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  1. Nope, not at all. It’s just the 80’s throwbacks that they used to wear. Some teams still sell the Throwbacks, despite the one-helmet rule not allowing them to be worn on the field. And the “Game” part means nothing. It’s just Nikespeak for Replica. For Nike’s NFL Jerseys, here are the names corresponding to their Reebok counterparts Game=Replica Limited=Premier Elite=Authentic Even so, the Nike games are much higher quality than the Reebok Replicas. The NFL Pro Line jerseys are the exact same materials as the Reebok Replicas.
  2. Hey Nationals, just fix the overlap, and you're Golden! (Pun entirely intended) The mothership has this as being current since 2011, yet I've only seen it on the mothership.
  3. The Twins have been using a Wordmark all over their Social Media pages and TV Commercials for about a year now, which appears to be an updated version of the 1961-1986 Wordmark. Reminds me a lot of @SFGiants58's concept. (In fact, the Twins actually used one of his Twins scripts last year!)
  4. New Jersey sponsor for the Timberwolves next season. FitBit is out.
  5. Can we get a title fix mods? Whoever merged it made the whole Buccs Uniform Thread the Tom Brady Uni Swap thread.
  6. That would be @JimmyN64, back in 2017, in this thread here. I remember that because that was the first thread I ever posted in when I joined in 2017.
  7. Agreed. Even with the Redcoats argument, I’ve always preferred the White 60’s Throwback as a Uniform, ignoring the team name.
  8. They’ve been there since 2012. Nike has sold them all this time, even on the Vapor Untouchable. They are Still in Madden on VU, and they were in the Logoslicks and Style Guide (at least it was in there last year. Don’t ask how I accessed it.) It’s nothing new.
  9. The big man @CC97 has fallen to fire emojis...
  10. Updated Helmet rankings. Only one new Banned helmet for 2020
  11. No TV numbers again. Does the NFL hate the Browns then?
  12. Which is actually not the case. Those were the old Color Rush pants. The actual Pants have traditional Brisher Stripes Links since for some reason, the forum isn't letting me copy links right into the textbox, and they won't embed because of that. Pat Patriot's Twitter James White's Instagram Stephon Gilmore's Instagram
  13. Here's my Pros and Cons lost, since it seems like everybody else is. PROS: Side Panels and Piping are dead Socks have a stripe on them Shoulder Stripes Kept Flying Elvis and Navy Primaries Traditional Pants (thank god that 5-hour dilemma was solved) CONS: Monochrome for Color, Leotard on the White set No Silver Pants Logo on the Sleeve/Sleeve cap rather than TV Numbers Lack of Secondary Sock option, wether it be Red, Silver, or White to pair with the Blue Pants