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  1. Let's gooo!
  2. It looks good, but I dislike the monochrome trend i see, (Cardinals Home, ravens Home) but these are good!
  3. Tried to post a link but didnt work, sorry! But still check out my forum (Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups) (Super Bowl Potential Matchups)
  4. The 2017-2018 NFL Playoffs are set, and 12 teams are setting their minds on the Lombardi Trophy. But, what would be the most aesthetically beautiful Super Bowl? Here are mine. Favorite: (vikings in purple pants) Worst: Prediction:
  5. My actual high school/middle school steals the eagle logo though
  6. A match made in heaven
  7. How about the Pacers?
  8. maybe like a plane that wraps around the helmet?
  9. I don't know what will happen, but their uniforms are garbage. black on black on black
  10. The high school in my area uses Russell as their football uniform supplier
  11. With the NBA City Uniforms released, let's take a moment to reflect on them. Personally, my favorite are the Indiana Pacers, as I love the nod to the Indy 500, with the finish line and the numbers in the circle Feel free to state your opinions here!