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  1. What’s up with that helmet?
  2. It’s bizarre the Cardinals are somehow the oldest team. I would have guessed they were a 70’sish expansion team before reading about their history.
  3. Those Kyler jerseys would sell like hot cakes if they weren’t trash. Cards should have updated them this season.
  4. I mean it’s core to their established identity. They’ve had a nice run of success, I don’t think they should change it now. It’s a nice look.
  5. It’s also iconic at this point. Can’t change it now.
  6. That never happened before though.
  7. This look would pop (with pants stripes), do each like twice a season
  8. It wouldn’t be terrible to do grey, but we really need a red jersey. Fans have been clamoring for one for years, it’d fly off the shelves.
  9. Not sure. I’d hope they would at least match.
  10. Ah this would seriously suck if it’s mono for both. I love both looks but only as an alt/change up. Don’t go mono full time. Should do both looks only like twice a season
  11. The red face mask is awesome. Hope it’s not changing.
  12. Chargers should do light blue pants (but no powder blue color rush look), white pants and yellow pants (only to be worn a few times). Powder blue and yellow pants would pop.
  13. I’m surprised so many here hate the current jerseys, they’re great. With a few tweaks, could be even better. Should add a red version of the home jersey like they sold for the fans.
  14. Hmm wonder what the Patriots are changing. Doesn’t sound like color rush
  15. Eh think the helmet stripe is a big no for me, too Ohio State. Bit too many stripes. Rather retire silver and go white helmet and white pants.