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  1. What the hell has happened to Golden State? How did they become this bad this fast?
  2. He won't go that route unless ratings and attendance rapidly decline all over the league weekly. If they rise each week or remain steady he'll do nothing.
  3. So he left the Orlando create this. Probably took no more that 5 minutes for him to create.
  4. The XFL can be as successful as NXT if Vince leaves it alone.
  5. I think the concern for me in regards to the XFL is how patient Vince McMahon is going to be. Based on how he runs WWE, he will be extremely impatient and often flies off the handle for no apparent reason. If ratings and attendance see a rapid decline from week 1 to week 2 and so forth, how patient is he going to be?
  6. The Nashville Stars have a way better logo for their proposed MLB team.
  7. Who does your friend think the uniform supplier is going to be? Nike? Reebok? Adidas? New Era? I did read somewhere that the team presidents know what the uniforms look like.
  8. That is weird. I would have thought that they would have their uniforms done by now and were waiting for them to be released in time for Black Friday, if not at least by Christmas.
  9. Nets from Newark, New Jersey to Brooklyn?
  10. Valentin traded to Houston for Goalkeeper Joe Willis. Vazquez to FCC. Nashville adds Adrian Zendejas from Sporting KC and Daniel Lovitz from Montreal. Also, I don't believe Inter Miami CF is an actual team until they actually play.
  11. MLS expansion draft right now. Nashville is involved. There are rumors that Miami is involved too.
  12. Still the field was so much better in London than Mexico.
  13. USL Championship team in Buffalo if they can get a stadium deal.
  14. The field was spectacular when games were at Tottenham Stadium. Tonight, not so much.
  15. No word on if the Chargers fans are Phillip Rivers and his wife buying tickets for all of their children.
  16. I was more thinking "why is he wearing Panty hose on his right arm?"
  17. So this will be the last time Tarleton State is in the DII Playoffs.
  18. With the first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft....the Cincinnati Bengals select Joe Burrow, QB LSU. Five minutes later: ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Burrow will instead be signing with the Ottawa RedBlacks of the Canadian Football League.