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  1. Agreed. Jersey overall is an upgrade but I would prefer the logo placement from last season with the Cowboy logo at center and the Adidas logo to the side.
  2. Maybe something ambiguous and ominous like this?
  3. Hey guys, would greatly appreciate some help with the concept for my flag football team. Our team name is the Misfits. We started off as a free agent team where no one knew each other and eventually built into a championship winning team over the course of several seasons. Our current identity is basically a ripoff of TCU, using the same font and color scheme of Purple, White, and Black. Open to color scheme changes, though would maybe like to keep purple. We originally chose purple because no other team in the league wears it. Having a difficult time brainstorming a mascot logo because a “Misfit” doesn’t physically resemble anything. Not sure which direction to take. Here's our current look:
  4. Last time a team wore an alternate in the playoffs was the Chargers in their Powder Blues for the 2008 AFC Wildcard vs. the Colts.
  6. Logo remaining the same but the orange is becoming darker.
  7. Hoping they wear white over grey simply because it's my favorite Seahawks combo. Just looks so fresh!
  8. Eagles have only had 3 chances to wear white so far this season. The first 2 chances were away games in early September so the all-white made sense. The 3rd chance at Carolina was a Color Rush game so the all-white made sense again. The green pants making a comeback this week seems likely as they wore them last November in Seattle.
  9. The Redskins hate their color rush jerseys (Proposed a bylaw in March permitting teams to opt out of color rush participation). They will most likely opt for their regular burgundy over gold at home in week 13, meaning the Cowboys will just wear their regular white. The Cowboys are scheduled to not wear their regular white 3 times this year (Preseason @ Rams, Thanksgiving vs. Chargers, @ Giants Week 14). The Cowboys will wear their white color rush unis on Thanksgiving vs. the Chargers like they did Thanksgiving 2015 vs. Carolina, meaning the Chargers scheduled to wear powder blue is correct.