlando (2,387,138). 


    Ahh that makes more sense, I thought I might have been off there

  12. Quote

    NFL long-sleeved jersey concepts, 493ers added 5/5/20

    Ah yes, the San Francisco 493ers, named after the gold miners from the good old days of 18493.

    On a more serious note, I'm really digging these concepts. Loving the way you make it so the sleeves make the look complete. Nice job

  13. 3 hours ago, QCS said:

    I know some Panthers fans that would be furious if we were separated from Atlanta, nevermind what Dallas fans would do if they weren't with the Giants, Eagles, and Washington. While this might make a bit more geographic sense (not sure why the Titans would move to Memphis, they tried that and it didn't work) there are so many rivalries you need to consider. Additionally, why did you switch the two West divisions for the most part?


    5 hours ago, buzzcut said:

    @Bruhammydude, are you serious?

    I just thought of this in my head because I was bored lol it is called the Pointless Realignment thread after all

  14. An attempt to spread the NFL to markets all around the country:

    Teams that move:

    Green Bay Packers become Milwaukee Packers;

    Las Vegas Raiders become Portland Raiders;

    Los Angeles Chargers become San Diego Chargers;

    Buffalo Bills become Toronto Bills;

    Jacksonville Jaguars become St. Louis Jaguars;

    Tennessee Titans move to Memphis, stay as the Tennessee Titans;


    Now time for the pointless division realignments!



    New England Patriots

    New York Giants

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Washington Redskins


    Chicago Bears

    Cleveland Browns

    Milwaukee Packers

    Minnesota Vikings


    Carolina Panthers

    Dallas Cowboys

    New Orleans Saints

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Arizona Cardinals

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Portland Raiders

    San Diego Chargers



    Baltimore Ravens

    New York Jets

    Pittsburgh Steelers

    Toronto Bills


    Cincinnati Bengals

    Detroit Lions

    Indianapolis Colts

    St Louis Jaguars


    Atlanta Falcons

    Houston Texans

    Miami Dolphins

    Tennessee Titans


    Denver Broncos

    Los Angeles Rams

    San Francisco 49ers

    Seattle Seahawks