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  1. On 12/30/2017 at 6:28 PM, Gothamite said:

    So how come this thread on the NBA “city uniforms” event was shut down and everyone told to use the 300+ page megathread instead?  



    This new policy seems really arbitrary. 

    Haha, that was my bad, i just didn't want it to get lost in the sea of comments

  2. 4 hours ago, Scrumptious Ham said:

    Tradition? I don't know, Davey. There was a time, but that has passed. To anyone under 35, Minnesota is just a doormat with a cool name due to silly factor. You have to win to claim tradition. Even Army and Navy plays the modern uni game. They aren't what they use to be.


    Also, if Fleck wins, you will worship the ground he walks on. Until he moves to a higher job with winning tradition.

    Haha, I'm 13 and I think the uniforms look disgusting

  3. On 1/31/2018 at 7:59 AM, bbb said:

    OK so going SOUTH right now

    Gotta tell ya that this was by far the most difficult division to do, since these teams aint got lotta history that gave me the possibility to utilize retro looks (HOU,JAX, & TEN) and also IND wasn't easy cause the only use 2 colors , blue and white, so i had to work hard on these.



    They wanna be #tealforever? So gave em an all teal look. their current gold CR ain't awful but i do think this would look a lot better. Couldn't go with fauxback in the whiteout due to the one-helmet rule, so just tweaked their away set's colors and made it more gold. Solid




    Why did you lighten up the jags teal?


  4. I like these! They are an interesting take on the Color Rash uniforms. A few complaints


    • Keep the Helmets the same

    LA Chargers

    • Good but maybe focus on powder instead of navy for the accents?

    Oakland Raiders

    • No complaints, but get rid of the big mono black raiders logo

    Denver Broncos

    • Make the numbers navy and you've got yourselves a winner

    Kansas City Chiefs

    • Give it red numbers and its a beauty

    IDK what else to at, great series!

  5. On 1/23/2018 at 2:50 PM, Down Under Husker said:

    I noticed there was a photo thread happening so it might be a good idea to bring this thread back. I noticed someone went ahead and did LI last year with my Packers missing out again *sob*.


    So, Minnesota vs Jacksonville is this year's "almost" edition. I assume the Jags probably wear black but with the recent trend of home teams picking white, who knows? I'm gonna guess they go black on black. I'm also going to guess the purists would probably puke over this matchup.


    2017_MIN_B.pngvs 2017_JAX_D.png



    Thanks for the mention! ^_^


    SIMULATION (with


    In a battle of premier defenses, the Vikings beat the Jaguars with a Super Bowl home-field advantage, 29-20




    Kai Forbath kicked 5 field goals from 23 yards to 47 yards,


    Stefon Diggs caught a touchdown pass with 15 seconds left in the first half,


    Harrison Smith and Chad Greenway lead the Vikings defense with 25 tackles and 3 sacks,


    And finally, Case Keenum won the MVP going 14/23 and 213 yards with 2 touchdowns.


    So there you go, 2017-2018 is in the books! Now all that is left is the real Super Bowl!

  6. Lol this is super awkward. So I was born in 2004, which resulted in the Patriots beating the Eagles in Jacksonville in Super Bowl 39, and now it is a rematch being played in the Twin Cities, my hometown.




    Also, just noticed, but Jacksonville and Minnesota were the two Super Bowl hosts of Patriots-Eagles.