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  1. Their current logo looks like a child drew it. So they traded a child's jersey for a child's logo. A shame either way.
  2. Absolutley LOVE the Canes new third. That thing is awesome. Coyotes I'm not thrilled with. I liked their thirds during those years, the Picasso style, but never had the same love for the regular Kachina style unis. I think their current color and logo setup is way better and with a unique identify they could do something cool with a third like they did with the leaping Coyote one.
  3. (Devil) Rays AINEC. Although part of that might just be because the downgrade was so severe it makes it that much worse. But a burst of sunshine? Yikes. Marlins a close second.
  4. Maybe this belongs in the unpopular opinions section, but I really liked the black Coyotes thirds from a few years back:
  5. Bring them back to being the Devil Rays and I'd like it alot more lol. But this is good for what it is.
  6. Staten Island Yankees doing the Cannoli hat is still the greatest.
  7. They need to revamp everything before they worry about a third. The clip art and Detroit Red Leafs unis need to go.
  8. Flames need to bring back the horse logo. Best logo in their history IMO and one of my favorites.
  9. Rays of sunshine. When the idiots changed the name they made it clear it had nothing to do with the animal anymore.
  10. The brand though is bland and boring. The logo looks like clip art and the uniforms are uninspired, unless being inspired by the Maple Leafs was the goal. As someone else stated the numbers on the front of the EDGE jerseys weren't great, but the logo had depth, the uniforms kept the "victory stripes" Phil Esposito created, and they got rid of all of that. Then they placated the upset fans with minor additions of black and the Lightning bolts on the pants. The jerseys need black and/or silver and that will be fine. Blue should not be the main color. The logo needs to be trashed and they need something new unless they want to add some colors to create depth on the current one.
  11. They aren't though. New owners dropped "devil" and they are the rays of sunshine (LMAO) which is pathetic just like their uni and logo set. To leave the devil ray on their and this year to use it is pretty hilarious. They must have seen that people bought way more merchandise that had the devil ray rather than burst of sunshine.