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  1. Yeah, they've been using blue on social media for a while now. If it meant anything, they'd have officially changed by now.
  2. Last year they had the neon style to fit Vegas, though clearly that didn't happen as planned.
  3. From Wikipedia: "The Peachtree name is common throughout the Atlanta area. In fact, it is often joked by natives that half of the streets in Atlanta are named Peachtree, and the other half have five names to make up for it. While “Peachtree” alone almost always refers to this street [Peachtree Street, the main one] or its continuations, there are 71 streets in Atlanta with a variant of “Peachtree” in their name."
  4. According to NBA Jersey Database, the Lakers black jersey is their "Earned" edition for this season.
  5. There technically is a team logo on the shorts, but it's been recolored to peach and white and is quite honestly hard to see. As for "Peachtree", it is well-known in Atlanta and there are like 70 or so streets named Peachtree. I'm not defending the jersey, but I do think there are better examples to pull from (like the Hawks' MLK ones).
  6. If that's their plan I want none of it. Somebody please get me off Nike's wild ride. Back on topic, glad the WNBA finally has some personality. I like a few of these designs (NY, LA, Connecticut) but some of the "Rebel" designs are a little too out-there for my tastes. That Stranger Things jersey in particular is an egregious mess.
  7. I mean they really aren't, but that's not the point. The point is that because of Nike's brand dilution I got a team with its own unique color scheme mixed up with my favorite team that has its own unique and iconic color scheme. That's an issue.
  8. I know, it works great for the Liberty. I love their whole look, but man does it rub me the wrong way that even for a second I got it confused with the Hornets.
  9. I don't know if this reflects poorly on me or Nike but I actually thought that New York green jersey was a Hornets jersey for a second.
  10. Hi, young and relatively new fan here. I prefer home/road/1 alt, even if I'm ok with the road jersey being a color. When I watch a game, I want the teams to look like themselves! I want to be able to turn on the TV and instantly be able to tell what team is playing. The Red Sox in blue and yellow is the opposite of this. All these jerseys do is give Nike more crap to sell.
  11. Great logo, if they had gone by just Gotham FC it would've been perfect.
  12. The Best Fans In BaseballTM are at it again!
  13. Don't hate the trade, it's low risk with a potentially high reward. I think we could've done the trade with a 3rd next year instead of a 2nd, but I'm excited to see what Darnold can do with a real team around him. At worst, the Panthers get another year of Teddy-like QB play, which is what we expected anyway.
  14. I like what you've got going on here, just one thing with the Charlotte entry: the Hurricanes play in Raleigh, not Charlotte. You could label it a "Carolina" logo, but Charlotte alone doesn't work, sadly. Everything is really nice, both Indy and Phoenix are incredible!
  15. The team actually ended up making a t-shirt with the logo because people liked it so much. We might actually see this used on a jersey in due time.
  16. I think the ultimate point of moving the ASG is not to be the thing that gets the bill revoked, but instead to be another piece on the pile of things that pressure Georgia into getting rid of the bill. Again, it's like what happened to Charlotte: moving the ASG made the law a national discussion and apply tons of pressure to Georgia/North Carolina. I doubt that losing the ASG will be the thing that makes all these legislators who voted for the bill go "oh, well, this we can't lose!" but doing any damage to economy might help.
  17. I really like that Fuel third! These updates and thirds have really nice, great work!
  18. Getting rid of overtime hockey would be awful. Hockey is already an exciting game, the three-on-three sudden death is incredible, especially in the playoffs.
  19. No way, people wanted the Hornets name. I'd wouldn't be opposed to a "reverse retro" jersey one year, though. The teal and purple does wonders for the Cats.
  20. Ew. Camden Yards is beautiful, let's keep it without a sponsor, please.
  21. Hopefully that would include the dropping of the navy and especially the royal. Spanos finally did something right with the rebrand, hopefully whoever buys the team recognizes its rightful home.
  22. I agree, it's a clever reference to the team's name and certainly doesn't look bad. Maybe we can get it on a shirt or as a third jersey crest.
  23. Aaaaaaaand it's an April Fool's joke. I actually kinda like the logo, Maybe we can get an alternate jersey for next year's April Fool's Day.
  24. We've had Chubby since the team was reincarnated in the '90s, no way he goes away entirely. Maybe he's not in the logo, but I'm sure the mascot will remain.
  25. From what I've heard (all rumors, nothing concrete) it seems as though Dundon pissed off the Checkers. I'm sad to see what was essentially our Calder Cup-winning team shipped off to the team we beat but whatever. In other news, the Checkers posted this on Twitter: From what I tell: Red and black is staying (booo) The logo is a roundel with "Charlotte Checkers" outside The Charlotte crown is right in the middle I'm excited to see what we'll get. Sad the team isn't moving on from red, but I suppose it is our most successful look.