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  1. Well, In the NFL's defense, the All-Time teams featured many players from the 20's-40's, regardless of the "Outrage" of many people on Reddit and Twitter.
  2. So basically something similar to the 2013 Pro Bowl?
  3. Confirmed from 49ers in White on Gold, Chiefs in Red on unknown.
  4. Okay, same template, but with The Chiefs. Yellow end zones would be interesting!
  5. I’m just saying theoretically, since the League said that teams can have a Standard Alt and a Throwback, when the Bears brought back the Orange Jersey in 2018.
  6. I wanted 49ers-Titans, but at least, at this rate, we’re getting the “Joe Montana Bowl” rather than the “State Farm Bowl” in 2020.
  7. No team has five, from what I can think of, but they can have five. Can we just go back to 2003-2014, with Three Jerseys, and the Alt is only worn twice? The current state of uniforms is crazy, and the 2002 rule of only wearing an Alt once is a little small. Twice is plenty.
  8. But is it REALLY one of the best in the league if it’s not in or won’t crack your Top 10?
  9. Yes. The rule has kind of a complicated history though too. Not counting 1994 and Thanksgiving games, the NFL has allowed teams to have an alternate Third Jersey since 2002, which can be either a Throwback, or a Recolor of the Primary Jersey. They only allowed it to be worn once a season. One year later in 2003, it was changed to twice a season being permitted. Later, we come to 2015, with the introduction of Color Rush on TNF. It has no affect on the standard way of things, being restricted to Thursdays. Later, in 2018, the NFL announced they were doing away with mandatory Color Rush, and allowing teams to add then=m to their regular Uniform Rotation if they so desired. That brought up the amount of Jerseys per team up to four. And then, in 2019, when the Bears unveiled their 100th Throwback, they asked the NFL if they could have it, without replacing their Orange Alt. The NFL said yes, while also announcing that they were going to all all teams to have a Throwback and Standard Alternate at the same time. So now we are at five Jerseys, and the Alternates (Recolors, Throwbacks, Color Rush) can only be worn to a maximum of three times per season.
  10. Powder Blue is back. Here's the Stream. EDIT: Powder Blue Pants too Also a Button Up Jersey. Worn at Home and Away No uniforms are leaving. Powder Blue Squachee and Brim EDIT 2: Article from Chris Helmets will be Matte Some Graphics: Also, the Primary and Secondary Logos have been swapped, and the shade of Red has been changed.
  11. They’ve used Silver since 1978. It’s been in use for 42 out of their 54 years of existence. It’s not anything new, and should be considered a traditional Falcons color by now.
  12. Packers New Sleeve Stripes, Jaguars Custom Font and Side Paneling, Falcons make White Uni more Red-Heavy.
  13. Which would be $38.78 today, taking in mind inflation, which is pretty close to the current Authentic Cap Price of $39.99. So basically, there wasn't a price change, just economics taking it's hold.
  14. Fixed! I don't know why, but I feel like regardless of whatever happens to the Cardinals, they should keep the Plain White Helmet and Gray Facemask forever. Anybody else, go ahead and change. Maybe it's because they're the oldest NFL team? (Founded 1898)
  15. Looks great EXCEPT for the helmets. I love End Zone Helmets, but the modern Riddell Speed does not look good in 2D Application, or as a helmet on it's own. Would look much better with the standard Riddell VSR-4 Graphic. Also, the NFL doesn't use those in marketing, sales, and merchandising. All marketing application of NFL Helmets still use the VSR-4 or the 2-Bar Helmet (Riddell TK). The NFL Style Guides' Logoslick only has the VSR-4 in it as well for companies to be allowed to use for Helmets in Merch.
  16. How would a 49ers-Titans Field Look, with Columbia Blue vs Throwback SF Font, Standard Helmets, and Helmet-Free Conference Logos? Also, outlines on the 50 in NFL Colors, and on the 20s in Team Colors like they used to be, and Numbers Outlined in Primary Colors (Navy, Red), Hashmarks in Secondary Colors (Columbia, Gold). That would be the perfect end zone @pitt6pack.
  17. Listen Falcons, Blanks, and Nike... This... This is it: EDIT: Also, Cardinals and Bengals, please send in your Uniform Change forms before the 2021 window closes for all our sake. We might finally kill off the Reebok Piping era!
  18. With the Titans talk that going on, I thought of a way to fix the uniform, which might involve overhauling-but-not-overhauling. Columbia Blue Primary Jersey, Flip Number Colors Pick Silver or Gray on the Shoulder, Helmet Stripe, and Pants, Preferably Silver Change the Helmet Color. The "Navy" isn't horrible, but Silver, White, or Columbia would look much better Kill the Side Panels and replace the number font with the Social font or Block. Make better use of Red on Jersey and Pants rather than just on the Swoosh At this rate, with all my Ideas on different teams' Uniforms, I'd better just get started on my own Concept series then. Would most likely be hand drawn if done. If anybody knows any easy-to-use online forms of making concepts, a DM would be nice.
  19. I agree with everything here, EXCEPT for one little thing. The Panthers look just fine with Block Numbers, and look Perfect with the Silver Helmet. I never understand the people say to not change the Panthers Uniforms, but to get a Black, Blue, or White Helmet. That would leave the only Silver being the Pants, and with tiny slivers coming from the Shoulder Stripes.
  20. Can’t. Don’t know how many times it needs to be said, but Alternate Uniforms are not allowed in the Postseason, unless you have a waiver. They aren’t allowed at all for any reason in the Super Bowl.
  21. Yeah, it does. I see your point, but I beg to differ. It's a little bit of personal preference and a little bit of Vikings Tradition for my reasoning. I believe that the Vikings should only wear White Pants. And plus, it has a very long History. The Vikings have worn White on White Primarily in 1961, and from 1965-2012. They didn't even exist from 1965-2005 too. Purple Pants were used on the Road from 1962-1964, and for 3 games in the 2000s with the Reebok Monstrosities (Not counting Preseason). Since the uniforms debuted in 2013, we have only worn White on White once in Regular Season. I wouldn't mind it every once in a while if they wore White Socks, like from '62-'64, but it's been the Leotard look since they returned in the 2000's/