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  1. Would love to see the Sabres use the Buffalo head in current color scheme.
  2. The pens jersey looks like a bad chinese rip off to me. Kind of dig the Flyers jersey and curious how it would look in play.
  3. We can all agree the new designs that Reebok came up with was different with an different end result expected(tucked jerseys). If side panels work in some cases in other sports i.e. Denver Broncos, why can't it work in another sport if done right.? The Adidas Away jersey feels like a lazy recreation of the original. Needs blue as the piping or as part of the piping. With a jersey with sharp corners/cuts, numbers should match I think. Round numbers on sharp cornered jersey looks weird, specially here. If you're going to update the numbers to get rid of the little serif type thing on the original numbers, do the same for the captains letters.Or at least try a different outline on the numbers, like the originals. On HD, you can't see the trim of the colors and it ends up looking like standard numbers i.e. Dallas Stars.
  4. here are the 3 white versions of their jerseys, not sure if they'll show up as first time posting pics on here. To me first 2 go from good to decent, not the best, and needs improvements. Third one is a mix of wanting to be original (design/captains letter), wanting to be new and smooth (numbers), and bring in retro to throw back to an old defunct team that didn't last more than 5 years. Looks cheap to me. sorry. My unpopular opinion. I think the "C" logo could work and i really like how the third jersey logo looks with the "C" inside the triangle/mountain. But on the newer ones, it is basically invisible on the white version, being burgundy on burgundy. The foot I think works for Colorado and Avalanches. Many people i think associate an snowy mountain with big foot/yeti like creature. Regardless if they have a mascot or not.
  5. I meant the piping. The jersey pattern reverted back to original, but the piping/striping on the reebok set is very similar and to me, more ascetically pleasing, than the drab large grey piping/striping on the current set. Looks like cheap, lazy knockoff. The reebok design isnt the greatest. But it kept the smaller details that made the original Avs jersey unique i.e. the number font, yeti foot shoulder patch. Adidas version looks like lazy, cheap retro jersey with a sponsorship by target on the shoulder caps. They kept the C/A the same as originals but nothing else.
  6. I like this version better than the Adidas version. New ones look something i would find @ walmart for 30 bucks with a player screen printed on back in a generic font. I think what helps this for me, is the striping and number font. Same as original and not just a generic grey strip or nice rounded numbers.
  7. I thought the footprint gave some type of life to the name avalanche. The rounded "C" logo to me is cheesy and its very close to Calgary putting the province and country flags on their shoulders. From a distance some could say it looks like targets.
  8. Would love the old number template return. I think a double outline would do wonders. What is the grey striping on the road jersey was the blue? Could they do a thin blue strip between the white and silver?
  9. The white jersey needs something to break up the white and grey. It isnt bad but the grey bleeds into the white. What if they went with the the navy instead of grey?
  10. I agree the newer Avs jersey look terrible. Great they went back to the original template so to say, but the singular grey piping looks terrible. Does it bug anyone else that the "A" is the old school "A" and does not go with the numbering/font on the new jerseys? Would love to see them go Navy for Gloves/Pants/Helmet instead of black. Always reminding me of that high school/ beer league team that could just afford sweet jerseys.
  11. This would go with what Minny/Dallas did starting in the mid to late 90's till they got the college script set. They would mimic All Star Game jerseys. Both the "star jerseys" and the set they came to Dallas with.
  12. I really think that the new Avs jerseys look cheap and are a down grade. Never been an Avs fan as i am from Detroit and huge Wings fan, but id much rather see any jersey from before this one. Looks cheap, easy and the grey edging is way too thick. needs a black or navy to break it up like on the originals.
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