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  1. 13 hours ago, SFGiants58 said:


    It also tangentially forces teams to realize that the helmet is a key part of the identity, one that shouldn't be bogged down with alternates (let's face it, color rush would have brought in alternate helmets if the NFL wanted it - some of those looks would have been dreadful with alternate helmets).

    Some would be better though, like the Saints maybe switching to a gold that fits better, the Bengals in white helmets, etc.

  2. Just now, oldschoolvikings said:



    What does the Packers never having been forced to play a game in London have to do with the Packers?  Is that what you're asking?



    Either you don't understand the premise, or I don't understand your question.

    Never mind, I thought we were still talking about the Jags. It would be fun to see my Packers play in London 👀

  3. 2 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    That may be, but it's still a decided disadvantage for teams that have to play one less home game, and a decided advantage for any team not asked to make that sacrifice.  And it also doesn't explain why the Packers have never had to go through the hardship of making a midseason cross Atlantic trip.

    What does this have to do with the Packers?

  4. Just now, GDAWG said:


    Cardinals have confirmed a home game in Mexico City.  

    I knew that, and Jacksonville hosting 2, but where did Miami and Atlanta come from? Is it because they hosted the super Bowl recently

  5. 11 hours ago, waltere said:


    Barring a complete messing around with the schedule, this can't happen. None of the teams 'hosting' an international game this year (Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville x2, Arizona in Mexico) are down to host the Packers.

    How do you know what teams are hosting international games? Or did i miss something.


    7 hours ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:


    Sorry.   Headed back up to New York on a failed attempt to rescue a cat.   She wound up freaking out on my aunt, clawing her up, and hiding, so we're gonna have to get her next trip.


    I've done the Admirals and Wave for another user, MBurmy.   He's also got a minor league baseball team and Marquette basketball, so I wasn't sure what teams were important to you and what weren't.   I didn't know if you wanted those or Wisconsin's basketball and hockey, or what it could be.


    I'd had things mostly together, was just looking for the answer to which additional teams you felt important.   I find those banners a bit hard to read and the numbers don't all line up with a lot of what I can find.   Here's the totality of things I have.   If you want only certain champions and such, I can cut the wild cards or lesser wins.   Just lemme know exactly what you're looking for for each team.



    Thank you!