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  1. ..Why don’t they swap out the navy pants for powder blue...? Please never wear that all navy look. The color rush is great, but all navy is gross.
  2. :censored: yeah Chargers. Should do yellow pants for a game or two. Now please don’t do all light blue lol.
  3. Why are Celtics in white 2-7? Green vs Yellow is beautiful.
  4. Warriors wearing a lot more color in the playoffs! I would have loved for them to wear yellow in all the home games but I’ll take it, blue looks good at home. Was super lame they wore white 80% of the time last year and black the rare times it wasn’t white.
  5. I’m surprised, I actually like em, have to see em in action though. I’d like to see the black pants swapped out for green. Also maybe green numbers? Like a football version of this
  6. This Hornets Jazz matchup is beautiful. Jazz six sets are an A+
  7. I wish Toronto wore red as their primary road jersey. Looks a lot better than their black jerseys.
  8. Make the statement the new icon and the earned the new statement. Would be cool to see that city stick for at least another season. I’ve loved the incorporation of orange this season in the earned jersey and the accessories.
  9. I think those and the earned white version are weirdly kinda fun. It’s a lot better than the usual turd green military appreciation jerseys (especially the Heat ones). Would be a lot more fun to have a fiesta style and the jerseys and apparel would sell like crazy.
  10. I’d be so happy if the Dubs wore yellow at home during the entire playoffs (and hopefully blue on the road). Last year was so lame when they were wore white like 80% of the time and black the other 20%.
  11. That Dallas jersey he gave Wade is one of the worst of all time. Probably the worst Nike jersey so far.
  12. I’d love to see the Clippers dump the black jersey and make a new red jersey.
  13. I really hope Lakers consider going back to tradition. They can mix it up occasionally but keep the white jersey as the Sunday home jersey. And fix the purple jersey and actually wear it.
  14. The Prince jerseys are at least clean. I’d like to see a photo shop of the jerseys with no stripe across the front.
  15. Anybody else hate the T Wolves unis? I kinda liked them at first, but they’re so damn bland and I hate the stripe across the front. The prince ones and the grey cities from last year are their only good jerseys they’ve had since the rebrand. They’re so bad. Removing the stripe off the front would help a lot (do this for the Wizards icon jerseys too).