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  1. Hmm great point, maybe they’ll be wearing em.
  2. Hmm wonder when the earned are being released. Gotta be any day now.
  3. That wasn’t the case originally. LockerVision had orange vs red a few days ago
  4. Ah the McDonalds jerseys. Those were great.
  5. Glitch in the system lol? How did nobody notice?
  6. Oh my god, noticed this a few days ago in LockerVision, thought maybe it was a mistake lmao
  7. I kinda like the Raps jerseys to be honest lol. Fun color.
  8. Please....I’d almost prefer this to the throwback, I’ve always wanted a modern red jersey
  9. Feels like earned will be this week, second half schedule should be coming very soon.
  10. Might be a silly suggestion, but with how tame the Flyers jerseys usually are, would anybody else love to see Gritty added to the shoulders of one of the alts, like this one?
  11. Are Bruins only wearing reverse retro once? That’d be incredibly disappointing. Dump the current alts and make RR the new alt going forward.
  12. What would they wear at home with teal? Black?
  14. Arians talking about it has to give it some credibility, no? Interesting the Patriots did not create an alt. Doesn’t prove anything but it’s certainly interesting. I think this is more than hear say at this point.