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  1. I'm sorry, but not many people outside of these boards choose their favorite teams with their logos.
  2. That escalated quickly. I just thought he was making things up about the whole purple chargers, not that he would go that far lol.
  3. I think the Indians should look like the bottom uniforms, and they could use the caveman C for their logo:
  4. And it doesn't help that this season (if it even happens) seems to be a rebuilding year for the Chargers.
  5. I mean, Green Bay would do anything for the Packers. That's pretty much the only thing that makes Green Bay so notable. An extra 0.5% tax increase means all but nothing to them, because the result is the Packers get to stay in Lambeau. There's a reason why the Packers are one of the highest earning teams across American sports while being in a city that barely has 100,000 people.
  6. Did anyone see Kevin Demoff reading mean tweets about the new logo? It's honestly just kinda pathetic to watch.
  7. This was written before the Chargers even announced they were gonna move to San Diego! Wow, Los Angeles is happy to have the Rams back! Maybe it's like they've not had a team in 22 years, and one of their favorites made it back! Almost no one in LA cared about the Chargers then and now. And that doesn't justify San Diego getting screwed out of a team to Los Angeles yet again. San Diego only has the Padres at this point, give 'em a break lol!
  8. Purple and Orange are my 2 favorite colors, so this is definitely a win in my books!
  9. I feel like the most forgettable team in the league is the Jaguars. Only reason they've gained some following is their 2017 playoff run and playing in London every year. Let's be honest, who cares about the Jaguars?
  10. My ideal Texans/Titans & the Oilers branding is that the Texans should stay, and the Titans should own that light blue and red scheme. Add navy as a trim color. Silver could also work too.
  11. Would changing the swoosh color really matter to the 5 year rule? I don't believe that adding the Texans logo above the nameplate a year or two ago reset it. Another instance of this was the Titans making their numbers on the light blue jersey bigger, the year after they unveiled their current uniforms. I feel like the NFL would let fly such a small change.
  12. There's also the Redskins' mustard uniforms that that actually opted out of wearing on TNF, going with all maroon instead. A lot of people (including me) also seem to forget that the Buccaneers red color rush had a phantom yoke in it's first game, and first game only.
  13. This kinda reads like a Donald Trump tweet lol
  14. Although that makes the swoosh more prominent then it already is, so you know Nike is gonna try to incorporate that at some point. My opinion is the team should be able to choose if they want it on the chest or on the sleeve
  16. Pretty sure that second brown jersey was meant to be like their color rush, but I agree with the rest.
  17. Lived in Minnesota since I was 4, all my friends are Vikings fans. Hard not to root for them as well. Was really hoping for a Vikings vs Packers NFC Championship this year, with the Packers winning of course.
  18. I literally posted that concept like 5 weeks ago on these boards lol
  19. Yeah, plus with me living in Minnesota, their my natural second favorite teams, and my favorite hockey team is the Wild (although I could care less about hockey.)
  20. Yeah, I guess it just wouldn't matter to me as much as to some others. Plus the Packers might use that rule on the Brown Helmet throwback. I know Mark Murphy said we were getting new throwbacks...
  21. Yeah, but at the same time, I know the Packers wouldn't do that
  22. Unpopular opinion: I think a 2-helmet rule works fine, it would help out with throwbacks for sure. And if someone wants to use it for an alternate helmet, tough luck, because really it's not gonna matter much for a game or 2 a season