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  1. 7 hours ago, heavybass said:

    If that is the Rams helmet then it looks like a matte royal blue and segmented horns mostly of sol.

    I don't care what anything thinks, I am never going to call the Rams yellow sol. The name is so stupid.


    56 minutes ago, doctorpeligro said:

    They should have decided on one alternate.  Personally, I prefer the Navy over the Royal because we're bound to discover in May that the Chargers' Royal jersey is nearly identical to the Rams' primary jersey.

    Ultimate power move would be the Chargers wearing the Royal Color Rush against the Rams when they "host" them in 2022.

  2. 6 hours ago, BroncoBuff said:

    But PURPLE. Are there any pro or college teams that actually wear true purple? Equal red and blue mix? I don't think so ... every "purple" is 2-to-1 or 3-to-1 mix blue over red. The Ravens, Vikings, Lakers, Suns, Raptors, LA Kings, Kansas State, Washington, Northwestern, Texas Christian, even East Carolina - NONE are even very close to true 50-50 blue-red PURPLE. 

    Yeah, I think true purple looks good compared to like blueish purple. Like #360036, which is 54 red, 54 blue, 0 green, I think that would be a nice shade for one of the purple teams.

    360036 | Make a color scheme based on strong pink(#360036)

  3. I think pinstriped uniforms are ugly. They make the jersey details harder to read, they make everything cluttered, and it get's rid of an opportunity for sleeve stripes or the headspoon stripes. Be honest with me, which one looks cleaner?

    Colorado Rockies obliterate Diamondbacks, 19-2, in game full of ...MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added - Page 17 - Concepts ...

    The pinstriped one looks busy and complicated, not to mention the pinstripes don't even connect right, while the standard white one pops well, and looks fresh. I think that pinstriped uniforms are ugly and bad, and that all teams using them would look better in plain white (except for the Yankees, they have too much history to get rid of them.)

  4. I saw a mono-silver Patriots concept the other day with red numbers instead of navy, and I think it really popped against the silver, made the uniform more vibrant in general. Can't find the exact one but here's a pretty good comparison:

    Nike New England Patriots Nate Solder Jersey - Elite Grey ShadowTom Brady New England Patriots #12 Gray NFL Jersey Reebok On Field ...

    I think red numbers look much better in this case.

  5. 53 minutes ago, FinsUp1214 said:

    I agree that the Chargers should stay with a white helmet; each time I watched the Renegades, though, I personally couldn’t help but think of how much I wished the Titans had gone with a light blue helmet instead. 

    Titans absolutely need to own light blue, including the helmet. They should do lb/lb/w and lb/w/w as the primary then you can mix and match with navy pants or light blue pants, and a navy alt

  6. Patriots, why did you have to go monochrome? I think they look fine other than that, but come on. Although the double outline on the road numbers doesn't look good, it should be just one red outline. I guess

    that you don't need TV numbers at all from this point forward lol

  7. My bets are that they keep the yellow facemask, it would be a little odd for them to have permanent yellow facemasks for just one year. really hoping they put the numbers back on the helmets that would definitely stand out. I wonder in today's NFL if you have numbers on the helmet, would you not have to need TV numbers on your shoulders? It seems like that would make sense to me

  8. Browns are finally back to their old selves! Only things I'd really change is to make the brown pants with an orange/white/orange stripe, not a o/b/o. That alt should've never seen the light of day. If they need an alt, they should reuse the Color Rush, or make an orange alt (I'm not that big of an orange pants fan with the Browns, which is surprising considering orange is my favorite color)

  9. 8 hours ago, rtr2me said:

    It amazes me at how Jacksonville is always portrayed in the media, and around the country. I have been a season ticket holder since day one, yet we continue to sell more tickets than most teams but you don’t hear about that. The tickets are sold, unfortunately a lot of the azzes aren’t in the seats because the stadium will roast you like an oven, and we have a complete POS for an owner in KHANman...


    Our attendance was 22nd in the league in 2019 (, 17th in 2018, 21st in 2017, 26th in 2016, and we have beaten teams in attendance you wouldn’t expect until you go through the list. The reason we have been on the crap list of the NFL goes back to Weaver giving the NFL the threat of a lawsuit if they gave the expansion team to a second ownership group in St. Louis that popped up at the last second, and we have been talked about terribly ever since. We have supported the team through thick and thin as the numbers prove, and according to Forbes the team is 23rd on the NFL list worth $2.325 Billion ( Regardless of what is said by the so called analysts (:censored:-ESPN), we support the team as you can see in the revenue and attendance numbers.

    Trust me I wish I had liked a different team, especially now since the KHANman took another game from us. We all know what is next which is the team moving to London which makes me wonder why I am even defending them. As a result of this I canceled my tickets after him giving a second game away, and so have a third of the season ticket holders which is exactly what the POS wants so he can move them. Hopefully him and Lamping (another POS) croak before they can do it. As terrible as it sounds, many of us would throw a party if his eyesore yacht sank with him & Lamping’s lying azzes are on it when it goes down... Unfortunately sh#t floats, so they wouldn’t drown...

    I never really knew that, interesting.

  10. 2 hours ago, DouglasQuaid said:

    I wasnt much of a fan of my Panthers concept so I decided to give it a refresh and kept it closer to the original design. Instead of black I went back to a silver dome and brought back the stripes to the sleeve cap. I decided to g with the blue jersey once again due to the fact there are many black jersey teams.


    I like the Michigan Panthers type helmet on this one