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  1. Two absolutely disgusting uniforms. Any game with the Rams in mono-bone is automatically terrible but throw in the Bucs' garbage pewter set and you've got a spectacular mess of a game.
  2. Well, they had previously used the "Elks" name in the early 20th century, so there's some historic precedent for it, it's a great and unique name, "Edmonton Elks" sounds great, the potential for antler helmets is too good not to pass up, it allows them to still use the "EE" logo, and it's only a small departure from "Edmonton Esks", a nickname the team had already been using. Elks is the way to go.
  3. Kill me. We lowball our best-ever player but somehow have $30 million a year to throw at an injury-prone player who hasn't had a good year since 2017? Just brilliant moves from MJ and the front office.