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  1. On 6/2/2018 at 5:53 PM, Mac the Knife said:

    To be clear, what you're about to read is not some anti-homosexual screed I'm about to espouse.  I have gay friends both closeted and out, and I'd bet $1,000 that my 14 year old daughter is, for whatever reason, hiding in a closet metaphorically speaking, despite both her mother and I openly supporting things such as marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws based on gender or sexual orientation, and other causes championed by the LGBTQIAEIEIO community (I've honestly lost track of this acronym to the point of it having lost its meaning; forgive me about seeming flip about it, but it's in large part because I try to treat everyone equally and thus, don't care about self-identification).


    BUT... I think the WNBA has since its outset, and particularly in more recent years, hurt its overall public marketability in large part because it's perceived as the Lesbian Basketball League.  Granted I suspect the overall audience for women's basketball is limited regardless of the marketing prowess of its promoters, but strictly from that perspective it wouldn't surprise me if their attendance would rise by as much as 1,000 - 1,500 per game if they were to somehow shed that label (e.g., letting the more masculine looking, tatted up players take their talents to Europe).


    I honestly believe the WNBA could put a lower quality basketball product on the floor, and with proper marketing draw more fans featuring players that offer more broad-base appeal.  I'm neither suggesting eye candy nor that players should go back into the closet if their orientation would do so in the past.  But at least women who don't give an appearance as though they could and would readily kick your ass in the middle of a street under the wrong set of circumstances.  Less "butch," I guess.  I'm not saying that as a behavioral or appearance judgment of anyone, but strictly from a marketing perspective, the WNBA brand could be marketed a whole lot better than it is now, at least in part due to that perception.

    You're pulling that perception out of thin air.  The WNBA of today has had struggles with marketing and interest. But, as of late  attendance and ratings in general have gone up so this problem is less so. Also,the WNBA at the outset had no such problems.

  2. 34 minutes ago, BringBackTheVet said:


    You contradicted yourself. 

    I meant UA will only be a slight upgrade in terms of youth appeal and that it's better to have a shirt logo than to radically alter uniforms for youth appeal if it wasn't clear. Compared to others, what ever UA's name rakes in is small change compared to others

  3. First time I heard the switch was to appeal tp younger fans then again I barely paid attention beyond MLB-UA switch in 2019. UA is certainly ahead of Majestic when it come to youth appeal but they trail behind Nike and Adidas so I think will this will have an negligible impact. I guess this is better than ditching traditional baseball aesthetic senses for full on wild minor league styled uniforms to get the youngins'.

  4. 4 hours ago, aztex82 said:


    I agree. The Sedona Red and white was a great look. Introducing black to the mix was unnecessary and complicates a great, simple design.




    I suspect the fondness for that old Coyotes look may be rooted in nostalgia. I happen to be the opposite. Part of the reason I dislike the Coyotes’ original look is that I associate it with the loss of the original Jets. I’ve only recently grown to apprciate the Avs’ 90’s identity for that reason. I’ll never like the Hurricanes, though.

    The old yotes look wasn't the best but the kachina inspired coyote was the coolest! The switch to brick red was a definite plus as they stood out for once amidst a sea of black and 90s designed unis. 

  5. On 4/15/2018 at 7:27 PM, MJWalker45 said:

    That's why it sucks that the NBA ran the ABL into the ground by outbidding for the top women in that league. Reebok started templating the league under one style when they started contracting the league. As soon as they put sponsor ads on they dumped the logos and wordmarks. Now, instead of making the ladies uniforms look like the men they've gone all in on sponsorship and templating.

    The ABL had the better pay and benefits compared to the WNBA so there wasn't much competition as the top players played in the ABL. On the other hand, the NBA's more recognizable brand and money got better sponsors and TV contracts plus more fans to the WNBA. Things that the ABL lacked and ultimately they were spending more than what they brought in leading to them going broke and yeah, I agree WNBA uniform templates have gotten worse over the years. Honestly, the  first few templates they used are probably the best ever in WNBA history in general and as far as looking the closest to men's unis (2003-2006 templates particularly).

    aug-1997-haixia-zheng-of-the-los-angeles-sparks-laughs-as-she-walks-picture-id1400340?s=594x594See the source imageSee the source image



  6. 1 hour ago, PowderedWater said:

    Sorry, but for a single post I’m going off topic: a second, more difficult challenge. Finding a SOMEHOW WORSE logo than this actual Singaporean soccer logo:GombakUnitedFC.png

    The last image the human brain produces before all functions cease after looking at this logo?

    Thing looks like a toku monster which brings to mind the Gorengers oh so wonderful finisher. [0:00-0:28]



  7. Besides the wonk a donk piping, I always liked these templates since teams could customize it somewhat with the sides. Not all of them were good but it gave a little life to the teams that did


    See the source image


    See the source image


    See the source image


    See the source image

    See the source image



    See the source imageSee the source image




    See the source image





    See the source imageSee the source image

    See the source imageSee the source image

    See the source image

  8. 25 minutes ago, Jimmy Lethal said:

    Image result for san francisco 49ers 1990


    Image result for san francisco 49ers 2000


    They're better. I associated drop shadows with the Niners for years and they looked great on them. Sue me.

    Black doesn't mix well with the 9ers gold so its kinda an eyesore tbh, I much prefer the 1994 throwbacks unis which restrained its black to just make the numbers pop.

    See the source image

  9. 9 minutes ago, dfwabel said:


    The "it's too expensive in California" line came from the broke a$$ A11FL in 2014. The LA KISS started their time in Anaheim that same year, so don't believe the comment because the A11FL, said it on Facebook and Twitter.

    The Spring League isn't competition, it's been three separate weeks of scrimmages and Brian Woods has yet to complete all the games/scrimmages he promises to hold back to his FXFL.

    I said nothing about the spring league being competition so idk where that came from. Kiss is a pretty bad example as they had money behind them as did the Sabercats. Since then, no team hav been popped up there and that is due to the labor laws. Going even further back was the Avengers but the league was in a different financial state then. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:

    The downgrade that defines the phenomenon:


    97-47382Fr.jpg  8570-4Fr.jpg


    A crisp and brilliant look full of character was traded for an awkward and unsightly mess. Nothing was left undamaged, as the colours, the wordmark, the numbers, and the cap logo all got significantly worse. 


    The tragic part is that this happened right after the team's high point, its first appearance on the national stage, an achievement which should have cemented the basic elements of the team's identity for all time. Their look has never recovered.

    Yep, it was all downhill from there with each subsequent look being more bland than the previous. 

  11. I kinda always wanted to see football in BIrmingham other than the Blazers but folks here shat on that. I also was homesick and depressed that time. Thats beside the point but looks like the AAF is way stretched out and not regional like indoor football leagues so travel is gonna be a big expense plus looks like they're putting a team in California iirc  where no indoor league dares to touch due to the labor laws. Plus maintaining multiple full 53 man rosters and staff, this thing is gonna be hella expensive and IDK if the people behind this has that dough (signs point to they don't) to make the AAF go. The Spring League and the various indoor football leagues are your best bet for spring football action these days. 

  12. On ‎2015‎年‎7‎月‎3‎日 at 9:40 AM, BringBackTheVet said:

    You're telling me that as late as the late '60s, goalies still weren't wearing masks? You'd have to be insane to tend goal sans mask.


    Goalies are a special kind of player, they say.

  13. 12 hours ago, Gothamite said:

    I do like this one so much better. 




    But man, am I glad NYCFC doesn’t put Etihad on their jackets and sideline gear.  Really hate that. 

     pretty good stuff there

  14. On ‎2017‎年‎9‎月‎18‎日 at 7:15 AM, WSU151 said:


    I'd like to see Robert Kraft bring these back or the 1994 set, although the "throwback for five years" rule might be tricky.  With silver helmets, it's definitely doable.  Maybe in 2019, as it'd be the 100th NFL anniversary, and the 25th anniversary of Kraft's first year as owner, plus that year really started the Patriots turn around.


    Never really liked how the TV numbers were a different color than the ones on the shirt.