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  1. This is a Canadian summer league where they get Division 1 Canadian players, Pro players, and Canadian University (U Sports) players
  2. This was a contrasting nameplate from a random team I found and it looks terrible. I know Oregons looks signifgantly cleaner with the two tone colouring but Im interested to see if they look good on the field.
  3. lol I meant the other way around
  4. Old on the left, new on the right. Seems like more teams are going with the horizontal sleeve stripes this year.
  5. I would also say that the Charlotte 49'ers also is a little bit puzzling. Never really understood it unless there is a deeper meaning behind it.
  6. I have been thinking that some colleges are really excelling with old school logos, but with the new school approach, what schools need a logo change up? The first one that comes to mind for me is Ball State
  7. Any teams that may have a rebrand soon. I don't know of any relocations or anything like that but wondering if any teams are due for a permanant jersey change or colour scheme change such as Kootenay and Everett did
  8. Respectfully disagree with you there but these are not great choices. The colour scheme can work well but the Grizzlies' look horrible with the shade of light blue and the random gold.
  9. The Purple for the raps was their primary jersey colour during the Vince Carter era and now is not featured
  10. I really like the sens jerseys, many people have had trouble with this and keep going back to some older and :censored:tier designs but this adds a little 67's to improve this