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  1. No. Color Rush uniforms can only use a team color, or a past team color. If your team never wore the color, you can't use it.
  2. Fixed! Monochrome should never happen and Orange Pants are amazing.
  3. Whichever mod merged the new Chargers thread back in the LAR/LAC thread forgot the change the thread’s name. Just giving a heads up. It’s now all called “Chargers Redesign and New Uniforms 2020.”
  4. Since there hasn’t been one of these since 2003, and bumping a seventeen year old thread would be weird, I started a new one. Here’s one that I’ve always liked: The 1994 Patriots (Home) Uniform. It was after the weird mis-matching Front/Back and TV Numbers (at least at home), and before the ugly pinstripes and italicized Numbers. It also has Flying Elvis, which I’ve grown to prefer over Pat Patriot the last few years. But for some reason, the Away set kept the mismatched TV Numbers. The 1992-2004 Expos also had a great uniform that never gets talked about enough. Everybody always talks about the 1969-1979 and 1980-1991 sets and the Powder Blue, while this one always gets left out. Also, who doesn’t love pinstripes! The 1989-1996 Timberwolves Uniform was a bright spot in an otherwise dark and sad franchise during that time until Kevin Garnett, but it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t dress well! While other teams of the late 80s and early 90s turned more cartoonish, the Wolves came out of the gate beautifully dressed in a traditional uniform, and excellent color combination of Royal Blue and Kelly Green. But a year after KG was drafted, they decided to “update” and join in the cartoon bandwagon set by tons of teams. But at least they didn’t go too far then, with a Bad font. At least the tree trim was cool. Not a big Hockey or Soccer guy, so don’t have any for those. What are your guys’ underrated Uni sets?
  5. It somehow looks worse on a White Background IMO.
  6. You need TV Numbers on the Jersey. So you must remove the logo from the Sleeves.
  7. And Nike are the ones who introduced the Broncos Uniforms in 1997, along with the ones who nudged the Steelers to go to the italic, and (while not mentioned) the ones who had the Packers go from 5 to 3 stripes, all in ‘97.
  8. Looks pretty good! Like the expansion choices! If 40 were to happen, that would work out pretty well IMO.
  9. Are you sure the Lightning are an Expansion Team?
  10. No they're not. It came up from the Jaguars London/Jacksonville talk, when SFGiants58 said that thee Jags and the Washington team should be contracted, and then a bunch of people started playing around without saying the actual Redskins team name.
  11. EDIT: Yeah, I’ve known it’s a mock-up from these very forums and not the real deal. Still though... Nice logo critique on Reddit that I saw on the front page of r/nfl Link to Reddit r/nfl Post
  12. Is there anything wrong with these three helmets? The best option (that we are not getting) would have been an updated version of the Throwback, Home and Away, Yellow CR, and the 70s Whites with the White Horn and Gray Facemask. Speaking of Gray Facemasks, I am snow realizing how good it looks on the Rams helmet from that photo.
  13. That’s dumb. The new draftees will be shown on the podium with a uniform they’re never going to wear... EDIT: Forgot the Rams have no Round 1 Pick...
  14. Based on the above quotes, I would assume not that. That would be a major change to have TV Numbers on the Sleeves
  15. I'd personally move the TV Numbers back to the Sleeves on the Home and Road Jerseys, with the Road Striping moving to the Sleeve Cuffs like their current Throwback does.
  16. But they were the Browns original stripes: And on your second point, the Browns Color Rush cuts off the stripes on some cuts, while the pre-2015 set doesn't
  17. Seems to look just fine in these... Goddamnit Browns, why did you have to change in 2015... Even with the Packers, when they wore 1960's Throwbacks vs the Lions on Thanksgiving 2003, it still looked fine on the Ripon Uniform template, which they still use.
  18. Top right corner. It’s that simple. You have that Jersey, and there is no monochrome.
  19. Hopefully that means fixed Shoulder Stripes, Blue Facemask, and the return of Sock Stripes. Might as well bring back the White Jersey-Blue Pants combo as an alternate.
  20. I'd flip the Brown and Orange on the White Pants and White Jerseys. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, it looks fantastic! Definitely what Cleveland should have done back in 2015.
  21. Love the Diamondbacks concept! One thing though, There is no new Nike MLB template yet. They are using the exact Majestic Uniforms, just with a Nike Swoosh, until 2022. This is due to them picking up the contract from Under Armor quite quickly the they dropped out, without time to design a new template in time.
  22. I hope not. Their Grey Road Uniform is the best one in their current mis-match of a Uniform set. Even so, refers to the Navy "Minnesota" script Jersey as "Nike Navy Alternate." Not "Nike Gray Road" like the other 28 non-Padres teams do. Speaking of the Twins set, they have so many inconsistencies with their set. The Gray Road is amazing, the White Home would be great if they got rid of Gold, the Navy alt is good, the Powder Blue 70's throwback is decent, and the Red and Home Navy Alts are hot garbage. They really shouldn't have shoehorned in Gold in 2015 after the 2014 ASG. The Twins should always wear White Pinstripe Jerseys, wether it be the '61-'71 Home/'10-18 Alt, or the '87-'14 Home.
  23. Chargers can’t change. Making Powder Blue the Primary Uniform reset the five-year rule.
  24. Just put some Brown paint in that End Zone and a logo at Midfield (preferably Brownie the Elf) and that should go on the field in Cleveland Browns Stadium forever. Right @pitt6pack?
  25. In their defense, the whole NFL has their Helmet as an alternate logo, and they all use the VSR-4, which as you said, was banned last year. It’s more so what the NFL uses in marketing, which are those helmets, and the 2-Bar Helmets.