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  1. There were Three. The 1993 set, the 1994 set (worn in 1995 preseason), and the 1995-1999 set.
  2. Same teaser image, but they announced the time. 12:00 ET.
  3. The Helmet Change was adding the New Wordmark, changing the Number Font on the back, and using the Primary version of the Logo on the Helmet instead of a slightly different variation of it.
  4. Personally, my favorite Redskins set. It combines the 60's helmet with their iconic Uniforms of the 70's.
  5. For reference: Not my favorite, but if it meant that Nike would care about socks, then go ahead.
  6. Team Anaheim all the way.
  7. The Seahawks should only wear #2 and #6. Even though their Uniform was designed to be worn Mono, it just looks really bad for them IMO.
  8. Actually No. That is the 1968-1970 Falcons Uniform. The Falcons wore the exact same Uniform as the Throwback in 1966, besides the Helmet, due to the one-helmet rule. Which was worn from 2009-2012 as a Throwback. And when they brought back the Throwback in 2016, they hd to use a Black Helmet, or not wear it at all. If they wanted to do the 90s, they would have worn 9'0s. They 90's Falcons Uniforms had a White Outline on the Sleeve Logo, while the 60's one had a Red Outline. 90's had Silver Pants, 60's had White Pants. 90's had plain Socks, 60's had Striped Socks. It IS a 60's Throwback, that happens to use the 90's style Helmet due to the One-Helmet Rule. Also, the Falcons website said that if the One-Helmet Rule changes Next Year, that they would bring back the Red Helmet for the Throwback rather than using the Black Helmet. BTW, that article is full of TONS of Nikespeak. It's sickening.
  9. From the Chargers Reddit. Reflection of the Uniforms caught in a Knife. I see a Powder Blue Jersey with White Numbers outlined in Yellow. People on Chargers Reddit think it's Yellow Pants, but I don't see it
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but before Nike, the Packers and Jets used the same shade of Green. If you see how Nike made the Jets Green before their redesign in 2019, you'd be happy. Also, yeah. The Raiders and Cowboys still use Ripon pants. In 2012 and 2013, before changing in 2014, the Bucs used the Ripon pants with Nike Jerseys.
  11. Images from Video: How they look with Standard Socks. Seeing it This Way, White on White and Black on White look more passable this way. I'm interested with how White on Black with Red Socks would look. Very, Very, Very bad Concept. Thank god they didn't go with this. The Terrifying Gradient Socks. They better not ever wear this.
  12. Found Two things in this video. 1. At least they still have the Standard Socks where they are half-white 2. The White-on-White on the Logoslicks look less bad with Black Socks. 3. OH GOD NO GRADIENT SOCKS AT 1:12/1:13
  13. So it seems the Falcons will bring back the Red Helmets with the Fauxback Uniforms turning them back into Throwback Uniforms again if the rules change next year. BTW, that article is full of TONS of Nikespeak. It's sickening.
  14. The Jerseys will be available to purchase on the 14th now.
  15. Last week, there was a joke put out to ban people who posted the Rams Yellow Uniform Painting, and one of the joke proposals was to put an image filter on it. Read Page 352 of the thread.
  16. Be scared for the Rams. For the rest? Be optimistic.
  17. More combinations. Besides the Fauxback, only one of them has contrasting pants and socks. Very unfortunate. So that makes it (not counting the Throwback) Black Helmet, with Silver Facemask Black, White, and Red with Gradient Jerseys Black, White, and Red Pants Solid-Color Black, White, and Red Socks. Seeing a Non-Mono combo, B/B/W/B isn’t that horrible.
  18. I think we found our new #32 Uniform. Since the Bucs changed at noon, the Titans had it 7 hours. Now it's in Atlanta. If anybody needed a source of the Image, here's the tweet it came from. Also, remember this. I wonder how bad the Rams uniform will be now...
  19. That was 2012. This was 2013: Also, the Bucs wore the Ripon Dazzle fabric pants in 2012 and 2013 with the Nike Jerseys. They really should have done that now.
  20. If the Helmets Silver, and they don't go with a Red alt, I'd expect a Throwback. Either '94 or '95-'99. I've heard rumors about them adding a '90s throwback, so it isn't that unplausable.
  21. Little late to the party, and don't have anything else to add, everybody else has already stated it. Thank god for going back to the old set, the Pewter Alt sucks because monochrome, Red and White are beautiful, damn Nike for not being able to make dazzle Pants, would prefer old logo but this still works, and happy that Uni-Watch was wrong on Orange (even though I like Paul) But with the Falcons leak, I just have this to copy-paste from Google Images say. Pretend Toby is Tampa and Michael is Atlanta.
  22. "exhale..." Well, at least the 1960's/1990's Fauxback is staying. Huzzah? But the rest? It's utter trash. Here are my thoughts in Office Gifs
  23. To end this whole argument: