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  1. FTFY I love this logo! Charlotte's flag situation is kinda weird, we recently adopted the green flag seen here, which is the civic flag. The other is the official official one, even though it kinda sucks. I will say that the hexagon jewels and top part seem a little off, but I can't really put how, per se. Either way, great work so far!
  2. The large amount of relocation rumors is fair, but Orlando is only about 3,000 people larger than Charlotte (not to mention the Orlando and Tampa market somewhat overlap), but Charlotte is a whole 600,000 people larger than Nashville plus would have an even bigger rivalry with Atlanta because Charlotte hates Atlanta.
  3. Great concepts! One thing, though: don't use "Carolina" for Charlotte. If you need names, I'd say Firebirds is pretty unique, and it makes sense: there's a famous statue in Charlotte called The Firebird that has a really unique shape and is pretty iconic. Here's a good piece on it and it's significance: https://www.tripsavvy.com/firebird-sculpture-charlote-583845. If you already have a concept in place for the Aviators, I understand, but I think this is a better name for the city.
  4. Brilliant name change to Americans, really doing a 180 on the whole thing. I think working with tribes would make sure that it's ok, and this keeps the iconic color scheme and historic feel with any of the racism!
  5. Go with the purple, but they both look really good.
  6. Honestly, I don't really know, but you're probably right. I just really like the Civil War-inspired Blue Jackets identity, but I'd be totally fine with Cincy. Side note: neo, if you use Charlotte, please, for the love of God, do not use the Hurricanes identity. Use the Checkers name with the old colors: blue, orange, and black. Much better, and less.... NC State.
  7. Alright, I'll jump in here. The teams: Anaheim, call 'em the Ducks, simple as that. Seattle, Emeralds, Evergreens, or Sockeyes. San Diego, Gulls. Portland, I don't know, maybe use Evergreens or Lumberjacks? Dallas, since Stars won't work, maybe Toros? Houston, gotta be Aeros. Denver, but make it something like Icecaps or Pinnacles, something better than Avalanche. Nashville, I'd just use Predators. Atlanta, but use something like Firebirds or Phoenixes. Charlotte, Checkers. Columbus, this wasn't one of your options, but I think it's better than the other two Ohio cities, and use Blue Jackets. Baltimore, maybe Crabs or Mariners, something like that. Hamilton, I'd say Tigers, but that wouldn't work, so maybe Bulldogs or something retro? Kansas City, Scouts. Norfolk, use Neptunes. Miami, I got nothing. Divisions: Smythe: Los Angeles San Jose Vancouver Calgary Edmonton Denver Anaheim Seattle Portland San Diego Norris: Chicago Dallas Houston Kansas City St. Louis Nashville Minnesota Detroit Winnipeg (from Smythe) Columbus Adams: Boston Toronto (from Norris) Buffalo Hartford Montreal Ottawa Quebec Washington (from Patrick) Baltimore Hamilton Patrick: New Jersey New York New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Tampa Bay (from Norris) Miami Atlanta Charlotte Norfolk
  8. Honestly, I'd take the soccer ball out of the skull and leave it there. The 75 doesn't fill the space like the skull and crossbones does, and it's much more fun than a boring number.
  9. Realistic-ish scenarios here? East: Louisville Indianapolis Detroit Milwaukee Norfolk/Hampton Roads Birmingham Buffalo West: OKC Phoenix San Diego Las Vegas New Orleans Albuquerque I think some teams should take from lower-level brands, and some should be new if their lower-level brands suck. Also, I'd love to see your take on a Charlotte-branded team, rather than a Carolina one, since that's the direction the team seems to be taking. I understand if you don't want to, but I think you could do brilliantly with a name like Charlotte Town or Charlotte Monarchs.
  10. The bot probably defaults to posting on the "News" section of the site. Anyway, not surprised at all the Blue Jays were #1. Beautiful rebrand and quite literally the perfect example of modernizing a classic. Not surprised Clippers are worst, and I really hope they improve when they move into their new stadium. Blue and orange are calling, Steve. For me, I have to mention the Panthers as a very solid, even if it wasn't perfect, update. Modernized everything, didn't downgrade anything. Obviously the Bobcats becoming the Hornets was an upgrade in every single way, although the Hornets' current identity is weak and soulless. The Crew also made a massive upgrade, as did DC United, the Sac Kings, the Nuggets, Jaguars (in logo only), Predators, and Jets. For me, logo of the decade is the new Timberwolves logo. It's a beautiful color scheme, brilliant logo, and a callback to their original logo. Best "new team" logo goes to LAFC. Love the art deco design, and the "winged LA" is an awesome icon that could be used as a primary logo all on its own. Really good stuff.
  11. NFL: Panthers: Drop silver entirely (aside from the helmet) and remove the TV numbers. Only allow S/W/W/Blue and S/B/B/Blue with a S/Blue/W/Blue alternate. Saints: Darken the gold, and put some stripes on your pants like a dignified team. Bucs: Change the number font. Washington: For now, put the spear on the helmet and remove any other instance of the logo. Ravens: Remove the "B" from the logo. NBA: Hornets: Put "Charlotte" on every jersey like the old Hornets did. Any team with the nickname on the road jerseys: No. Put the city name on the roads. Heat: Emphasize red over black. Raptors: Put "Toronto" on at least one the jerseys. Suns: Literally just change any instance of black to purple. Clippers: Change the wordmark, replace colors with San Diego colors, everything else is fine. Lakers: Remove paneling on the purple jersey. Thunder: Move back to Seattle Magic: Make blue the dominant color, cowards. MLB: Diamondbacks: Either drop teal or embrace it. I pick drop it. Rockies: Get rid of the black vest and change the font. Angels: Put "Anaheim" on the road jerseys, and no more red-on-red. Orioles: Get a "B" cap to go with the "O's" one. That's all I can think of. There's plenty of teams I'd completely redesign given the chance, like the Falcons, Browns, etc. that I can't fix with one change, but this is what I have.
  12. What if teams were allowed two helmets, with that second helmet being allowed for throwbacks only? I agree that letting teams have at it would be awful and make the league start to look like the NBA's mess, but if it means the return of kelly green Eagles, creamsicle Bucs, and the old "horse D" Broncos, I think it's worth letting up slightly.
  13. Favorite stuff: 1. The general modernization of classic logos/sets, with a couple exceptions. The Panthers, Dolphins, Blue Jays, Padres, Brewers, Jazz, and Kings all brought previous identities into the modern age with excellent results. None of these examples are perfect, but all are better than what had before. 2. The general emphasis teams have been placing on uniform reveals, logo changes, etc. It shows how teams are paying attention to how they look. 3. Just about everything relating to the Timberwolves' logo. 4. '90s nostalgia, or, at least some of it. The Hornets, Raptors, and Grizzlies should absolutely be embracing that time period. 5. The Hartford Whalers returned! 6. The NHL's beautiful All-Star game logos. Least Favorite: 1. Brand dilution. NBA's five+ jerseys and the NFL's Color Rush have ruined some teams. Some ideas were great (Miami Vice, Utah's City jersey, Panthers blue jerseys) but most sucked. 2. The fact that the New Orleans Hornets made a better updated Hornets logo than the Charlotte Hornets did. 3. The LA Clippers. 4. The One Helmet rule. 5. The Cleveland Browns. 6. The fact that the Marlins were so close to nailing their new look but fell just short. 7. The NFL and NBA's templated logos.
  14. Yep, Tepper's goal is to have a domed stadium within 10 years. He can take that plan and shove it up his , though.
  15. Anaheim Angels > California Angels > Los Angeles Angels > Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The team doesn't play in Los Angeles. Anaheim is its own distinct city, even if it's within the LA metro. Oakland is part of the San Francisco metro, but it's still its own city. The Angels play in Anaheim, and should represent that fact.
  16. I don't live Uptown so I can't speak to exactly how excited the city is, but I'd imagine most fans are pumped. Both the Panthers and Charlotte subreddits have been receptive to really excited about the idea of MLS (though people keep complaining about the money the city gave). Personally, I'm super hyped to go see a game and I imagine we'll have no trouble filling up most of the stadium, especially if they decide to tarp off certain sections. I know that any new teams only shuffle around current sports-related spending, but at the rate the city is growing, I can't imagine any timeline except one where Charlotte has at least 4 major sports teams (with MLB coming through relocation or expansion). The only one I don't see happening is NHL, only because Raleigh seems to be doing well enough with the Hurricanes (despite my unhappiness at that). The thing is that Charlotte has a huge sports culture, but the team has to be relevant and located centrally. The Panthers and Knights both achieve this through Uptown stadiums (the Hornets also have one, but currently suck, so it's no wonder people haven't been going). I'm sure with the rowdy and exciting culture soccer fans have, people will get curious about the noise and fans gathering around the Bank, so that's literally free marketing you can't get at a suburban stadium. The team needs to fit in and be successful pretty quickly, or they may end up fighting the same war the Hornets are fighting: struggling for talent in a small market and struggling for attendance due to a lack of talent.
  17. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, but I want silver/gray out of the Panthers' look entirely. Black/white/blue is strong enough, silver only muddies the look. I'd be a fan of switching to a white helmet with basically the current uniforms, only with every instance of silver swapped for white. However, this will only work if they stick to white helmets/black jerseys/black pants/blue socks and white/white/white/blue to avoid entire monochrome, with the alt being white/blue/white/blue. I really wish we could have two helmets, since the white helmet might be too much with white jerseys and pants. I will agree on burning the blue pants, they add nothing not already covered well. Also, mixing and matching would not fly under this uniform set. Quick edit to add another thought: silver is gone, except for the helmet. Helmet remains silver, but it's not used anywhere else, including the uniforms, logos, and merchandise.
  18. Very exciting! A name so distinctly related to Charlotte very much lends itself to excellent local branding, so here's hoping we get something good. Tepper had said before that the team would be branded around "Carolina", so I'm really glad this doesn't seem to be the case. For me, Charlotte Town FC represents something that really feels local and historic, even if the team is literally brand new. Charlotte Town is such a classic-sounding name that it really appeals to the city's knack for preserving historic sites.
  19. I have to agree on this one. Would the jerseys look better without it? Yes, for sure. But it's not the awful 'end of the world' scenario some people made it out to be.
  20. Tepper has said previously that the team would be branded "Carolina", but both these names and the supporter group (Mint City Collective, a direct reference to Charlotte and Charlotte alone) point towards using Charlotte. I'd imagine the team is marketed towards the whole Carolinas area, but the branding will probably be Charlotte-exclusive.
  21. My favorite of these eight is Charlotte Town FC, which is unique within the MLS and makes sense for the city: it was called Charlottetowne when it was founded. However, Crown, Monarchs, and Athletic all are nice as well. Fortune and anything using Carolina is dumb and I really hope we don't end up using them. At least it's not Queen City FC, I suppose.
  22. I'm down for Crown FC, Monarchs FC, and Athletic FC, but my personal choice (of these eight) is Charlotte Town FC. The city was called Charlottetowne upon its founding, and it's a neat and unique callback for the city. Not to mention, it's unique within MLS as well.
  23. I only saw the first home uniform before the paywall kicked in, and that is quite honestly one of the worst football uniforms I've ever seen. No orange (again), the stupid bumblebee stripes from Pittsburgh's horrid throwback, and absolutely no connection to team, city, or name history.
  24. I understand the point you're making. It's very true that a new team would need to carve out its own niche in the city, but it's my personal opinion that an MLB team could make it work, looking at how fast the city is growing and how many large businesses make their home in the area. But I completely understand your views, and I honestly have to agree that any new MLB team would probably do better off the bat in a smaller market like Portland or San Antonio.