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  1. Weren’t the Thunder going to flip the Wordmarks on their Icon/Association Uniforms? I remember hearing that a while ago...
  2. Sorry. I like the idea of the return of shoulder "Stripes," but otherwise... And BTW, I'm a Vikings fan, so that that as you will with my homerism.
  3. Hmmm, are those pants based off of/a recolored version of the Vikings current Nike Pants?
  4. Here’s how the 100 will look on the Jersey
  5. Still the best the Vikings have ever looked. Another plus of this is that it’s the only Vikings set to ever use Sock Stripes. And the style of the Block #1 is my preferred style. i know it probably won’t happen, but the Vikings really should throw-back to this next year, for 3 reasons. 1. Of course, NFL 100 2. 50th anniversary of the 1969 Championship team (40 for 60) 3. 60th anniversary of MN being awarded an AFL Team, before canceling and going to the NFL instead.
  6. Little late there on the logo, Chris...
  7. I knew it was going to be "a drastic change, like nothing the Jets have ever seen," but I never would think they would ever go to a Blue, Red, and Peach color scheme and diminish Green That much?! Is Gang Green Dead????
  8. Yeah, THAT is how the Panthers should look on the road. Maybe Black Pants for a game or two, but the White Pants should just burn now...
  9. Yeah. The Panthers prototype uniform, while really close to the Primary set, used Silver Numbers on the Home Jersey (Which was Blue, no Black Jersey), and it looked pretty good! It also had no White on the Jersey as well, along with the Pants. (Minus the Black TV Numbers on the Blue Jersey) (In Spoiler Tag to Minimize Size) Also, the one time they wore Silver Pants with the White Jersey, v. the Colts in 1998, doesn't look that bad...
  10. Am I the only one who wants the Panthers to not remove Silver on this Board? I would rather they Minimize the Use of White outside of the Away Jersey.
  11. It's not. You can (sorta) clearly see Shoulder Numbers on the Uniform, when the Current/Former Jets Uniform has Sleeve (cap) numbers and Shoulder Stripes.
  12. Agree with @DouglasQuaid on the Vikings Set. The Contrasting collar does not look good. Also, on the Faux-Back set, the Steelers-Style Stripes just seem off-putting. The Uniform lends better to having Northwestern stripes like the actual 1961/1969/1970-1995 Uniform due to all of the White on it. EDIT: Just saw that Bengals concept. Could really use some white anywhere on the Black and Orange Sets. Looks too much like an Orange Highlighter was used to make it. The White Uni could use a pinch of Orange, but otherwise the Away Set is all-and-all, Solid.