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  1. Whenever it comes to the Thrashers, I'm always torn between defending the Sun Belt (which could be a great hockey market with proper ownership) and dunking on Atlanta, which is always fun.
  2. Yeah, those Devils jersey are absolutely gorgeous.
  3. I agree that the logo isn't the strongest, but I also think it's about as good as that logo could be. The states don't really lend themselves to a logo like this, but here it is without the Triangle. It's not as bad as I remember it being, but it still feels unbalanced and definitely lacking in black. While SC might work decently as the black box in the flag, North Carolina definitely would not. It's far too rectangular whereas South Carolina is boxier and can fit as the black square. The reason I went with the flags as the primary icon is because the idea of tying the two warning flags with the two Carolinas was too tempting to pass up. And though you nor I might like it, they are the Carolina Hurricanes, not the North Carolina Hurricanes, so they should take advantage of that. As for them having a good-looking hurricane logo, I also have to disagree. It doesn't immediately read as a hurricane, mostly due to the center. If they simplified the logo, sure, it would be great. But right now, I simply don't like the look.
  4. Why would you hate yourself? Those designs are fantastic! I adore both the home and clash kits, and using that Jazz style is brilliant. Amazing work as always!
  5. Hey all! I've got another concept to share, this time for North Carolina's NHL entry, the Carolina Hurricanes. As some of you may know, I'm not at all a Canes fan despite being from NC simply because they're from Raleigh, not Charlotte. However, some inspiration struck and I've put together a unique design for the Canes. That's right! Taking inspiration from the Canes' previous alternate logos, I really wanted to lean into the "Carolina" part of the name. With two warning flags being used for a hurricane warning and two Carolinas, it was the perfect opportunity to make something unique for the team. The primary logo is a stylized version of North and South Carolina as storm warning flags in front of a black triangle (the points of which just so happen to match up with Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh, the three cities of the Research Triangle) and flying from a hockey stick. I'm not the first person to use gray as the Canes' road jersey, nor will I be the last. But I named it "Storm Gray" and used it as the base of the road. I brought back the italicized font from the 90s and put the warning flag front and center, as it should be. This will help differentiate the team from other red and black teams like the Devils and Senators. On alternating shoulders are North and South Carolina, a nice nod to the two states. At home, the Canes don the bright "Warning Red" jersey, a simple color swap of the road. This red is bright than the red they currently use because you want a bright red flag to catch the eye of those who would need to know about a hurricane. This has the additional benefit of further separating the team from other red and black hockey teams. Finally, the third jersey completely removes gray in favor of bright red and dark black. It's technically a color swap of the home and road, as the design hasn't changed, but the color blocking sure has and I think it makes this the cleanest use of the "stealth" style of jersey where colors are reduced. It's also the brightest! Here's the full set, with all the gear. I put the flag striping on the socks but kept the pants clean. Black pants, helmet, and gloves for the home and alt, while the road gets a gray helmet for contrast reasons. The two states find themselves as the helmet logos, as I didn't think the primary would fit very well. There it is! My redesign of the Hurricanes. I think the team could look really good, but they need to emphasize what makes them special, gray and the flag striping. I think this design successfully pulls that off while giving them a locally-appropriate logo that avoids the "flushed puck" of the current one.
  6. The Gators look great! Love the fictional teams you've done so far, the Dolphins' colors always look nice.
  7. I definitely appreciate the simplicity of it. @mcrosby made a brilliant update that I really like: Combines the simplicity and general shape of the old logo with the spots and modern feel of the new one.
  8. Can't prefer that original logo while it's got packing peanuts on its head.
  9. I do prefer that color to the navy they used during the Jordan years. The initial "warm red" was ugly as all get-out, however.
  10. In what world does ESPN have leverage? I highly doubt NFL fans would be heartbroken if ESPN no longer had MNF.
  11. I think it looks fine. Big fan of NOB and it works great here.
  12. I really, really like Milwaukee. That's a very nice that works super well. I am wondering if the helmet would be fine with just the shield on it, which brings me to something I've noticed about your concepts: the helmet logos are almost always super complex and a little too detailed to work well as helmets. If you look at NFL teams, they use a "less is more" mentality with helmets and I think that could be applied here. Toronto looks nice, the new colors are good. Two tweaks: change the maple leaf on the whites to blue for contrast, and if at all possible, find a way to avoid the patches interfering with the striping. Charlotte is great, the new logo is a banger and the colors are beautiful. Again, only two small things here: the shoulders feel crowded with the full logo and the Nike logo there (and the Nike logo should be purple on the white) and I'm not really feeling the wordmark font, especially with the new logo. I also like Flyers as a name more than Aviators, but that's just personal preference. Minnesota is fine, I preferred the Lumberjacks and I don't think there's enough contrast between the white and ice blue to warrant them touching so much. Dallas is really good, my only complaint is the beveling on the star, which is really only visible on the sleeve and doesn't seem to match anything else in the set. The wordmark is also kinda large. Atlanta is also really good, I'd just tweak the size of the wordmark.
  13. I do like the back element with the sound wave, that's a neat touch and I like it. The front is kinda boring though, certainly doesn't give me much hope for CLTFC.
  14. As much as I hate the New Orleans Hornets, this is a very nice-looking jersey. The colors clash a little bit, but that gold base is great.