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  1. The name is "Clear Sky" Yet it is all just a mess Adidas please stop
  2. Wow, it's almost like teams are the driving forces behind most poor logo/uniform decisions and Nike isn't the awful, uniform-ruining, tradition-shattering company people here make it out to be. Crazy, right? That said, the Padres. Look. AMAZING. The pinstripe homes are beautiful, the sand-colored roads look awesome, and I was right in saying that a team would designate a colored road this year (I guessed the Marlins, but hey, I got most of it right). Every aspect of this rebrand they nailed, which is crazy to hear. Props to the Padres for making this return to brown and gold work beautifully.
  3. Yes, please. "Nothing to report" my ! This is basically confirmation that Charlotte is #1 on the list and that it's more a matter of if rather than when. I hope they're just waiting a little bit to make the announcement official and they're not waiting for a stadium deal, because BoA can serve perfectly as the home for a while - just ask Atlanta. And Garber mentions that people didn't see Atlanta's success coming and draws the parallels between the two cities. I'm not saying Charlotte would be exactly like Atlanta, but it would be pretty similar. I mean, how many people thought the city couldn't support a basketball team until the Hornets showed up, then claimed football couldn't survive? As long as the stadium is Uptown, any potential MLS team would be a huge success.
  4. The updated look is much better than the previous set. Not a fan of the black alt or any of the teal, but I'd say the first Nike unveiling is an upgrade (not like the D-Backs had anywhere to go but up). Of course, the chest swoosh doesn't look good, but it's not terrible.
  5. I've always felt like using an actual piston would help the Pistons become more distinct, even if it doesn't have the nostalgic factor the current logo has.
  6. I see your Charlotte franchise is relocation, and I can't say I like that prospect. Every team has been great so far, awesome work!
  7. I think this is much better. The DC feels slightly forced, but the font itself is a ton better. Great work!
  8. That's absolutely brilliant. The DC outline color split, cherry blossoms (which always look beautiful), the bird, at all looks amazing. I'm not sold on the font or green color, but everything else amazing as always.
  9. I think option 3 is the way to go, but your waist logo won't work: the crown is trademarked by the city of Charlotte, and they only lend it out very stringently. Recently they gave it to the tourism board but it's very rare for private entities to be allowed use (to my knowledge the only one so far the 704 Shop).
  10. Houston Astros, I'd include the Denver Nuggets (although that may count as a remake), Timberwolves, Winnipeg Jets, etc.
  11. Hey: it was like 1 AM when I posted that and I had been working on programming all evening. My brain was fried. Even then, that sentence is a mess looking at it now. Oh well, you probably got my point anyway.
  12. I don't anything for Toronto but I do have everything against Atlanta and I thank those Canadians for stopping ATLUFC this year.
  13. I don't mind FC, SC, and even United, but when you use Real and Sporting without actually earning those names, it feels wrong. Like what did a Salt Lake club founded in 2005 do to earn the recognition of the Spanish king? What other sports does Sporting Kansas City play? What's next for an MLS team to appropriate? Miami's got Inter covered, although that one just seems weird. Does any Spanish-speaking club use the phrase "Club Internacional"? I know Miami's got a lawsuit from Inter Milan, but I am curious to see if using that specific phrasing is common in Spanish-speaking clubs.
  14. A little disappointed to not see a Charlotte State, but this series was fantastic! The identities were on point and all looked really good. Well done!
  15. They look nice. No outline on NOB is stupid and Nike needs to get their **** together (side paneling over arm stripes, stupid short cuts) but these should never leave the realm of "rarely worn alternate". If the team was first starting out, this would be neat, but the Celtics shouldn't have to deal with Nike's garbage. Same goes for the Knicks and Lakers. That said, I don't hate it, and I bet it will look good on the court, but Nike seems to be already running out of ideas and it's showing.