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  1. Those look great! Would you mind emailing the full sizes to me (please)? I never realized you posted this. The website doesn’t email me about replies. Once again, those look great. I mean GREAT!
  2. Interesting. I don't really like the dotted i. No hurry. I can wait.
  3. Hey pitt6, could you do an alternate Saints endzone for? Where it says “New Orleans” in the same font? I don’t need (I don’t really “need” any of it) the whole field, but just the endzone. I was looking on Google, they got some pretty good ones, but the N’s and I’s are way off. Could you do this for me? Please, take your time if you need to. I don’t need it immediately. Here’s a sample, but the L is too high and the I and T are way off. And you could probably make a better E, too.
  4. Hey, pitt6pack! I can’t seem to find a Saints Helmet Logo that’s high quality with the white outline, like the Cowboys. If you could, I could supply you with the helmet, and you could put the white outline on it. I just like that type of Endzone (Redskins and Cowboys). I’m not currently on my computer, but if you want, I could get the picture for you.
  5. They couldn’t make a white endzone, unless they changed the color of the out-of-bounds line. Or else you would never know if (for example) a player got two feet in bounds on a fade. Or, any pass, for that matter.
  6. We don’t need those Rams or Chiefs anymore. Lol. Nice work.
  7. Hey! How dare you say the Saints will be eliminated?? Lol. Jk. I guarantee the Saints will beat the Panthers for the third time. The Panthers have only sacked Drew Brees 3 times in 2 games, and they average 3 sack sper game. And the Saints are the only team with 120+ rushing yards against the Panthers.
  8. Can you do a Saints-Jags field for SB LII?