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    Man city (old eagle), most bundesliga logos, TBay buccaneers, buffalo bills, Minnesota wolf, Toronto blue jays, maple leaves, st Louis cardinals, Portland timbers, Charlotte hornets
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  1. The logo, home and away kit are amazing. I am just not the biggest fan of lime green in general. Keep up good work!
  2. I think the icon and association ones are really good. The community is nostalgic and brilliant. But I agree with these guys: The athletes is... lacking something!
  3. Epic! Love the colour scheme! And kind of ironic puma and fun88 sponsor them (newcastle?)
  4. Do you know what's so ironic? Last night I was doing the EXACT same thing as you doing. I started with german league and now I'll do english, then italian , then french and then Spanish! Then today I found this! I have just signed up with Chris screamers sports logos to follow your series. I can tell u what I are doing a much better job than I am. Any tips?
  5. As for premiere love my favourites are: Avant Lyon, colour scheme is brilliant and lion is royal! Le havre, love the way you incorporated the cities dragon! Olympiad Nantes, I think that this logo would be an instant classic! I would support saint Etienne as I follow ASSE in real life!
  6. For the german league I love all of them. My fave logos would be: Leipzig, I love the colour scheme, the rampant lion is very cool and it goes on well altogether. Hanzal lubeck, the ship is very original and could be iconic. I love the nautical and hanseic theme. Bayern Nuremberg, that is THE best logo in the league. I do, however agree with changing Bayern to francker And finally, Frankfurts logo is BEAST. I LOVE german eagles and it makes sense considering Frankfurts coat of arms contains an eagle. I would probably support Frankfurt because my favourit city is mannheim and Frankfurt is next to mannheim. Keep up good work, I'll be following it carefully!
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