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  1. it took me until now to realize the Steelers & Lions have the same number font
  2. found this on the browns twitter page so the brown on brown looks to be happening
  3. HELLO!!! I have finally turned 13 today and i have been so excited to post something! I have follow this forever and now I can have a Say Earlier about 2 weeks ago I was reading the posts about the browns going with.... You guessed it! White/White/Orange and someone asked what there uni combo for the Browns-Titans game in week 7 as they had tickets to the game. The BROWNs replied, saying they would be going BROWN/BROWN/and probably brown socks So the mono brown is true! A few things This game will be pretty ugly Hoping the Titans finally wear their light blue pants so it will be a little more pleasing The browns actually know what their wearing (surprising) Yeah, I heard everyone talking about the brown on brown and i was anticipating to say this but im finally 13 and now i can post! CYA