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  1. I think pinstriped uniforms are ugly. They make the jersey details harder to read, they make everything cluttered, and it get's rid of an opportunity for sleeve stripes or the headspoon stripes. Be honest with me, which one looks cleaner? The pinstriped one looks busy and complicated, not to mention the pinstripes don't even connect right, while the standard white one pops well, and looks fresh. I think that pinstriped uniforms are ugly and bad, and that all teams using them would look better in plain white (except for the Yankees, they have too much history to get rid of them.)
  2. Don't think I have ever seen a italic NOB before:
  3. I saw a mono-silver Patriots concept the other day with red numbers instead of navy, and I think it really popped against the silver, made the uniform more vibrant in general. Can't find the exact one but here's a pretty good comparison: I think red numbers look much better in this case.
  4. The silver pants would look much better IMO
  5. Titans absolutely need to own light blue, including the helmet. They should do lb/lb/w and lb/w/w as the primary then you can mix and match with navy pants or light blue pants, and a navy alt
  6. Patriots, why did you have to go monochrome? I think they look fine other than that, but come on. Although the double outline on the road numbers doesn't look good, it should be just one red outline. I guess that you don't need TV numbers at all from this point forward lol
  7. Favorite from the Power 5 ACC: Clemson (two favorite colors) B1G: Wisconsin (even without my bias I still think they look the best in the Big Ten) Big 12: Kansas State PAC 12: UCLA SEC: Florida
  8. My bets are that they keep the yellow facemask, it would be a little odd for them to have permanent yellow facemasks for just one year. really hoping they put the numbers back on the helmets that would definitely stand out. I wonder in today's NFL if you have numbers on the helmet, would you not have to need TV numbers on your shoulders? It seems like that would make sense to me
  9. I do like that, but the white facemask doesn't work at all with the helmet, needs a blue one
  10. Browns are finally back to their old selves! Only things I'd really change is to make the brown pants with an orange/white/orange stripe, not a o/b/o. That alt should've never seen the light of day. If they need an alt, they should reuse the Color Rush, or make an orange alt (I'm not that big of an orange pants fan with the Browns, which is surprising considering orange is my favorite color)
  11. Since the Colts added black to their uniforms, there is now no more teams in the NFL with only one color and white. The Jets and Colts were green and white and blue and white respectively, but they both have black in their color scheme now.
  12. The title wasn't wrong, these are definitely weird colors lol
  13. I never really knew that, interesting.
  14. Was something supposed to change? lol
  15. Why do we never get fun things in life?
  16. What if they go full on Atlanta Hawks and make black-to-red gradient pants? To make an already terrible jersey worse? That would be lit!