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  1. F I N A L L Y Chargers to wear powder blues as their primary home uniform!
  2. Chiefs are wearing white on white for their game at LA Rams this week https://twitter.com/Chiefs/status/1063615045681188865
  3. Chiefs rolling with red on red for Sunday night vs. Bengals https://twitter.com/Chiefs/status/1052599136535498753
  4. I've always thought that this is an amazing uni matchup
  5. https://twitter.com/Titans/status/978780128896536577 https://twitter.com/Titans/status/978779772355571713 the Titans official twitter sent out these images today of Dion Lewis' and Malcolm Butler's new uniform numbers...could this be the new jersey font?
  6. Pats wearing white in the Super Bowl https://twitter.com/Patriots/status/955824742266736641