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  1. How do you simulate the seasons?? Want to know because i want to try a football league alternate universe
  2. Why do these look more like pokemon then logos? (no offense)
  3. Looks just like the Brewers logo, and usually i would rant about this, but the Brewers are my favorite team!
  4. Let's gooo!
  5. It looks good, but I dislike the monochrome trend i see, (Cardinals Home, ravens Home) but these are good!
  6. I hope you are doing OK, but i was wondering if you could post some of these soon?
  7. Tried to post a link but didnt work, sorry! But still check out my forum (Super Bowl Potential Uniform Matchups) (Super Bowl Potential Matchups)
  8. The 2017-2018 NFL Playoffs are set, and 12 teams are setting their minds on the Lombardi Trophy. But, what would be the most aesthetically beautiful Super Bowl? Here are mine. Favorite: (vikings in purple pants) Worst: Prediction:
  9. My actual high school/middle school steals the eagle logo though
  10. A match made in heaven
  11. How about the Pacers?
  12. maybe like a plane that wraps around the helmet?