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  1. Yeah, every team has their own version of the NFL100 Logo. They are all the same, just with each teams logo and colors. The Bears one uses their Jersey Number Font though.
  2. On the Vikings, one of the things that I have hated about our Uniforms since they were revealed in 2013 was the mismatched left and right numbers. I'd rather see number consistency with the left and right, preferably with the Sans-Serif right number. Also, I am not a fan of our "Color Rush." Way too much gold for my taste. The Vikings are, and have always been, a Purple and White team, with gold accents. Not Purple and Gold with White accents. Id rather see a Color Rush inspired by one of the following Uniforms, as more of a Throwback. Vikings fans have been clamoring for the return of Throwbacks, since they stopped being worn in 2012.
  3. I believe the Raiders have now ditched the "Color Rush" part of the Color Rush, now wearing it with the Standard Silver Pants and Black Socks so it is now a 1970 Throwback. Now if only teams like the Cowboys, Giants, Saints, Broncos, Steelers, and others changed the Pants and/or Socks to make a true Throwback.
  4. FOX has been caught using the old Pre-2014 NFL on FOX Logo on the Ticker.
  5. To add on to the Twins, they will most likely have a Powder Blue Throwback Uniform for the 60 in 2020.
  6. For Statement, I’m pretty sure you can change every 2 years, but you can keep it forever if you want to. But the City is forced to change every year, for some stupid reason.
  7. The inevitable has arrived:
  8. My Vikings are (unfortunately) wearing Color Rush vs the Redskins on 10/24 Thursday Night Football. We went so long without Monochrome, why now. All I want is to see White on White a few times, and to add White socks for the W/P. Not THIS!
  9. @Froob here are some concepts that @tohasbo did back in July. I personally like the W/P/W because having Purple in the outside blends in too much with the Black from far away, muddling the look. P/W/P, G/W/G and W/G/W aren’t that bad though.
  10. Whenever the Bengals, Falcons, or Cardinals play each other, the voices of many 2005 Reebok employees smile, while watching the rest of the world burn. At least the Vikings and Bills escaped.
  11. If I had to guess, it probably had to do with switching from the AFC to the NFC in 2002.
  12. No new template. Nike is using the Majestic FlexBase template
  13. They do. It’s still in the style guide, but they haven’t wore it in 3 seasons.