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  1. I like script helmets when the script is actually a script and when it curves with the helmet. A straight wordmark isn't as good. It'd be better if the helmet included an actual jet and not a football.
  2. No clue what this means, or why CLTFC is tweeting about it. I highly doubt it's out kit, but who knows?
  3. If the Jets got rid of black and made sure that their pants and socks contrasted they'd have a great set. As it stands, they're good, better than their previous set, but could be much better with a couple tweaks.
  4. People are complaining online because of course they are, but I think this is a solid upgrade. The new logo itself is a little cleaner and I do like the new blue, although the wordmark is a little awkward in my opinion.
  5. The real Queen City, thank you Raleigh is much more organized right now, but they kind of have to be to combat Charlotte. The Raleigh metro isn't particularly conducive to a team, with three large, distinct populations spread out over about 113 square miles. Durham to Raleigh is about half an hour, and you can't rely on half of your population to drive half an hour or more see the team. Diehard fans sure, but you're going to be drawing mostly from the city proper. The Research Triangle, Raleigh's CSA, is about 700,000 people smaller than Charlotte's, and the TV market is also smaller, though not by much here. The corporate money is also much more prevalent here as well as we have 9 Fortune 500 companies with headquarters here while Raleigh has... 2, not to mention other companies with regional headquarters in the city. Both cities are held back by the fact that neither of them have a stadium. Raleigh loses to Charlotte in just about every metric - the only reasonable argument for the Triangle over the Queen City is that Raleigh only has the Hurricanes to compete with. But in the MLB Raleigh site you mentioned, while they reference the Hornets' attendance struggles, they fail to mention that the Hurricanes also don't draw well, in fact, they've draw worse than the Hornets recently. If the MLB announced real expansion or it was seriously under consideration for a franchise to move, I guarantee you somebody in Charlotte would step up, whether that's David Tepper or another one of the rich guys that make the area home.
  6. If they do move (which they shouldn't), Portland should be their first choice (it won't be), followed by San Jose (whoops, shouldn't have given up that territory), then pretty much anything else, then Vegas. But of course, Vegas will jump the line and somehow end up with an original AL team then muck up the brand. Fun times!
  7. It's what I've heard most often from fans (and also prefer myself). There's no definitive nickname yet.
  8. You can't force a nickname - either remain the Columbus Crew or drop Crew - you can't do both. As others have mentioned, Columbus SC now just sounds like someone forgot where Columbus was (same reason Charlotte couldn't have gone with SC). The new mark isn't good, the checkers were ruined, and overall the ownership completely mucked up the brand. I bet we see a Fire-type reversal in a year, hopefully just returning to the (now previous) logo that was actually good. Is there anyone who's actually good with this?
  9. I'm giving it to you because Kannapolis is in the Charlotte metro. Ask this question about 10-15 years ago and I think Flair would be in it no question but nowadays other sports have more prominence and more stars.
  10. I'll be completely honest and say that before I discussed with people who actually watched wrestling, I had never heard of Ric Flair and I am from Charlotte. I recognize him as a sports icon but certainly not on our Rushmore. You could go either way on Muggsy/Kemba but Flair has no business being there over someone like Steve Smith, Luke Keuchly, or Sam Mills.
  11. Panthers first-rounder Jaycee Horn wearing #8:
  12. Is it really up to Tagilabue when both Baltimore and St. Louis ed up their bids so bad the league kind of had to go to Jacksonville?