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  1. Section 30 You did a nice job on the Cincinnati theme. For the Philadelphia theme you need to use the colors of our flag. The Red, White and Blue. I know the Eagles are big in the city, but the patriotic colors is what follows the city. Could you please show us what that looks like? I have to know. Use the kind of blue you see on the USA flag.
  2. These are neat. Let me know when you have a Theme for Cincinnati. Red, Orange, White, and Black. I'm going to say Orange is a third color, since the Reds are better players historically.
  3. I made the changes you suggested. I believe you guys are leading me along well. To answer your other question about this being a primary or secondary logo, I thought of this logo as a logo you would see on the back of the scoreboard at the stadium. A readable secondary logo without all the details. The Helmet design would only have the cougar not the circle. I originally thought of not having any words in it and leave it as is since it's unique. Mizzou's logo has the picture of the tiger, and a logo with the tiger inside the M. In this case it would just be the tiger logo. What has been my inspiration for the logo's feel is a person charging out onto the field with this on a larger flag. Do you know where I can find a template for designing jersey's and helmets?
  4. Thanks for the input. I used a dark navy but I'll try something lighter for the background. I was trying to make it a bit different from nd or navy. I do have the initials on one logo. I will upload it as part of my revisions.
  5. More ferocious I like it. Anyways cougars don't roar, but hiss and when they do, their noses do crinkle up some. I was trying to copy that. I will try to make some adjustments I embrace the challenge.
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