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  1. Agreed. Even with the Redcoats argument, I’ve always preferred the White 60’s Throwback as a Uniform, ignoring the team name.
  2. They’ve been there since 2012. Nike has sold them all this time, even on the Vapor Untouchable. They are Still in Madden on VU, and they were in the Logoslicks and Style Guide (at least it was in there last year. Don’t ask how I accessed it.) It’s nothing new.
  3. The big man @CC97 has fallen to fire emojis...
  4. Updated Helmet rankings. Only one new Banned helmet for 2020
  5. No TV numbers again. Does the NFL hate the Browns then?
  6. Which is actually not the case. Those were the old Color Rush pants. The actual Pants have traditional Brisher Stripes Links since for some reason, the forum isn't letting me copy links right into the textbox, and they won't embed because of that. Pat Patriot's Twitter James White's Instagram Stephon Gilmore's Instagram
  7. Here's my Pros and Cons lost, since it seems like everybody else is. PROS: Side Panels and Piping are dead Socks have a stripe on them Shoulder Stripes Kept Flying Elvis and Navy Primaries Traditional Pants (thank god that 5-hour dilemma was solved) CONS: Monochrome for Color, Leotard on the White set No Silver Pants Logo on the Sleeve/Sleeve cap rather than TV Numbers Lack of Secondary Sock option, wether it be Red, Silver, or White to pair with the Blue Pants
  8. I thought I was the only one! (I am also 15. Will be 16 on 05/12)
  9. Wait... Two Away Uniforms? @ :18 Seconds Also, something is mentioned that apparently has been asked for for awhile, hence the "we got the redacted" and "finally gave us the redacted"
  10. C’mon Ian, leak it! EDIT: Beaten by @JOEYxFRESCO
  11. Jamies Winston was drafted in 2015. The 2014 Tampa Bay QB was Josh McCown.
  12. Of course, but I'm pretty sure the original poster meant that he would rather have the Helmet stripe match the Pants, where it would be straight, and not the Pant stripe match the Helmet.
  13. Different shade of Orange, and has the old Wordmark on the Bumper. It's just an older 2006-2014 Helmet, nothing new.
  14. New News: The Nike Fusion Template will be arriving in the NFL come 2022. It was going to be coming in 2021, but the 2021 Plans got canceled due to Corona. That could possibly mean that any 2021 Uniform Changes in the NFL might get delayed as well. (5:53 in this video)
  15. Pretty much (un)confirmed that Orange Pants are coming. Maybe an Orange jersey? EDIT: Apparently, JW Johnson has said "stay tuned" for Orange Pants.
  16. (every response is asking for Orange Pants)
  17. Okay, where's the Orange Pants... Wait... :censored:.
  18. NFL Shop still sells merchandise with the 80's 3D Helmets on them Classics full-zip hoodie
  19. They have a Live Stream up and ready for Noon ET. The description is a good sign. (Unless it's secretly Nikespeak and they effed it up.)
  20. All I want from the Browns is this, but with the B/W/B combo to use the same pants as O/W/B and W/W/B combos without the lines in the stripes. Keep it on the Jerseys, it looks good there. It's the best of all eras. It had the White Facemask, Orange and White Pants, a Jersey with a Drop-Shadow, and an Orange Jersey that was pretty good. EDIT: Just saw this Tweet. The hashtag is a good sign. The is a bad sign, unless he has the same tastes as us.
  21. Why are the Stripes so big? There is no reason for them to be cut off, as seen here.
  22. Whoever gave Boomer that hat should be fired deserves a promotion.