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  1. Over a year later and a couple of "final" and "final final" designs - I can finally say that this project is now complete.
  2. FINALLY completed this logo. Personal logos always take the longest time as I'm never happy, but i think I have finally put this one to bed.
  3. Totally changed the look of the logo. Would like to get everyones thoughts?
  4. I totally understand where you are coming from, I think this is the problem with the overall design. Below are the gates to Victoria Park (where the Panthers play) which was my main inspiration for the badge. I've worked on the panther a little bit taking in peoples feedback. I'm much happier with the panther with the open mouth, but I still dont think the rest of the badge works together. Any suggestions to help the ornate style of the badge fit with the aggressive panther?
  5. I have started to redesign the logo for my local football team and although I'm pretty happy with the design, I'd thought I'd post it on the board for feedback as everyone has been very helpful in the past. The logo is a little different style-wise to my usual designs, so I am having a lot of problems getting it just right. The top of the badge is an interpretation of the gates to Victoria Park so really want to keep that in some form (and the panther obviously) but getting the rest to fit is causing a problem. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Just some minor tweaks and some cleaning up. Think this is just about done - Thanks for everyones suggestions, it really helped this design come a long way! @chickenfish13 @Zeus89725 @panthers_2012
  7. Changed the background to black and added some shadow to the swooshes. Would love any feedback on the design.
  8. Split up the "C" and "H" to make it a little obvious. Added text, although I think the text would look better with a black background, so might try that next.
  9. Slowly starting to like this design, but still not 200% happy. Simplifying has certainly worked. Not sure about the "h" looks a little forced now as the middle section of the H looks like it should be there.
  10. Ive done a bit more work to the logo, its still got the "C" and "H" inside, but not as obvious. Getting happier with the design, but still not 100% sold
  11. I'm currently working on a redesign of the Carolina Hurricanes logo and need A LOT of help. I'm happy with the concept, but this style of design is slightly out of my comfort zone. Ignoring the colours for the moment, i'm struggling with making this concept work. I think the "H" is the big problem. Any help to improve the design would be appreciated, as right now I'm not happy with it.
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