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  1. These are all really cool and I particularly am in love with the Seattle Pilots logo you came up with, especially with the original green & green scheme you posted. I'm a fan of minimalist / classic designs when it comes to sports unis and logos, but I'm wondering if any extra flair / detail can be added to the curved parts of the "S". It might make the logo too busy, but have you played around with it?
  2. I LOVE these. Simple, yet not skimping on creativity or flair. Well done!
  3. I really like these. The Bison and Dublin concepts in particular I think are really clever. I like how you keep the jerseys traditional, for the most part, without being boring. Nice work!
  4. LOVE this. I agree that navy/teal should be the main cap. I pray Seattle never goes back to the old royal blue + yellow.
  5. Glad you kept Seattle’s colors. For my money, they have the best uniforms in sports. I think you’ve done a good job with them (amazing job overall, these have been so fun to look through), but I personally really like the nautical compass. I think it makes them unique and it has a very sharp look. Increasing its size and impact on the logo is the only thing I’d change. It is your logo, you did the hard work and have a real talent. Just my own .02
  6. I would outline the "M" in the Marlins hat in teak / aquamarine. I think it is a great concept, though. I was pretty annoyed when the Marlins changed their color scheme. Nothing against orange, but I thought the Marlins had one of the better color schemes in sports.
  7. Thanks for the giveaway! Red + baby blue has got to be my favorite color scheme of all time. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  8. Love, love, LOVE these designs. There are so many great ones in some of my favorite color schemes. The last thing I need is another hat or t-shirt, but I couldn't resist and just ordered this one:
  9. This team's uniforms are amazing! I'm going to see if I can find any of their gear to pick up online
  10. Really love the addition of gray. It allows the uniforms to still have it's traditional colors as it's "identity", but gives it a splash of something new without overpowering the orange and brown.
  11. This is the coolest logo on here. I’m to go hunt for some Chicago Dogs apparel right now!
  12. Glad to see I’m not alone! Some of these unis are amazing. I just wish there were more teams with this scheme as their standard uniforms.
  13. I am a looooooong time lurker to this site, but my apologies if this post is in the wrong place. Are there any teams with similar color schemes as the Houston Oilers? Basically light blue as the dominant color and red + white. I know the Titans technically do, but the red definitely gets “lost” in my opinion. Could be college, pro, whatever. I just think it’s a cool combination. I always said if I had my own expansion team that those would be the uniforms I’d go with.