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  1. What's the deal with the Fantasy Sports section on these boards? They are completely barren except for the one La Liga Soccer thing. Also you can't make threads for like your own personal story. Is it supposed to be like the Sports Fanfiction sub-section that got nuked a year ago? Why is it different from any other concept threads? Would like answers on this.
  2. Does anyone have any team requests to share my game-by-game predictions? Trying to revive this thread.
  3. I feel like a team that could pull off gradient numbers the best is the Texans. They don't have enough history for them to have a classic look, and it could fit the whole Texas stage flag theme they like to use.
  4. I like the neon green current font with the royal blue background
  5. Great concept, especially nice job with the editing!
  6. Bumping this to see if it will get any responses.
  7. I couldn't find any predictions megathreads, so I figured why not I be the one to start it? I'm gonna start this first of all with my WAY TOO EARLY NFL PREDICTIONS NFC EAST: AFC EAST: PHI 11-5 BUF 10-6 DAL 9-7 NE 7-9 WAS 4-12 NYJ 5-11 NYG 3-13 MIA 4-12 NFC NORTH: AFC NORTH: GB 11-5 BAL 13-3 MIN 9-7 PIT 9-7 CHI 8-8 CLE 8-8 DET 5-11 CIN 4-12 NFC SOUTH: AFC SOUTH: NO 13-3 IND 10-6 TB 10-6 TEN 9-7 ATL 9-7 HOU 7-9 CAR 2-14 JAX 2-14 NFC WEST: AFC WEST: SEA 12-4 KC 13-3 SF 10-6 DEN 9-7 ARI 8-8 LV 7-9 LAR 8-8 LAC 7-9 NFC PLAYOFFS: AFC PLAYOFFS: #1 NO 13-3 #1 BAL 13-3 #2 SEA 12-4 #2 KC 13-3 #3 GB 11-5 #3 IND 10-6 #4 PHI 11-5 #4 BUF 10-6 #5 TB 10-6 #5 PIT 9-7 #6 SF 10-6 #6 DEN 9-7 #7 DAL 9-7 #7 TEN 9-7 WILD CARD: PIT over BUF IND over DEN KC over TEN TB over PHI GB over SF SEA over DAL DIVISIONAL: KC over IND BAL over PIT GB over SEA NO over TB CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIPS: BAL over KC NO over GB SUPER BOWL 55: NO 28 - 38 BAL RAVENS ARE YOUR SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!
  8. Could you make a concept for NHL as well? I'm liking these so far, would like to see more than just different versions of the Bucks however I realized the whole point was to be spinoffs of the Bucks, but maybe if you have time after we could see them each with their own identity.
  9. I just wish they could get a new Stadium in Hawaii for the Pro bowl (and the Rainbow Warriors) Maybe do an every other year deal where even years it's in Orlando, odd years it is in Hawaii
  10. Ahh that makes more sense, I thought I might have been off there
  11. Ah yes, the San Francisco 493ers, named after the gold miners from the good old days of 18493. On a more serious note, I'm really digging these concepts. Loving the way you make it so the sleeves make the look complete. Nice job
  12. I always find it kinda funny that Jacksonville is the biggest city in Florida, and they only get the Jaguars. Even Orlando has 2 teams. Especially with the whole Jaguars in London deal, honestly kinda sad.
  13. At least they knew not to mess with the helmets!
  14. I despise the 90's uniforms that were weird and crazy back then, although that probably has to do with the fact I was never alive during then
  15. I just thought of this in my head because I was bored lol it is called the Pointless Realignment thread after all
  16. An attempt to spread the NFL to markets all around the country: Teams that move: Green Bay Packers become Milwaukee Packers; Las Vegas Raiders become Portland Raiders; Los Angeles Chargers become San Diego Chargers; Buffalo Bills become Toronto Bills; Jacksonville Jaguars become St. Louis Jaguars; Tennessee Titans move to Memphis, stay as the Tennessee Titans; Now time for the pointless division realignments! NFC EAST: New England Patriots New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles Washington Redskins NFC NORTH: Chicago Bears Cleveland Browns Milwaukee Packers Minnesota Vikings NFC SOUTH: Carolina Panthers Dallas Cowboys New Orleans Saints Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC WEST: Arizona Cardinals Kansas City Chiefs Portland Raiders San Diego Chargers AFC EAST: Baltimore Ravens New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Toronto Bills AFC NORTH: Cincinnati Bengals Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts St Louis Jaguars AFC SOUTH: Atlanta Falcons Houston Texans Miami Dolphins Tennessee Titans AFC WEST: Denver Broncos Los Angeles Rams San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks
  17. I should probably update my list, I made it a couple years back, but my top 10 is Bills Bears 49ers Steelers Raiders Seahawks Lions Vikings Giants Packers My bottom 5 is the part I need to update obviously, but I had Titans Rams Jaguars Browns Buccaneers
  18. The thing about that however... Edit: I'm surprised the website is still up lol.
  19. I don't care what anything thinks, I am never going to call the Rams yellow sol. The name is so stupid. Ultimate power move would be the Chargers wearing the Royal Color Rush against the Rams when they "host" them in 2022.
  20. Yeah, I think true purple looks good compared to like blueish purple. Like #360036, which is 54 red, 54 blue, 0 green, I think that would be a nice shade for one of the purple teams.
  21. I think pinstriped uniforms are ugly. They make the jersey details harder to read, they make everything cluttered, and it get's rid of an opportunity for sleeve stripes or the headspoon stripes. Be honest with me, which one looks cleaner? The pinstriped one looks busy and complicated, not to mention the pinstripes don't even connect right, while the standard white one pops well, and looks fresh. I think that pinstriped uniforms are ugly and bad, and that all teams using them would look better in plain white (except for the Yankees, they have too much history to get rid of them.)
  22. Don't think I have ever seen a italic NOB before: