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  1. They did well. I don't know the terms of the lease.
  2. Let's not go there. Thanks.
  3. So what's the deal that MLS has offered to the players? And didn't they just sign a new CBA?
  4. The Bears would have signed him already if he had been a Tight end.
  5. La Liga returns June 11th:
  6. The recent NHL news was in partnership with the NHL PA. Any news the NBA makes will also be in collaboration with the NBA PA.
  7. I don't think that the NBA has made their plans official like the NHL has.
  8. All it takes is just one for major league sports to come back for others to follow suit.
  9. So Vince McMahon is buying the XFL from.....himself.
  10. His man crush on Adam Driver is a bit overboard.
  11. If one of the California teams play in Dallas, it doesn't necessarily mean they will play in Jerry World. There's the Cotton Bowl, SMU, TCU, North Texas and Globe Life Field, where the XFL Dallas Renegades played.
  12. There is a Florida Tech?
  13. The PGA can easily do social distancing. As for travel, most golfers do not travel every week.
  14. Back when they won the draft lottery, every person on ESPN, Fox and CBS Sports called New Orleans an awful NBA town. They all agree that when it comes to the NFL and the Saints, it's fantastic. The Pelicans are the opposite. Las Vegas? Of course, it has to be Las Vegas, because they aren't satisfied with having one major league team. Instead they want 4.
  15. I would be down for an MLS round robin tournament for a month. That would be cool and they can even do it with 26 teams as it would be much easier to do 26 team round robin tournament rather than one and done, because then how would you figure out the spots for 25 and 26? Do you give those spots to MLS finalists Toronto and Seattle and give them a bye week?
  16. UFC does well:
  17. Kia Tigers have become my Korean team.
  18. If MLB comes back without any fans, it will basically be business as usual for the Rays.
  19. I do think that there will be an NFL season, but I don't know in what form. And I mean that I don't know if it will open as planned and I would not be surprised if the season kicks off in October and if they play a full 16 game schedule, the weeks in September that they would have played normally would be moved to January. I do think that despite everything, the NFL deserves a lot of praise for providing a nice distraction with free agency and the draft. The draft was super entertaining to watch outside of the Tom Rinaldi stuff. And we had discussions on here about free agency for hours, especially after Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A week after all live sports shut down, the NFL comes back with free agency to give us something to talk about for a few hours.
  20. true. Back when the NFL announced the league year was going on as scheduled, I never understood the calls to push free agency and the draft back as I thought at the time it would give us a nice distraction and it did. The NFL Draft for the most part was super fun to watch, (minus the negative stories from Tom Rinaldi) ranging from Bill Belichick's Dog to Jerry Jones doing the draft on his boat to whatever was going on at Mike Vrabel's Household night one to Roger Goddell being so super chill during the draft that in day three he actually wore a t-shirt.
  21. I think the reason the PGA shut down was because there were golfers uncomfortable playing in tournaments during a pandemic. I don't know how they feel now though.