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  1. I've always thought the Panther was in the shape of North and South Carolina, if you tilt it a bit. I'm not the biggest fan of "One Carolina" myself, but I think it serves its purpose well. Plus, the SC government is trying to get a bill pushed through for major tax breaks for the Panthers to move their practice HQ to SC (since we're building a new, indoors one), so it seems like outside of the areas that are right near Georgia, SC has adopted the team as their own. I've always felt that if Charlotte were to get a team, it would be either the Rays or Marlins, since they could feasibly move to Charlotte without any realignment issues, and they've been historically poor with attendance. I'm personally hoping that either the Rays stadium issues get dragged out long enough to where replacing BB&T Ballpark for a major league stadium isn't an issue, or that the Marlins continue to just kinda flounder around in Miami until whoever owns the team in 2030 or whenever moves the team, where Charlotte would be a great choice. (Plus, David Tepper seems to be looking to increase his influence in the region, seeking an MLS team in addition to the Panthers, so he could own the Charlotte MLB team as well, if that ever comes to pass.) I'm looking forward to seeing the disaster of Montreal's relocation!
  2. I can guarantee you that the Canes would have had just as little success, since Raleigh isn't anywhere close to the border, so any SC fans wouldn't care anyways, be it a "regional" team or not. The Panthers might be a different case, however. The whole "One Carolina" thing really caught on in 2015, and I'm not sure the team would've had the widespread success it does without appealing to the whole region. And yeah, that stadium proposal is ridiculous. In fact, if they were looking at the Carolinas, I have no clue why Charlotte wasn't their number one choice. The city is constantly desperate to prove itself, and probably would've handed over lots of money for the stadium, even with BoA Stadium just having been built. However, I don't see them going with the name Twins if they had moved to Charlotte, just because of the history of the Knights name.
  3. Winston-Salem itself has been known as the "Twin City" and has had baseball teams named the Twins in the past referencing the "twin cities" of Winston and Salem that merged to form the current city, so it's possible they would've kept the name, but the whole proposal was garbage and seems to have hurt the Carolinas' prospect of pro baseball for a while. Anyway, great work as always! Clever use of the Twins name to reference both North and South Carolina (something I had, somehow, never thought of)! I'm sure I'd be all over any merch if this team actually did exist.
  4. The Sactown A's look great! As much as I'd love to see them adopt something like this if this move ever happens, I'm almost positive they'd just replace the "Oakland" with "Sacramento" in their current primary. I'm super excited to see you take on the Greensboro Twins, whenever that happens. (Has to be soon, right?)
  5. He did say that. Baseball has going through a very rough time, and I think that the MLB needs to get as many franchises as stable as they can before even considering expansion. How to fix the issues? I'm not sure. Baseball is fundamentally a slow-paced game, and while I love it, why sit around waiting for things to happen when you could watch something like basketball, which is constant action? I now they've been trying to tackle this with things like pitch clocks (which I support), but it's not going to fix the problem entirely. I think cutting back on the number of games might help, since 81 home dates can be hard to fill up.
  6. What a joke. They talk about an MLB team "cannibalizing" the Hornets' attendance and yet fail to mention how the Hurricanes can't draw either. Not to mention, Raleigh doesn't have the baseball attendance record that Charlotte does, since I believe only one team can hold the record for highest attendance for a season (for 5 years running). They talk about their growth, but fail to mention how Charlotte is projected to grow very similarly and is already a ton bigger. Raleigh could not host an MLB team, just like they can't host an NHL team. There's no need for expansion right now, for sure. The Rays, Marlins, and plenty of other teams need to get their attendance numbers up, but I think the conversation is worth having in preparation for whenever expansion occurs.
  7. Having the "FC" entirely on one side is a big no-go from me. Also, the break gets lost in the transition to the badge outline. The colors look very nice, however.
  8. I personally don't like the silver pants, so dropping them would be great, imo. The all-white away look is great, and the all-black is literally the greatest NFL uniform of all time. Not to mention the use of white/black and blue/black, it seems like silver is being phased out of the jerseys. I agree that the white should be minimized, but I think the silver is wholly unnecessary.
  9. This comes from the Panthers subreddit: "Just off-season speculation here, but if they were trying to hide a secret message here, it may say something like "Panthers (images 1-2) threads (3-5) NEW (6) helmet (7)."" (u/cantprocessanything) Source I'm thinking we finally see black helmets for the team, and I wouldn't be surprised if other various changes are present (please drop silver).
  10. Great start! I think it looks really good. I wonder how it would look if the white was replaced with black?
  11. I feel like the lines of Hamilton are a little heavy, but other than that, this is excellent. One question though: could you explain the meaning behind Quebec's name?
  12. I really like most of it, but the number font just doesn't work for me. Maybe it's just the way the 5 looks, but I feel like you could capture the Art Deco style with a better number font (maybe the one used for the wordmark?).