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  1. It says in the article that they will have gold helmets? I thought they did away with those? Also, its probably only a matter of time before gray helmets appear!
  2. Ok If.....every NFL team was allowed 2 helmets, what would they choose? Here are my predictions. AFC Patriots: Silver and White Redskins: Burgandy and Yellow Jets: Kelly Green and White Cowboys: Silver and White Dolphins: White and Aqua Giants: Navy and Red Bills: White and Red Eagles: Midnight Green and Kelly Green Steelers: Blsck and Yellow Packers: Yellow and Green Browns: Orange and White Bears: Navy and Orange Bengals: Orange and Black Vikings: Purple and White Ravens: Black and Purple Lions: Silver and Honolulu Blue Colts: White and Blue Panthers: Silver and Black Titans: Navy and White Falcons: Black and Red Jags: Black and Teal Saints: Gold and Black Texans: Navy and White Bucs: Pewter and White Chargers: Whte and Navy Seahawks: Blue and Silver Chiefs: Red and Yellow Cardinals: White and Black Riaiders: Silver and Black LA: Royal/Gold Horns and Navy/White Horns Broncos: Navy and Royal SF: Gold and SIlver
  3. I have seen a few (A's...Mariners) Dont they usually reveal all of them at the same time?
  4. I like it too. As a former Clevelander it has just enough of the traditional look. BringBackTheVet needs to relax.
  5. We are in the window of time when decisions must be made re. this re-design. I would imagine someone has some info re. this?
  6. have the Browns ever ever worn mono-Orange?
  7. All teams, from pee-wee to the NFL, recondition their helmets on a yearly basis. Helmets are checked for damage in order to remove liability in the event an athlete suffers an injury the following season. They are repainted as well. There is nothing unusul about this. Period.
  8. they definitely changed the orange and added a textured pattern to the stripe. Just sayin..
  9. Browns are rumored to be changing to a white helmet.
  10. Well, thanks to bhutchcraft89 .... and according to the team color codes llisted above.... the question has ben answered. Dolphins, Broncos, and Bengals are all the same shade of orange. Bears, Browns, and Buccaneers are unique.
  11. Actually, pants today have integrated belts which are a part of the pant. But, you are correct....no more lace up flys.