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  1. It appears to be Dharma Gothic E.
  2. Does anyone know the font that The Hockey News uses on their covers? Not the logo but for the headlines and previews. https://thehockeynews.store/collections/back-issues
  3. I think I might get my hockey jersey signed, and I'd like to know any tips for the best quality autograph, and keep it looking good. I'd prefer to get it signed on the jersey material (not the crest). Would this work? Thanks in advance.
  4. For the many interested I rolled up the sleeves. Sorry for causing such a ruckus. I'm off to eat a salad with a chainsaw now.
  5. An excellent observation, but I am very, very cheap.
  6. Haha. Trust me, if I was any skinnier my shoulders would fit through the neck hole, and the jersey would fall off.
  7. Ok, since the Olympics are upon us, I've been feeling patriotic, and, of course, I'm gonna wear my team Canada hockey jersey. But it's a bit too small. (I wear a men's medium or large. The jersey is a Nike small, which also fits tighter than other manufacturers' jerseys.) The sleeves are a bit short, and it's not too long vertically either. Any tips/ideas on how to wear it best?
  8. Yessss! That is amazing! Thank you so much! Great work! Only thing I would say is to have kept the yellow in the feathers, but honestly it looks great without.
  9. Woah! While I would never be able to do that, I think what happened is two versions of the same photo (one with the other uniform photoshopped on) are placed one on top of the other, and the areas where it is ripping are erased, with a shadow around the edges to make it look realistic.
  10. It's similar to Apple Garamond Italic. https://www.dafont.com/apple-garamond.font?fpp=100&af=on&psize=l&text=Holy+Spirit