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  1. If McDaniels gets the Eagles job and then changes his mind once more and goes back to New England, he should never be an NFL Head Coach again.
  2. LA Chargers have hired Brandon Staley as Head Coach.
  3. Excited to see Austin FC announce their Mascot: Anthony Precourt.
  4. My issue is "why haven't they revealed the helmets yet?" Normally the helmets are revealed at the same time as jerseys. Whenever there's a uniform change, the NFL, CFL and College Football would usually show both jerseys and helmets.
  5. It's not an NFL game without it.
  6. The NFL owner with the Prince Valiant haircut buys a WNBA team: Las Vegas Aces Sold - Las Vegas Aces (
  7. Would his ex Mackenzie Scott be a better option to own an NBA team, assuming she's interested?
  8. I would hope so. I wonder which billionaire they would get to own the Sonics as majority?
  9. the article mentions Chris Hansen for Seattle. I hope that any group he compiles to bring the Sonics back includes Tod Leiweke. I think it's important to have someone from the Kraken be a part of the ownership group. David Bonderman, also a member of the Kraken ownership owns part of the Celtics, but perhaps he sells his part of the Celtics to own a part of the Sonics. And Hansen is a hedge fund guy. Anytime a hedge fund person owns a pro sports team or wants to own one, I am always leery of that.
  10. Major Madness on Twitter: "Southland Conference is officially going all in on Texas Southern and Prairie View AM as the first schools to be targeted for expansion." / Twitter
  11. And UT Rio Grande Valley is probably going to be a football school as well. So all four of those schools will be in a Texas division. So it's ACU, Lamar, SHSU, SFA, Tarleton State, UTRGV and TBA. The speculation is that the 7th school is going to be West Texas A&M.
  12. No. It's that a city like Las Vegas doesn't deserve even one major league team. All of those other cities likely deserved teams in all of the leagues.
  13. And somehow the TV deal isn't enough to recoup losses from expansion
  14. Paul Rabil's goal with the PLL is to make the sport more accessible to the general public and not make it the "elitist" sport it has been, hence the no cities with the teams.
  15. With Nagy and Pace returning, the Bears are likely to end their 101st year without a 4,000 yard QB, the longest streak in league history.
  16. Las Vegas would probably involve the owner of the Golden Knights. I don't know how much money he's lost due to the Pandemic though.
  17. Isn't Northern Virginia still an option as a possible home for a new stadium for the Washington Football Team?
  18. Whether or not the Pelicans stay I think is dependent upon whether or not Gayle Benson keeps both teams she inherited from her late husband. If I had to guess, she'll keep the Saints as they make a ton more money for her than the Pelicans. The moment she decides to sell the Pelicans is the moment relocation talks begin, If she were to sell both teams though, it would be the Saints staying in New Orleans as I doubt the Saints would want to go through that again. The addition of Drew Brees in 2006 was the move that forever changed the fortunes of the Saints. If the Pelicans move to Seattle, they would have to switch divisions with Minnesota, but this would put the T-Wolves in the same division as the three Texas Teams and Memphis, which would not be ideal. The better scenario would be to switch divisions with Oklahoma City. Adding both Las Vegas and Seattle would put both the Wolves and Pelicans in the Eastern Conference and probably move OKC to the Southwest.
  19. Not just that, the other one as well.....the social one.
  20. Seattle's ownership group would be interesting. I would assume that Tod Leiweke would be involved in bringing the Supersonics back. Also Kansas City would be a group of businessmen and probably Patrick Mahomes.
  21. Vancouver would be my top choice for #32. But Kansas City would be my second choice. Followed by Las Vegas. Among non Major League markets, I don't know. If Louisville didn't have their issues, I would put them ahead of Vancouver.
  22. My issue with Louisville is if the NBA is willing to put an expansion team in a city that has had some issues lately (and not COVID either). I don't think the NBAPA would be comfortable playing in Louisville until that situation is fixed.