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  1. I don't mind the new horns, but the rest of the set sucks. Gradients, no gradients, TV numbers but only sometimes, an awful shade of off-white for the roads, head to toe monochrome, the stupid name tag, isn't there a tag on the back of the collar too? And I like streetwear, but using as an influence for your historic football organization is misguided at best and actively malicious at worst. This set isn't supposed to last, they'll get their fans to buy these then go right back to what they should be looking like in 2025. There are exactly two things this set does better than the last one: the colors and the matching-colored helmet. Everything else, from the horns to the pants to the numbers is a downgrade in my opinion.
  2. Couldn't tell ya. I don't have a problem with it, since the sport is known as "football" to most (not all) people around the world, but is distinctly not football in the States. To me, FC sounds better than SC, so maybe that's why most go with it?
  3. Well, I'll say that in this case FC is better than SC because there's only one thing SC could stand for in the Carolinas, and it's not Soccer Club.
  4. Black over silver is very nice, the problem is the silver. The whole thing would look better with no silver and a blue helmet.
  5. Funnily enough, in Japan, blue has been around for a long time while green is new. Their word for "fresh leaves", or those you'd find on a tree, something many of us would call definitively green, would be directly translated from Japanese as "blue leaves" and their traffic lights are actually red-yellow-blue, implying that blue has been around in Japanese longer than in European languages. As for color name etymology, I find it fascinating. Orange, the color, was named after orange the fruit, not the other way around. Cardinal red (and the bird) apparently takes its name from the clothing of religious cardinals. To answer your question about mint, this is the shade defined as "mint", while this is "bright mint", something closer to what we think of as mint. My best guess is that brighter shades of mint were used and called "mint", shifting the public's idea of what shade "mint" is.
  6. Just so we're clear, Richardson wasn't forced to sell, he saw the writing on the wall and bailed. Sterling was forced out, but the NBA seems to be a little more in-touch with, you know, being decent human beings.
  7. I absolutely respect your opinion, especially on something as subjective as logos and the "best" in a league. I'm not knocking speedy's work or his skill, it's my personal opinion that this would occupy the same space the current CFC badge does: good, maybe great, but nothing outstanding. As for the crown, to me the crown tells me "we're too cheap to pay the city of Charlotte royalties for the actual symbol so we made it slightly different to avoid a lawsuit" whereas the crown in the real badge is unique and still serves as an icon relating to the city. Of course, both are inferior to just using the actual Charlotte crown, but assuming they weren't able to get the license for whatever reason, it's my personal opinion that coming up with a new one is better than making one that's slightly different. Additionally, it gets rid of the "Minted 2022" that the actual crest has that's entirely unique to it and would be perfect with mint in the color scheme, while also meddling with the coin shape that the logo was inspired by. I understand wanting to place the crown on top, but by doing so it's disconnected itself from the mint, which was clearly integral to the process that led to this brand. The color scheme you've suggested (which is very nice, by the way) is also another nod to the mint and the coins it produced, but those are meaningless if the actual references to the mint are removed. My suggestion? Slightly shrink the CLTFC mark in the middle, place "Charlotte FC" on top, "Minted 2022" on bottom, and the crown on the sides, where NYCFC's pentagon, Miami's stars, or Atlanta's lines would go. (Or, if you really want to reference the mint, don't place a crown on the sides and instead use a 6-pointed star, like coins from the Charlotte mint would.) I don't want to get into a big argument, and analyzing speedy's concept has helped me to refine my own criticisms and preferences, and I definitely don't want to come off as rude, so I apologize if my response was mean-spirited. However, we simply share different opinions and this and that's ok! As you said, to each their own.
  8. Really? It's a nice logo, but nothing special imo. I'm not a huge fan of how the monogram blends into the inner black circle or the font chosen for "Charlotte Football Club" and the crown looks like a knock-off Charlotte crown, not a good look for a discount mattress store in Matthews, much less for a professional sports team owned by one of the richest people in the state. The colors are quite nice, but I'm not a fan of any of the "fixes" people have put forward so far.
  9. Probably not, fans hated the name which led to the name-the-team contest that yielded Hornets, so I assume there would've been another contest, the winner just wouldn't have been Hornets. According to this website I found (I can't verify how accurate it is) other choices were Knights, Cougars, Spirit, Crowns, and Stars. I'd bet that Knights and Crowns would've been the leaders, and I bet Knights would've been selected as the team's name.
  10. Glad to see it, blue over white with blue socks is our best look. The only things left to do is to make that helmet blue and get rid of the silver.
  11. For and giggles I decided to do something based on the complete impossibility that both the Federal and Continental Leagues survived and joined MLB and eventually they got to 48 teams. Completely ignoring the lack of talent, lack of suitable markets, etc, and against my better judgement, here it is. American League: East: Boston Red Sox Montreal Royals (former Washington Senators, moved 1961) Nashville Sounds (expansion, 1997) New York Yankees Norfolk Destroyers (expansion, 2013) Orlando Challengers (expansion, 2013) West: Cleveland Blues Detroit Tigers Los Angeles Browns (former St. Louis Browns, moved 1942) Phoenix Firebirds (expansion, 1997) San Francisco Athletics (former Philadelphia Athletics, moved 1942) Seattle White Sox (former Chicago White Sox) National League: East: Cincinnati Reds Jacksonville Suns (expansion, 1997) Memphis Redbirds (expansion, 2013) Milwaukee Braves (former Boston Braves, moved 1954) Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates West: Chicago Cubs Dallas Giants (former New York Giants, moved 1958) Las Vegas Aviators (expansion, 2013) San Diego Padres (former Brooklyn Dodgers, moved 1958) St. Louis Cardinals Vancouver Canadians (expansion, 1997) Federal League: East: Baltimore Terrapins Buffalo Bisons Charlotte Hornets (expansion, 1985) Hartford Chiefs (former St. Louis Terriers, moved 1924) Newark Peppers (former Indianapolis Hoosiers, moved 1924) Tampa Bay Tarpons (expansion, 1985) West: Chicago Whales Indianapolis Stars (former Washington Senators/Brooklyn Tip-Tops, moved 1972/1965) Kansas City Packers Louisville Colonels (expansion, 2005) San Antonio Missions (expansion, 2005) Oakland Oaks (former Pittsburgh Rebels, moved 1954) Continental League: East: Atlanta Firecrackers Miami Marlins (expansion, 1979) Minnesota Twins New York Mets Toronto Metros Washington Senators (expansion, 2005) West: Denver Bears Houston Astros Los Angeles Angels New Orleans Pelicans Portland Beavers (expansion, 1979) Sacramento Solons (expansion, 2005) As I made this I realized how unbalanced some of the leagues are, but it serves the purpose well enough as a bit of an experiment. For whatever reason, figuring out what to do with the Rebels was the hardest, since I had mostly filled up suitable cities in the '50s. Most of it is impractical and I work off some leaps of logic (I doubt the A's would've gone with the Browns to the west coast in '42, the AL has no Chicago team, the NL has no NY team, etc) but it was a fun little experiment.
  12. I think it's the way that both the tentacle and eye interact with the beveling: the eye really shines because the dark bevel and light top create a feeling of the brow being furrowed, giving the mysterious kraken an angry expression without actually giving it an angry expression. The tentacle also interacts quite nicely with the light and dark sides of the logo will not quite working on the flat version. I'm shocked to say this, but the beveling is used masterfully and might actually be necessary for the logo to work as well as it does. Just another way Seattle killed it.
  13. I wouldn't want it for all teams (as I said) and the Padres have already made their brown tops their primary road, so it's not like it'd be entirely unheard of today. I'm thinking teams like the Padres, Marlins, A's, Rays, Astros, D-Backs, Orioles, maybe the Blue Jays or Mariners could make it work. I actually didn't know about the Cubs' blue roads, that's interesting and maybe they could make it work as well. The one thing I'd be a stickler about is it would have to be the designated road jersey, not just an alt that they wear more than their normal road.
  14. Well, they'll have the exact same rules Vegas did (though Vegas themselves are exempt from the draft), but this time GMs will probably be smarter about who they leave available and the Kraken won't be as good to start as the Golden Knights were.