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  1. I'm Fonzie, a designer and illustrator based out of NYC. Sports, sneakers, and design are some of my biggest passions, and I previously released a project called Flight Cards that was a deck of playing cards celebrating Jordan’s signature shoes (https://hypebeast.com/2016/11/flight-cards-celebrate-jordan-legacy).


    Lebron’s next chapter in LA is one of the most interesting storylines happening in the NBA right now, and recently I’ve been working on a new project that applies the same design concept to Lebron’s line of signature shoes. The deck features Lebron’s shoes in the card designs, with the Air Zoom Generation 1 as the Ace through the Lebron 13s as the King. A different colorway of each shoe is represented on each of the four suits.


    I’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to get the project funded so I can push these to production: 



    I'd appreciate any feedback or support
















    Follow me on Instagram @fonzseso for updates on the project.

  2. 7 hours ago, neo_prankster said:

    I'd play around with the hidden "J" in the hair.


    Also the "mauling" hand looks like she's practicing the Vulcan salute.


    Maybe add a cat ear headband?



    4 minutes ago, darkpiranha said:

    +1 for cat ear headband.  And agreed that the claw gesture needs to be more of a full-hand gradual curve, rather than two up and two down.


    Cosign. Both accounts, headband and gradual claw gesture.

  3. Awesome progress.


    If you are using illustrator, I would definitely pinch in the corner anchors to make sharp points – like on the nose and the fur/ears. Right now, some of the corners are a little soft. It'll feel more aggressive if they came in a little sharper.

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