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  1. I guess I don't mind them changing the name, I'm moreso disappointed they didn't change it to something unique. A fan-created nickname is great and all but I'd like to see something more than "[city name] FC".
  2. If would say if you're going to add eggplant to the modern color scheme, it should replace black for the reasons you said. These have been great so far, that Kings reverse retro is perfectly cheesy.
  3. Definitely a solid update. It's still clearly the Pringles man and as seen by the "Scorchin" tubes the versatility of the new icon is a plus.
  4. The way I understand it, every team has an Earned jersey designed, but they're only used if the team makes the playoffs.
  5. Wow, how disappointing. I may not have been the biggest fan of the name but it's better than Montreal FC. Why not find a cool French name, since St. Louis didn't use it something like Olympique Montreal would be neat.
  6. I personally disagree, I dislike how each portion of the uniform is a different color. If the helmet was blue I'd like black pants and blue socks, but it's my personal opinion that white over white looks better.
  7. Do you mean our best white combo? If they wore black pants they'd also be wearing black socks because apparently contrasting socks is a non-existent idea to the team when wearing black pants and it would look much, much worse than white over white does.
  8. Not to mention it was an excellent squib. She placed it exactly where it needed to be, Missouri had no chance to return that ball.
  9. Tony Romo is great, I actually enjoy listening to him. Troy Aikman and Joe Buck are terrible and calling them Fox's A-Team is less of a compliment and more of a poor reflection on Fox. Joe Buck has zero passion for the game and Aikman's "analysis" is usually obvious to anyone even decently familiar with football. Even worse is Tiki Ronde Barber, who's such an obvious homer for the Bucs it makes the games actively unpleasant to watch.
  10. "Best" is teams that don't need any changes. "Very Good" is teams that need slight tweaks (or just removing alts). "Good" is teams that need larger tweaks than Very Good. "Average" is teams that need more changes than just tweaks. "Bad" is teams that need to make major changes. "Terrible" is teams that need to scrap just about everything.
  11. That's the lighting. The jersey is 100% black.
  12. I think the Super Bowl set looked good in 2002, but without the shiny pants it looks dull and bad nowadays. I'd prefer it over the creamsicles if Nike could somehow figure out how to do metallic pants but until that day it'll just look bad to me.
  13. Very cool! I like that Baltimore one more than expected, I'm excited to see what you've got for the Panthers!
  14. I'd argue it only works for the teams in the top row. Nothing is worse than teams including a black uniform when they don't need to, which describes every team in below the top row. What's even more infuriating is when it's not an official color and the jersey is quite literally BFBS. If it's not part of the team's official color palette, it shouldn't be the base of a jersey.