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  1. Somehow the Browns are undefeated, but at the same time still haven't won a game since 2016.
  2. On the rams conept, Todd Gurley is #30, not #28
  3. Really good, my only nitpick is the OKC should stay white.
  4. Why is Andy Dalton #6 and AJ Green #14?
  5. My guesses are Rams in white/navy, Saints vs Jets will be black/black vs white/white and the Jags might possibly go white/white.
  6. Are you sure? I like this look Heck, this is one the best combos the Browns have in their garbage set
  7. I'm loving the new owners choices on the uniforms, looking forward to maybe a special combo or 2 in the regular season
  8. What city/cities do you like to use for alternate universe sports leagues? I personally like teams in the south, like Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta
  9. Unpopular opinion, I think these colors stand out in a good way
  10. Does anyone have a link to the 2017-2018 Nfl season week by week thread? Thanks Edit: I found it
  11. My guess is the Titans for a color alt and my guess for the Color Rush is the Browns or Lions.
  12. Oml I've always wanted them to wear this this is the best combo they have yes!!!!!!
  13. You seem to have a very wild imagination lol
  14. Players Weekend is coming in just a couple of days, and nicknames have been released. Some of my favorites are Yasiel Puig's "Wild Horse", Ender Inciarte's "Game Ender", Shohei Ohtani's "Showtime", and Hunter Pence's "Underpants" What are some of your favorites?
  15. Players Weekend is coming in just a couple of days, and nicknames have been released. Some of my favorites are Yasiel Puig's "Wild Horse", Ender Inciarte's "Game Ender", Shohei Ohtani's "Showtime", and Hunter Pence's "Underpants" What are some of your favorites?
  16. My Turn AFC NORTH 1. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 (they take a step back this year) 2. Baltimore Ravens 9-7 3. Cleveland Browns 5-11 (woohoo, they won 5 games!) 4. Cincinnati Bengals 3-13 (Marvin Lewis is fired after a home loss to the Browns) AFC SOUTH 1. Jacksonville Jaguars 13-3 (they only got better this year tbh) 2. Houston Texans 11-5 (they avoid the injury bug this year) 3. Tennessee Titans 8-8 (not a big fan of Mike Vrabel) 4. Indianapolis Colts 4-12 AFC EAST 1. New England Patriots 13-3 (who else) 2. Buffalo Bills 5-11 (the rest of the AFC East is even worse) 3. New York Jets 4-12 4. Miami Dolphins 3-13 (they get swept by the god dang Jets) AFC WEST 1. Oakland Raiders 10-6 (Jon Gruden maybe a bit rusty, but he is still a top tier head coach) (Oakland 2. Denver Broncos 10-6 (I think Vance Joseph will have a turn around year, and adding Case Keenum helps, too) 3. Los Angeles Chargers 8-8 (they have a much tougher schedule this year) 4. Kansas City Chiefs 8-8 (first to worst, even though they only fall by 2 games) NFC NORTH 1. Green Bay Packers 14-2 (a bit biased here lol) 2. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 (They have a much tougher schedule, and Aaron Rodgers will be spectacular this year) 3. Detroit Lions 6-10 (not trusting Matt Patricia that much by himself) 4. Chicago Bears 5-11 (sorry, Bears fans) NFC SOUTH 1. New Orleans Saints 11-5 2. Atlanta Falcons 9-7 (they have an old roster) 3. Carolina Panthers 9-7 (they have a down year like 2016 and 2014) 4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-14 (they are just garbage and Jameis Winston is a bust) NFC EAST 1. Philadelphia Eagles 13-3 (still a top 5 team this year, especially with Carson Wentz) 2. Dallas Cowboys 10-6 (wow, they make the playoffs) 3. New York Giants 8-8 (Saquon Barkley and Odell carry the team to a .500 record) 4. Washington Redskins 4-12 (Alex Smith just doesn't fit in with the rest of the team) NFC WEST 1. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 (they might be the most complete team in the NFL) 2. San Francisco 49ers 8-8 (Jimmy Garrapolo's first year as a starter won't be too bad) 3. Seattle Seahawks 7-9 (Russell Wilson is a one-man band in Seattle) 4. Arizona Cardinals 4-12 (Josh Rosen is the worst QB in the first round IMO, and Sam Bradford always gets hurt. Not to mention David Johnson will be off this year) AFC STANDINGS 1. Jacksonville Jaguars 13-3 (they beat New England week 2) 2. New England Patriots 13-3 3. Oakland Raiders 10-6 (I'm not sure why they beat the Broncos for the Division, but that's how it went on the website i used) 4. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6 5. Houston Texans 11-5 6. Denver Broncos 10-6 NFC STANDINGS 1. Green Bay Packers 14-2 2. Philadelphia Eagles 13-3 3. Los Angeles Rams 12-4 (the NFC is so stacked that 12 wins won't get you into a first round bye) 4. New Orleans Saints 11-5 5. Dallas Cowboys 10-6 (wow) 6. Minnesota Vikings 10-6 WILD CARD RESULTS Broncos@RaidersW(27-21) TexansW(33-28)@Steelers Vikings@RamsW(27-24) Cowboys@SaintsW(35-24) DIVISIONAL Texans@JaguarsW(26-23) Raiders@PatriotsW(28-18) Rams@EaglesW(14-28) Saints@PackersW(23-29) CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP Patriots@JaguarsW(24-34) Eagles@PackersW(38-35) SUPER BOWL LIII Jaguars vs PackersW(28-24) THE PACK IS BACK!!! (coming from a kinda-biased Packers Fan) Site I used:
  17. Am I the first one to notice the Jaguars logo is way to close to the TV numbers? Edit: It wont show the pictures, so just look at the Jaguars Pro shop
  18. No green pants at all?
  19. They literally copied the exact Jets uniform, but with wonky striping or the jersey and nothing on the pants