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  1. Eh I don’t know, it’s a weird mash of colors. If they must, this one was much better
  2. Any chance we finally get a Celtics gold jersey?
  3. Why don’t Pistons have a red jersey instead of this gross grey one? The original chrome one was alright but red and grey doesn’t really work.
  4. No but it’s a fun alt. I don’t really like the argument that you should wear your best uniform every game. It’s fun to switch it up. Most people don’t wear the same outfit every day or eat the same meal every day because it’s their favorite/best.
  5. That Steelers all white would be cool to see once a year.
  6. I hate that the Patriots only have two options. Badly need Pat Patriot and/or silver pants in 2021.
  7. Don’t ask why, but was watching 1997 Bears-Lions the other day and love these Lions uniforms with the blue face mask. The use of white in this uniform is great as well
  8. Don’t they have red ones too? I think I saw people from Arizona in one of the threads say they’ve seen red but never the grey Cardinals.
  9. Traditional was in the best. Not sure why so much of the grey cardinal, it’s okay but not nearly as good as the classic. I hope they don’t do a Tillman jersey...that’s a whole can of worms...the short explanation is he likely wouldn’t have wanted that.
  10. That all white look is great, should do that for like two road games a season. Not a fan of grey pants on the road, good look for Raiders and Lions but wasn’t a great look for the 90s Pats and the Giants.
  11. Still better than their weird current ones, sadly.
  12. They’re okay, but the wordmark looks like it was stolen from a grocery store.
  13. I’d be cool with that too. Either make the city or the statement blue and have the other cream. I was disappointed they didn’t have the home jersey be cream from the get go.
  14. I’d love to see a jersey version of this replace the statement jersey and have the city basically be a different cream design every other year.