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  1. Man I wish we were getting a damn Mania. Drives me crazy.
  2. To be fair, a lot of these more generic names come from the fact that there were A LOT of high schools that had mascots such as the Braves, Indians, Mohawks, etc that had to change their nicknames. And the more creative nicknames in MN high schools come from the smaller schools that literally are too small to have a hockey program or they simply haven't been featured. The Blooming Prairie Awesome Blossoms, the Aitkin Gobblers, the Sauk Centre Streeters, Grand Meadow Superlarks, Stillwater Ponies, Moorehead Spuds, Minneapolis-Roosevelt Teddies, the WABASSO RABBITS, Granite Falls Kilowatts. And of course my Dad's alma-mater: the Minneota Vikings (no typo) from lovely Minneota, Minnesota. There's a lot of Cardinals, Eagles, Tigers and Panthers but I have to imagine that's similar for all the states in America. There's common ones and outliers. Go Crimson!
  3. Oh goodness lord I'd give so much money for that Fauxback! Thank you for using CRIMSON for our colors. Recently the trend at the school is to use black for everything which is something I dont get at all considering our team name is a color that isnt black... Let's go Crimson! Fantastic work. The Elks' third jersey is a thing of beauty
  4. Man please do the NW Suburban next. I'd love to see what you'd do for my Crimson! I'd also be amped to see what you'd come up with as a fauxback for MG since we only opened in 1996. My only request is please make crimson the actual primary color unlike the school has been doing lately making all our home jerseys black... totally backwards.
  5. Oh man the Vikings bit is so good. I love that the Home and Away set tripes don't match, like they did in the glory days. Well done..
  6. I would pay an uncomfortably large amount of money for that black jersey. SCSU '17 grad here; you nailed them. Keeping the red the same is 100% the right decision. Only thing I would miss is the number font. I love the new font!
  7. Wait-- if Mr. Red is wearing the uniform he is on, then does that mean that the Mr. Red on Mr. Red's jersey is also wearing the jersey he is on? So does that mean that the jersey features a patch with Mr. Red with Mr. Red on Mr. Red's patch?
  8. Please do the NCHC next please please please
  9. Ron Spencer is a bum! He's flushing the Arrows franchise down the toilet!
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