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  1. I love the idea of a team named the Devils playing in San Angelo. Really clever work here, amazing stuff!
  2. Kyle Allen's merely a stopgap until Cam returns and clowns on the league like he did in 2015 (and 2018 until he got injured). Rumors are he'll be ready for our next game against the 49ers but I'd rather he be 100%. If he is and McCaffrey keeps playing like he has been, the Panthers are Super Bowl contenders easy.
  3. I'd love to see Louisville in the NBA, I think that it would work great. Personally, my choice for expansion alongside Seattle is Vancouver (moving Minnesota to the East), but adding teams in the PNW at the same time might not be the best idea. I'm pretty sure that Charlotte will be the next MLS city. I don't see any of the other potential contenders as nearly as good a bid as one that's funded by a billionaire owner with a stadium plan already in place (even if that doesn't include a SSS) that fills a geographical gap in the league with strong support from local fans and businesses. It's more a matter of when will the team play, although I don't want to jinx myself. I think that any Charlotte would be closer to Atlanta than Dallas (although I'm biased) simply because of the stadium, which would be downtown and not in a suburb. It really helps get people excited for a game if they can hear the fans from their apartments while watching the game on TV, you know?
  4. When the Nats win the World Series and the Panthers win the Super Bowl, we'll see the first time for all 4 (I'm only slightly kidding).
  5. I always felt like the NBA was just waiting for Seattle to get a stadium deal done to expand, since it's like 99.99999% a lock that the Sonics would be team 31. All the NBA would need to do is find a second city/ownership group and with all the money in the NBA right now, I'm sure there are plenty of people that would jump at that chance. The MLB needs to figure out its attendance before it even considers expanding (although that's not to say they won't make the boneheaded move and expand to 32 soon). I'm of the mind that the NBA could expand to 36 if it really wanting to (6 divisions of 6, nice and even) and that it's the only Big 4 that could do so (the MLS could feasibly expand to even more than that, but they seem to be slowing down).
  6. Awesome stuff so far, can't wait to see the rest of the league!
  7. I agree. I think that the Ravens are really close, but the visual clash of black and purple is too much for me. I think they look terrible when wearing black/purple. I'd prefer that they emphasize the purple while keeping most of what they have. The number font looks awful and doesn't belong on a football uniform, and the logo is too detailed to work well (and the B on it looks bad when reversed on the helmet). They're really close, but calling them perfect is a stretch for me.
  8. I understand that the Trop is in a bad location. Yes, I am an outsider to the Tampa area. No, I do not have intimate knowledge of the area, its residents, or local politics. Yes, I understand that a stadium in Tampa will help a lot. In regards to the Marlins, I brought them up to mention that a better stadium in a better location (even if that new location isn't great) won't help if fans don't go to games. In that very same chart you added to show how little fans are in the Trop's surrounding area, Miami has 1.59 million people within 30 minutes, kind of proving my point that the Marlins are in a better scenario and yet have little to show for it. Now, will the same thing happen to the Rays? Maybe, probably not if the team is good when they move in to a prospective stadium. And "mistake" was definitely the wrong word there, Tampa isn't the worst market for a team, but the implementation was terrible and has kind of haunted the team and the league since they joined. However, if the Rays were to get a solid proposal for a stadium with public support, I want them to stay. The Al Lang Stadium proposal that failed years ago wouldn't help the fact that the Rays are, as you have clearly stated, far away from where most of the market is, while the Ybor City stadium plan looks really promising, but the Rays' lease with the Trop hurts them a ton. I'd like to stress that I think a team in Tampa is a good thing, but if the Rays can't get their act together, then relocation is the only option for the team. (In fact, I'd like to get your perspective on the Ybor City plan, to see if that would be satisfactory.)
  9. 1. Again, Montréal has weakened itself with Bill 101 among other things. I've listed these things before. I understand cities grow, as they tend to do. 2. Alright, I was wrong. I had heard that they had given away tickets, but clearly that's not true. I apologize. 3. That was in response to the claim that Tampa would be a "top 10" metro in 10-15 years. It won't. 4. Obviously, a more central location would help a ton. However, my doubts lie in that I personally don't think the Tampa market will support the team even with a better stadium. They haven't exactly been rocking the place when the team isn't great. 5. No, Marlins Park isn't downtown. However, it is much closer than Dolphins Stadium, and it's only about 1 mile outside of the true "downtown" of Miami. Honestly, it's somewhat comparable to Nationals Park, which is similarly placed away from downtown DC. My point in bringing up the Marlins is that a better stadium won't always help. 6. So you admit that granting the Devil Rays expansion team was a mistake? The market didn't have a great MLB-ready stadium in a good location, and the team is suffering for it. 7. I won't support a Vegas team because of that and Vegas' other problems. However, the Charlotte area is loaded with plenty of homegrown fans who support local teams, plus the original generation of transplants is having children, just like you say they are in Tampa. 8. See 5. 9. No it isn't. There are two things Tampa currently has over Charlotte: a MLB-sized stadium (even if it sucks) and a MLB team. Look. I think that finding a viable long-term solution in Tampa Bay should be the first choice, I just don't think that will ever happen. The city of Tampa (where the Rays need to build their stadium if they want to stay) doesn't seem (to an admitted outsider, I have no idea what the local politics is like) to want to build one. I think the best-case scenario here is for the Rays to cut their loses and start looking somewhere new, even if I think that the MLB shouldn't be shuffling teams around.
  10. Dean Spanos deserves nothing nice, and I hope a new owner takes over and puts the Chargers back in San Diego where they belong. Should've been the Raiders in LA.
  11. Gotcha. I was working with what Google Maps said at the time, but that proves my point even more. 3 hours isn't a drive most people will regularly make.
  12. Apparently there have been 'rumors' floating around that the NFL "offered" St. Louis the Chargers. What a joke. Ridiculous. They screwed over both St. Louis and San Diego and are offering the Chargers to get out of the terrible situation they put themselves in? I hope the Chargers go bankrupt in LA.
  13. [1] The problem is that Montréal's heights were in the 1960s and '70s, while the Olympics and World's Fair were being held. As has been stated Bill 101 killed all momentum Montréal had. The Québecois were so determined to make sure that French culture remained dominate in Québec that they crippled Montréal and ruined any chance of baseball taking permanent root. Why do you think that BMO (Bank of Montréal) is headquartered in Toronto? Bill 101 is the answer. Montréal just does not have the local business support that a baseball team requires. While exhibition games sell out, how well do you think that will translate over an 81-home game schedule with a team that may or may not be good? The nostalgia will fade and the neo-Expos will be stuck in the same situation the old ones were. [2] I agree that is sounds like a negotiating tactic, but I think this one will play out. Has Tampa really shown willingness to build a new stadium for the Rays? Plus, attendance will probably decline as the split-season Montréal move takes place, leading ownership to claim "There just isn't enough support in Tampa to make the team long-term viable". When the Rays went to the World Series in 2008, they had to give away tickets. That's pathetic. I will maintain that placing an expansion team in Tampa Bay was a mistake in the first place (if they wanted another Southeast team, Charlotte or Nashville would've pick up the slack), and not just because of their stadium situation. [3] No it won't. [4] How many Orlando fans will make the drive, even without the extra hour from St. Pete? An 1:30 drive is not something a ton of people will do to support a baseball team. I agree that a stadium in Tampa proper will help, but it wouldn't be enough. [5] How'd that work for Miami? [6] So maybe Tampa Bay shouldn't have been the expansion city. [7] I may not be intimate with the Tampa Bay area, but I know smart sports marketing and I like to think that I have an extensive knowledge of circumstances surrounding each team's expansion/relocation to say that the Rays were a mistake. Poor stadium in a terrible location, fans that won't even support the team when they're winning, and a transplant market that's filled with people that will just support their old teams. [8] Again, cause a downtown stadium helped out Miami so much. [9] I think that's not a problem. The problem is that the city just dumped a ton of money into a non-expandable MiLB stadium (that's beautiful, by the way). So we'll wait for 20 years until the MLB expands again and build another stadium as long as Tepper doesn't steal public funds for a domed football stadium. In my mind, Charlotte would be an excellent relocation spot for the Rays (no realignment required), and is far and away the best spot for the next MLB relocation/expansion.
  14. The problem is those lasting repercussions have kept Montréal from reaching the heights it could. Lots of businesses moved out to Toronto, leaving any big-money business support out. Plus, baseball just doesn't appeal to the francophones that stayed as much as other sports like hockey. Again, @SFGiants58 has listed all these things, but I'm too lazy to go find the post right now. Plus, the Rays will probably move full-time to Montréal, realize it was a mistake in 20-ish years, and move again to wherever.