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    7 hours ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:


    Sorry.   Headed back up to New York on a failed attempt to rescue a cat.   She wound up freaking out on my aunt, clawing her up, and hiding, so we're gonna have to get her next trip.


    I've done the Admirals and Wave for another user, MBurmy.   He's also got a minor league baseball team and Marquette basketball, so I wasn't sure what teams were important to you and what weren't.   I didn't know if you wanted those or Wisconsin's basketball and hockey, or what it could be.


    I'd had things mostly together, was just looking for the answer to which additional teams you felt important.   I find those banners a bit hard to read and the numbers don't all line up with a lot of what I can find.   Here's the totality of things I have.   If you want only certain champions and such, I can cut the wild cards or lesser wins.   Just lemme know exactly what you're looking for for each team.



    Thank you!

  2. On 2/4/2020 at 9:17 AM, Silent Wind of Doom said:

    I honestly do not know enough to know which minor league teams you consider good.   I've had people from your region include Northwest League baseball teams or the Wave.   Why don't you let me know which ones you root for or feel are up to the standard of being a part of the Great Lakes pride you're reppin' so I can make sure you get what you like?

    I forgot about this thread!

    Here's the teams I'd like.


    Green Bay Packers   Milwaukee Brewers    Milwaukee Bucks       Wisconsin Badgers FB  Milwaukee Admirals   Milwaukee Wave


    And their championship years:



    It would be a trophy case type deal.

    Does that sound alright?

  3. Just now, IceCap said:

    Welcome to the boards where people do. A lot.

    Fair point. I understand the historical side to it, just wish it could happen. Who knows, tey could have a team in London in the near future.

  4. For the 3 other rumored teams that @canzman shared, the Chargers, Colts & Patriots, here what I hope they do.


    CHARGERS: Make the road jersey powder blue dominant instead of navy dominant.


    COLTS: They don't need anything, but if they do, I hope it's something small like blue pants or a new alt.


    PATRIOTS: Make a new red alt that fits with the color scheme. A color swap of the color rush with Silver pants would probably be the best option.

  5. 9 hours ago, GrimlockAutobot said:


    Your point is irrelevant to the conversation. There is far too much value placed on what uniform was worn when championships were won and it's getting to the point of absurdity.


    I'm talking about identity. A brand. And the Broncos need to get their own regardless of what Superbowls were or weren't won.


    I think being the founding NFL team with 100 years of history in Navy and Orange trumps anything the Broncos ever did or ever will do in the Navy and Orange color combination.

    Bears fans are so insufferable lol

  6. 1 hour ago, CherryMX said:


    Oh look, a Packers "owner" who has no concept of spelling, grammar, or punctuation, and apparently lives in the California area but is an "owner" because he/she bought a piece of paper a few years ago.  Real die-hard.

    To your credit, you've endured two HOF quarterbacks in 30 years, 4 seasons of sub-.500 football since 1992, and 2 title runs.  You've been there through it all, thick and thick.


    I wish you strength to keep fighting the good fight rooting for the Packers (of all teams) from "America's Fruit Basket" out in sunny California.

    Go Pack Go

  7. 2 hours ago, VDizzle12 said:


    I think it's the striping system he is referring to. Mimicking the helmet stripes on the jersey and pants without inverting the colors or order. The Browns most identifiable aspect is the helmet, so I see no problem doing this but it does get weird with the orange jersey/pant options.

    That is one of my favorite uniform quirks imo

  8. 3 hours ago, ~Bear said:

    Good. Especially comparing it to the past few scorebugs FOX has had, it is by far the best. It's small and takes influence from the early-to-mid 2010s designs yet is preferably at the bottom of the screen. The font is nothing special but it is adequate enough. I also love the updated statistics on the sides of the scorebug. They are the perfect way to implement live statistical updates into the graphics package without being intrusive. Add in the return of team logos, and it's already miles better than the previous edition, which was bland and took up a much larger portion of the screen.


    The only thing I'm skeptical about is the cartoon-esque graphics, and I feel it would be a little awkward if some backup on defense scores a fumble recovery TD or something along those lines and the graphics department does not have a cartoon portrait for said person. 

    Yeah, my other wish would be to put it in the upper left corner