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  1. Yeah, without significant infrastructure, there's no way they'd be able to get 70,000+ down there for a football game in a good way. It already stuffs up Uptown, 77 would be filled with cars. The team's already in a perfect place, there's no need for them to leave Uptown. Anywhere else simply won't be as good, no matter the idiotic tax breaks they get (although I'm glad it's not NC giving those out).
  2. No way. Just ask the Knights how playing in Rock Hill went for them.
  3. Love the A's! I agree that the kelly green alt is easily their best jersey, love that you made it into a whole set. The only thing I'm not sold on is replacing the wordmark on the home. Just a personal preference. The Mariners look decent, but I don't really like how the baby blue interacts with the teal and navy. I think brightening the teal would make the whole set pop a lot more. Great start, excited to see what's next!
  4. Reverse image search says it's a failed Power Rangers show.
  5. QCS

    Name That Font!

    Anyone have any idea what font this is?
  6. Looks good! It fixes the problems of the original while keeping the general idea intact. Well done!
  7. Yeah, sure. That said, good lord did the Chargers nail it. Navy is gone, the bolt looks so much better, the new font is incredible (aside from that stupid bolt on the A), and I actually think incorporating an emoji is pretty clever, as long as that thing stays on social media only. Overall, I'd give this basically a 10/10, such a perfect upgrade. Both the Chargers and Rams did a great job, in my opinion. The Chargers were for sure better as a consensus, but the Rams did something new and I think it worked really well. Both teams in blue and yellow make those colors and LA football synonymous, even while they're clearly distinct. I really like both of these, and I can't wait to see the uniforms and how these look on the field.
  8. I have literally not once thought this logo is for the Chargers. If I force myself to look at it with the specific attitude of "can I make this a Chargers logo" then yeah, sure, I guess. But for me, the LA as well as the ram horn read very clearly. As I've said before, my only major issue is with the gradients (but the rounded horn annoys me too). It looks and feels like the team set out what they wanted to accomplish: combine the Rams and Los Angeles football into one brand. They succeeded.
  9. I think this could've been solved by making three distinct parts to the horn: white that connects to the "A", gold for the middle, and "Sol" for the end. It already splits naturally so I'm not sure why they tried to forced these gradients.
  10. Alright, I'll get it started: the new Rams logo isn't awful. In fact, I really like the idea behind it and I think with more refining it could've been great. The gradients are the biggest problem, but as soon as you realize the horn is supposed to be both a wave and a horn it starts to click a little more. They should switch the primary and secondary, however.
  11. In that manner, they succeeded. I can easily see both a horn and a wave, which is unique and somewhat clever. I don't really agree with using that as inspiration, but it is something that's LA-related while tying into the Rams.
  12. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm disappointed they didn't stick with the St. Louis-style charging ram, but this new one is fine, I guess. It can definitely be refined to be much better, namely removing the stupid gradients and pointing the horn. It has some good ideas, however, and the colors are spectacular.
  13. I know it's minor, but I really dislike how the horn curves into a round, instead of a point. It looks much sharper with the point imo.
  14. The new ram head is really good, but the primary isn't. The gradient is really dumb, and I would've much rather had that one concept that separated the horns into three distinct parts. How disappointing.