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  1. a small thing, but this has been bugging me quite a bit. I'm okay with the "L" and "A" not having parallel lines, I understand how "LA" looks when italicized. however, shouldn't the italicized A's have consistent parallel lines in a wordmark? maybe it's just me.
  2. I was bothered by the contrast between the yellow of the horn and the white of the "L" so I mocked up a version with an attempt at fixing that:
  3. Kansas Citian here. That photo was taken on a bridge in the Plaza in Kansas City, MO, not in LA. It also features 60th Anniversary flags in the background, which is being celebrated this season, not next. The biggest thing you have going for the matte helmet theory is that the NFL sticker is not the NFL100 logo, but even that doesn’t seem like enough to support this theory. I think photo editing is our culprit here.
  4. Chiefs are going with grey facemasks this week in a rematch of their victory against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IV, 50 years later... so they're wearing the exact same uniforms they wore then!
  5. looks like the Chiefs will be rocking a throwback field design this season from their days at Municipal Stadium, complete with helmet logo at midfield and yellow endzones with old wordmark
  6. Who else thinks the Bucs inverted jersey looks better than their regular home?
  7. F I N A L L Y Chargers to wear powder blues as their primary home uniform!
  8. Chiefs are wearing white on white for their game at LA Rams this week https://twitter.com/Chiefs/status/1063615045681188865
  9. Chiefs rolling with red on red for Sunday night vs. Bengals https://twitter.com/Chiefs/status/1052599136535498753
  10. https://twitter.com/Titans/status/978780128896536577 https://twitter.com/Titans/status/978779772355571713 the Titans official twitter sent out these images today of Dion Lewis' and Malcolm Butler's new uniform numbers...could this be the new jersey font?