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  1. That's fair. I thought I had seen some more AOC-style posters for Bernie, but I couldn't find a great example of it. Still enjoy the style, however.
  2. I really enjoy the style of posters that both Bernie and AOC seem to be going for, like these: They have that sort of '50s Soviet style with the leader in a powerful pose and bold, bright lettering and backgrounds (completely separate from the politics, I adore that style). It gives me retro-futurism vibes and I love it.
  3. There's something about Final Fantasy artwork. I'm jealous Japan consistently gets beautiful, minimalist box arts like this one: That's not to say America's was bad, but there's something about the gorgeous logo rendered on pure white that makes those old box arts so incredible and timeless. There's definitely something to be said about just the plain logo on a solid background: Maybe it's just a Zelda thing, though.
  4. I love everything except the logo. I know it's the classic one that the team used, but it doesn't fit within the NHL itself. Same goes with the Aeros, honestly.
  5. Please no, the Cartoon Bird looks a ton better than the Natural Bird. It also happens to be more fun. I completely agree. I'm glad the Cleveland team collapsed in 2016 and Washington will never get any recognition from me until Snyder is gone. I will root against any team I think looks bad. The Titans, Warriors, and Clippers I'll root against until they rebrand.
  6. FTFY I love this logo! Charlotte's flag situation is kinda weird, we recently adopted the green flag seen here, which is the civic flag. The other is the official official one, even though it kinda sucks. I will say that the hexagon jewels and top part seem a little off, but I can't really put how, per se. Either way, great work so far!
  7. The large amount of relocation rumors is fair, but Orlando is only about 3,000 people larger than Charlotte (not to mention the Orlando and Tampa market somewhat overlap), but Charlotte is a whole 600,000 people larger than Nashville plus would have an even bigger rivalry with Atlanta because Charlotte hates Atlanta.
  8. Great concepts! One thing, though: don't use "Carolina" for Charlotte. If you need names, I'd say Firebirds is pretty unique, and it makes sense: there's a famous statue in Charlotte called The Firebird that has a really unique shape and is pretty iconic. Here's a good piece on it and it's significance: https://www.tripsavvy.com/firebird-sculpture-charlote-583845. If you already have a concept in place for the Aviators, I understand, but I think this is a better name for the city.
  9. Brilliant name change to Americans, really doing a 180 on the whole thing. I think working with tribes would make sure that it's ok, and this keeps the iconic color scheme and historic feel without any of the racism!
  10. Go with the purple, but they both look really good.
  11. Honestly, I don't really know, but you're probably right. I just really like the Civil War-inspired Blue Jackets identity, but I'd be totally fine with Cincy. Side note: neo, if you use Charlotte, please, for the love of God, do not use the Hurricanes identity. Use the Checkers name with the old colors: blue, orange, and black. Much better, and less.... NC State.
  12. Alright, I'll jump in here. The teams: Anaheim, call 'em the Ducks, simple as that. Seattle, Emeralds, Evergreens, or Sockeyes. San Diego, Gulls. Portland, I don't know, maybe use Evergreens or Lumberjacks? Dallas, since Stars won't work, maybe Toros? Houston, gotta be Aeros. Denver, but make it something like Icecaps or Pinnacles, something better than Avalanche. Nashville, I'd just use Predators. Atlanta, but use something like Firebirds or Phoenixes. Charlotte, Checkers. Columbus, this wasn't one of your options, but I think it's better than the other two Ohio cities, and use Blue Jackets. Baltimore, maybe Crabs or Mariners, something like that. Hamilton, I'd say Tigers, but that wouldn't work, so maybe Bulldogs or something retro? Kansas City, Scouts. Norfolk, use Neptunes. Miami, I got nothing. Divisions: Smythe: Los Angeles San Jose Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Denver Anaheim Seattle Portland San Diego Norris: Chicago Dallas Houston Kansas City St. Louis Nashville Minnesota Detroit Winnipeg (from Smythe) Columbus Adams: Boston Toronto (from Norris) Buffalo Hartford Montreal Ottawa Quebec Washington (from Patrick) Baltimore Hamilton Patrick: New Jersey New York New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Tampa Bay (from Norris) Miami Atlanta Charlotte Norfolk
  13. Honestly, I'd take the soccer ball out of the skull and leave it there. The 75 doesn't fill the space like the skull and crossbones does, and it's much more fun than a boring number.
  14. Realistic-ish scenarios here? East: Louisville Indianapolis Detroit Milwaukee Norfolk/Hampton Roads Birmingham Buffalo West: OKC Phoenix San Diego Las Vegas New Orleans Albuquerque I think some teams should take from lower-level brands, and some should be new if their lower-level brands suck. Also, I'd love to see your take on a Charlotte-branded team, rather than a Carolina one, since that's the direction the team seems to be taking. I understand if you don't want to, but I think you could do brilliantly with a name like Charlotte Town or Charlotte Monarchs.