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  1. I don't know what will happen, but their uniforms are garbage. black on black on black
  2. The high school in my area uses Russell as their football uniform supplier
  3. With the NBA City Uniforms released, let's take a moment to reflect on them. Personally, my favorite are the Indiana Pacers, as I love the nod to the Indy 500, with the finish line and the numbers in the circle Feel free to state your opinions here!
  4. The NFL rulebook states that alternate uniforms can only be worn twice a year, so how does that work? My Packers Suck I will never hear the end of this when i get back to school RIP
  5. Anyone else ready for the rest?
  6. Wisconsin and Minnesota in the battle for Paul Bunyan's Axe
  7. My favorite one so far would probably be Virginia Tech. I love the classic yet modern feel of it
  8. I like these, but the number are all the way up on the collar, and the number is too small. But these are great concepts! (Also, side note, how do u make the mix and match stuff? I want to try that with my concepts. That'd be great!)
  9. True, I'm so young, i get bullied by preschoolers lol