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  1. Those are sneaky pretty good. I’d like to see them do a throwback too.
  2. Oh no Jets aren’t actually doing all green are they? I liked all green from their all set but it looks like a bad look from the preview. I’d have liked to see their new primary home look in primetime.
  3. Why not a jersey that says “Knicks?” The summer league jerseys were cool.
  4. I’d like to see the Lakers return to tradition. Those white jerseys are popping when they’re a rarity.
  5. I can’t believe NBC still has the green zone...that idea shouldn’t have made it past the hall of fame game.
  6. They should ditch the black for their cream city jersey. I’d rather see a cool cursive word mark than the Bucks logo on it.
  7. Lol it really is. I wish teams used their alts to use their full color palette instead of using black and weird colors (like the Celtics could use gold instead of black although I don’t have a problem with the Celtics black because we don’t have many colors). I guess the Clippers must have two black jerseys now? I wish they’d get rid of the statement and make a red jersey.
  8. Last season was brutal. The other non sleeved and the original chrome were nice tho.
  9. This is nice. Great to see red back.
  10. So..are the other cities being released then officially?
  11. I dunno, I kinda like teams wearing color on the road here and there.
  12. Lions in blue and grey and Packer in color rush. Huh, kinda like it. Packers color rush is great. I would have liked to see Lions with blue pants on the road tho.