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  1. The NFL rulebook states that alternate uniforms can only be worn twice a year, so how does that work? My Packers Suck I will never hear the end of this when i get back to school RIP
  2. Anyone else ready for the rest?
  3. Wisconsin and Minnesota in the battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe
  4. My favorite one so far would probably be Virginia Tech. I love the classic yet modern feel of it
  5. I like these, but the number are all the way up on the collar, and the number is too small. But these are great concepts! (Also, side note, how do u make the mix and match stuff? I want to try that with my concepts. That'd be great!)
  6. True, I'm so young, i get bullied by preschoolers lol
  7. But those were on thanksgiving, which is like throwback thursday for the uniform geeks
  8. really hoping the browns go brown/orange/brown against my home town Packers, as my favorite home combos for the browns in brown/orange/brown (all though i did love the orange/brown/orange they pulled off vs the 49ers (their only victory in orange ))
  9. that would be the first alternate vs alternate game , especially with two Nike-fied teams
  10. I liked the colts 2010 alternate with the blue helmet, personally, and I would make that the alternate, but I'm probably in the minority
  11. why did this thread get unpinned? it was a great forum for getting team names for fantasy teams and whatnot.
  12. the navy jersey only works as an alt and even then it should only be worn with white pants
  13. The Chargers have only gone mono navy once, and never in the new uniforms. Seems like a weird way to open up your navy jerseys. Plus, every single game in LA has had navy pants, except for the powder blues.
  14. @canzman the browns wont wear white because @goforbroke said only the cowboys are wearing white at home, im sure that the ravens will go all white, and if the bucs go red/white, they will probably use the pants with the red splashes
  15. Panthers are in black and silver tomorrow, which means this is probably the end of the all black combo.
  16. he was the one with the "fisherman's incident"