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  1. Here's a few closer images of the detail of the Union secondary. Really love the kit and I'm encouraged for what's to come now. Kite & Key tag design pretty sharp too!
  2. Here is my attempt at what CF Montréal's secondary will now look like this year. I'm guessing they'd change the blue for silver in the logo to match the monotone of the jersey, and the jocktag will likely change or go completely as it reads "IM" for Impact de Montréal. Please ignore the rookie photoshop skills!
  3. On the adidas official website the updated Crew secondary with their second star is now being advertised as their Home Jersey. This could just be an error, but it could also mean this will indeed become their primary and that we will see a new secondary in 2021. If so, it could explain the decision to wear it in MLS Cup despite being at MAPFRE. I would also hope that if it does become the primary that any new secondary would still be yellow and not white. In my mind the Crew will always belong in yellow.
  4. I sadly would be too, but one can dream.
  5. With RSL getting a new secondary this year, I'm once again hoping for a return of the yellow over plain white. I think this was arguably their most iconic kit to date, but I can't say I have faith it will return.
  6. Back to kits briefly but sticking with Montreal, I'm hoping at least for another blue and black striped primary for 2021. I wasn't a fan of the "fade" look from the current iteration and it felt like too much black for me. I think Montreal should stick to blue as a base primary colour, their 2016-2018 primaries were an almost perfect look.
  7. Well this has ruined my day... Horrendous decision.
  8. Very true! All eyes on 2021.
  9. Possibly, although I think the design phase for the new kit(s) would have started long before they made the announcement to change the logo again?
  10. Since we have already had our first release with Austin's inaugural primary, I felt it was time to open the discussion for next year. Expected new releases would be: Atlanta - Primary Austin - Primary & Secondary Chicago - Secondary or Both? (replace the white t-shirt at least) Cincinnati - Primary? (guessing they wouldn't change the secondary three times in three years) Colorado - Secondary Columbus - Primary Dallas - Secondary DCU - Secondary Houston - Both for rebrand? (otherwise primary with changed logos for secondary) LAFC - Secondary LA Galaxy - Secondary Miami - Primary? #PrayForPink Minnesota - Secondary Montreal - Primary Nashville - Primary? (the less bespoke design) New England - Secondary NYCFC - Primary NYRB - Primary Orlando - Primary Philadelphia - Secondary Portland - Primary RSL - Secondary San Jose - Primary Seattle - Secondary SKC - Primary Toronto - Primary Vancouver - Primary A lot of white secondaries hopefully to be replaced by a wider variety of colours. Thoughts? Expectations? Wishes?
  11. I think it is going to be a mistake moving away from the blue sash, they really made that look their signature and I'm not feeling the silver so far...
  12. If you were to expand to 36 clubs how about a team for Dunedin? Inspired by Scottish heritage with Highlanders or Thistle?
  13. Incredible series, love every concept so far. What template are you using for the kits?
  14. Moncton Foresters maybe? Calgary Mustangs or Appaloosas or something else horse related for sure. Like the idea of Winnipeg being retro, potentially with the Winnie name, aircraft based perhaps with Aviators or Pioneers?
  15. Regina's logo is beautiful! Such a unique shape and style.
  16. Absolutely in love with this, infinitely better than what they have released which unfortunately is a disaster. Primary kit is excellent, I would personally like to see a secondary kit with a navy jersey paired with yellow shorts, think that would be a unique colour combination for the league and a welcome break from the all-white monotony that seems to have been forced upon us.
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