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  1. Alright, there was no replies but that's perfectly fine. Next I have the Cavalry, based out of Calgary. I have pretty much redesigned their logo. In the Alberta flag, there is an English flag, so I added that in the new rocky mountain design I added into the crest. I also changed the shape of the crest into a shield as they're called the "Cavalry". In the logo and home kit, there are darker shaded corners, and those represent a shield used in battle. For the away kit, I don't really have much of an explanation. I just thought it looked cool. (I forgot to say that all the kits are made with a Nike template!) Calgary Cavalry FC Tell me what you think! I'm just trying to improve.
  2. Hello, I have recently started a project on redesigning the Canadian Premier League as I'm familiar to it! I will warn you that I am new to designing logos, and they wont be amazing. I will start off in alphabetical order, so I present to you: Atlético Ottawa I've redesigned the logo so that Atlético Ottawa have more of their own identity, but still fits Atletico Madrid's identity. It features the Atlético Madrid shield shape instead of the new Ottawa one. I added the Canadian flag so it looks less American. Pretty funny how Ottawa (Canada's capital city) has the most American looking logo! Please let me know how you think!
  3. That Grand Valley home kit is awesome, I really like the subtle line design in the back. This is only a nit pick but I would make the line design a little bit more darker or thicker, because it's hard to see. Maybe refer to the Chelsea FC home kit from last year. They did that perfectly. Well done so far though. I'm enjoying this series!
  4. I actually really like the Kraken with the neon green. It suits the rest of the Seattle teams and it's a unique colour compared to the rest of the NHL, other than that crazy Dallas alternate.
  5. Yes! The islanders missed such a good opportunity to bring this design back.
  6. Definitely an improvement on their current set of jerseys. I've never liked their current set.
  7. The Canadiens jersey is the definition of a reverse retro jersey! The pants seem out of place, and could use modernizing but I get that it's supposed to be like that. Nice job so far!
  8. Amazing work here. For some reason, I like Dinamo the best! It would be quite an iconic logo if it were real.
  9. I like the jerseys, it's just that Manchester United has already used these exact designs before.
  10. These are awesome! You're pure gold, I can't wait to see you post more! One question I have is that why did you put those curved stripes on the Ducks jersey?
  11. As having the Rangers as one of my favourite teams, I'd be happy to see them wear what you put out there!
  12. My favorite one is Russia, I love how you put the double headed eagle design onto the jersey. I also like Egypt because of the Adidas Originals logo, it's gives me nostalgia. The pixel design on the Egypt one is pretty sharp too!
  13. I really like this idea, I haven't seen it before. I really love the collar in the BAPE concept, keep up the great work!
  14. MY OPINIONS: BEST: The ducks one is really good. Looks sharp! WORST: Capitals. It's a red overkill. UNIQUE: Jets/Thrashers. It looks really cool with the Jets colours! I do want to see more grey though. WEIRDEST: Buffalo. It has a robot look which would look good on a white jersey but not a blue jersey. LOGOS THAT SHOULD BECOME THE REAL ONE: Rangers, Blues, Kings, Ducks
  15. I have Cowichan Valley ready! For this concept, I made the logo more basic and clean. For the jersey, I changed the striping pattern from up to down from side to side. I made the sponsor Honda because it was once again found on the website. Anyways, here it is!
  16. I agree, but I couldn't fit in a wave that would actually look good. I will check out the black shorts and see how it looks. If it looks not half bad, I can post it.
  17. I really like it because it gets rid of all the unnecessary red on the jersey. I have a question though. Why didn't EA use the regular golden knights logo? This one has more detail in it.
  18. For sure, I didn't play in the league at the time but with all the facts I've found out, it seems strange. I don't get why a pretty big club just decides to change name and identity. Maybe it was out of date, but you have to waste hundreds of dollars in re naming. Anyone have ideas or reasons why Gordon Head re - branded? I'm curious.
  19. I have Bays United for you! Explanation: In the logo, I have a river on top and many trees on the bottom. Bays United is green, which reminds me of nature. When I was designing the jersey, I was thinking of a Manchester United 2016 - 2017 home kit. It was a half and half design with no gradients. I got rid of gradients and made the jersey Adidas, which I will do for every jersey. I gave the sponsor Canadian Tire because I found it on the Bays United website. NEXT UP: Cowichan Valley Soccer Association
  20. For sure! I've been looking into those teams anyways! My family played in the same league with those two teams at least 20 years ago. FYI: Those two teams will be in the end, after I finish the teams in the league now. Two little bonuses.
  21. I've gotten suggestions for the LISA logo and I've created another version of it. I've put in a full soccer ball, darkened the maple leaf, and moved the text down a bit. Here you go:
  22. I know someone made the same series as this, but the Lower Island soccer association hits home for me. This is my first topic so I'm experimenting here. I played for Prospect lake in this league and I have decided to do a cool project. There are 10 teams in this league. The league was founded on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I will be doing the teams in alphabetical order. In my opinion, the league looks outdated and needs a whole league re - brand. This is my take on the Lower Island Soccer Association. I will start with the league logo. As you can see, we have the actual logo and my concept. In my concept, we have the word "LISA" and a soccer ball in the bottom. It's very hard to tell but in the background of the logo, we have a modernized maple leaf representing Canada, of course. NEXT UP: Bays United
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