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  1. Thank you for one of the best, if not the best, concept page in the whole forum.
  2. Could you do a Jaguars one and a Washington Nationals one?
  3. Why hasn't this continued? It is a very cool concept.
  4. I don't have Adobe Photoshop or illustrator , I just have a phone, that's all I got, oh and a Xbox.
  5. I did these designs in NHL 18, it's just on the create a team mode.
  6. Second Concept: Atlanta Flames BTW, 1st is home, 2nd is away, and 3rd is alternate, shoulda said that before.
  7. This is a league for noobs, bad pictures are inevitable, enjoy. First Concept: Albuquerque Phoenix
  8. Hello, to like the two people reading this, this is a series in whch I will post my created teams from nhl 18, bad pictures are inevitable, but I hope you like it.