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  1. Here are a few things I have to say on these concepts. First of all, for all of these, I would make sure that Pants and Socks are always contrasting. Otherwise, reverse the Number Colors on the Navy Texans Jersey, and remove the contrasting collar on the Alternate Vikings Jersey.
  2. Well, you have a long wait for that, since the Dolphins can't change their Uniforms until 2023, since their removal of Navy Blue in 2018 reset the five-year rule.
  3. Jesus Rob Manfred, could you even TRY to ruin Baseball any more? If this happens, it would be obvious that the Yankees will pick my Twins every year and sweep us over and over...
  4. It appears that the XFL on ABCESPN graphics are a modified version of their NFL Graphics package with Team Abbreviations, Over/Unders, "XFL" instead of the ESPN Logo, and modified to be higher to make room for the SportsCenter Bottom Line Ticker, which isn't used on ESPN NFL since MNF is the only NFL game each night.
  5. If I had to guess, it would probably roll out in a wider reach pretty soon. The school that I attend has a deal with Pepsi, and two of the Soda Vending Machines already have Mountain Dew Zero Sugar in them.
  6. NBC's current NFL Graphics are NFL-Only Graphics. NHL, CFB, CBB, MLB and NBA on the RSNs, and more still use the Graphics from January 1, 2015. (Besides the Barclays Premier League, which has its own package. Probably due to NBC owning part of Sky U.K.)
  7. A Classic Uniform matchup going on right now on TNT, Lakers-Suprs at Staples, LA in HOME Gold, and SA in ROAD Black. This is how the games should look. Either White or a Light Colored Jersey at home (Yellow, Gray, Orange) vs the Dark Uniform for the Away team. As long as White is never worn on the Road, I'm fine.
  8. I knew that. That’s why I mentioned “besides field paint.” Even so, the NFL (for some dumb reason) doesn’t have NFC and AFC Wild Card and Divisional Logos, and haven't had any since they went to the standardized logos in 2010.
  9. Are you sure? Despite the field paint using the NFL logo variation of it, all other uses in marketing, speak, and graphics don’t do that. They use this version with the conference logos
  10. They wear it every Saturday Home Game. I’d say that’s quite frequent.
  11. Example of the 2006-07 Graphic that I compared it to.
  12. Oh my god, it’s the 2006/2007 ESPN Monday Night Football Graphics... Ya happy Admiral?
  13. They are. And from the looks of it on the Pregame Show, it looks like NBC.
  14. Watching the FOX NFL Sunday Pregame, it appears the new graphics package is quite similar to NBC’s NFL Package. Also, loud sound effects are back, but rather than lasers and futuristic sounds, it’s generic onomatopoeias and fade sounds. Welcome to 2003!
  15. Red Socks should be worn with the Black Pants. Add something to the pants as well, so they aren't so plain. Those are my only big complaints. Otherwise, it looks good.
  16. @ahowe6464 Made it into a embedded image. Your welcome!
  17. Apparently it's an exclusive thing.
  18. Some changes from the world of Sodas. Mountain Dew Throwback has been rebranded as Mountain Dew Real Sugar, like Pepsi-Cola with Real Sugar. They ditched the 1949-1969 Hillbilly "Ya-hoo!" era logo for the 1969-1996 era style, specifically the 1980-1991 variation of the Logo. Glass Bottle Mountain Dew has been using this logo since 2013. Speaking of PepsiCo, there are also some Tweaks coming to Pepsi Zero Sugar. The "Zero Sugar" text in Pepsi Zero Sugar has received a font change to match the recently changed Flavored Pepsi fonts (Cherry, Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, Lime, Mango, Berry). The "0" between Zero and Sugar has been removed, and the text that said "MAX TASTE" at the top of the can that links the drain to its former name, Pepsi Max, is also gone. The same is being done to the Flavored Zeros, using the updated description font with the top colors. One last thing, Pepsi-Cola Made with Real Sugar is also changing slightly. The can is now a darker shade of Blue, the "Made with Real Sugar" text has a font update, close to the Zero/Flavor font, but not the same. There are also Wave Lines around the Logo now. The font used for the bottom text on Zero and the flavored drinks appears to be the same one used on this Promotional Image for Regal Cinemas. Could a full-scale Pepsi Rebrand be on its way? Hopefully:
  19. Fudge this Ship EDIT: Paul Lukas to the rescue!
  20. The best Fox Sports Graphics package has to be the 2006-2009 Package. I'm a big sucker for Top-Bar Scorebugs for some reason. If the new one is similar to this, I would love it.
  21. There are already threads for those Rebrands, so those threads will be used for the Main discussion of the new Uniforms.
  22. It might be, unfortunately. The word yesterday was that TMZ broke the news without telling the Bryant family. This all still feels unreal. It feels like he’s not dead, but he sadly is. Rest In Peace.
  23. Because, as stated already, that's what the 49ers wanted. If the Chiefs requested, they could have a Helmet in their End Zone, but alas...
  24. Yay for Helmet and pre-2005 font, boo for Conference Logos (still) being dead. Damn Athletic paywalls! Could somebody get the exact quote from the article?