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  1. Anybody that legitimately tries to evaluate super bowl commercials should be killed. I don't really care what your politics are, if you're a person that thinks a commercial/company represented your viewpoint well or you start ranking commercials, you are clearly not deserving of the gift of life. These people are lower than serial killers
  2. Its because sports hit its aesthetic apex in the 20th century and we have been trying to recapture it ever since
  3. QBs to beat Tom Brady in the playoffs in Foxboro: Ryan Tannehill Joe Flacco Mark Sanchez
  4. The season ticket holders would get the same explanation that any team gets that plays games in London, or Toronto, or any one-off game. Plenty of NFL stadiums are in “downtown” areas or in the heart of major cities, and they make it work
  5. I think people will look back at this decade in sports uniforms the same way people look back on 70s fashion. It was godawful. In the past couple years its calmed down a lot but this was the decade of uniform experimentation. Remember those pit stains!!! God what a ghastly decade of sports aesthetics, but we’ll hopefully look back at it and laugh, the same way we laugh at huge afros and collars that went down to the elbow.
  6. What about if in order to kick a field goal, you have to start the game at another position. Keep all other rules the same but it would take away specialized kickers and you’d see Joe Staley straight toeing it as god intended
  7. I wish the Eagles would play some games at Franklin Field
  8. I’m not sure what it is you’re asking. You list 25 cities and ask why they are being overlooked. Overlooked how? 10 of the cities you listed had either AAF, AFL or will have an XFL team, so they don’t “keep getting overlooked” Also, just because a city has 600,000 people in it doesnt make it fit, there are a lot of other factors
  9. I was at the 49ers-Eagles game in 2009 where it was a snowball armageddon. The barrage of snowballs was so unrelenting that I almost couldnt believe my eyes, it looked like a cartoon. Had to be the most memorable pro game I’ve ever been to. I’ve only been to like 4 anyway, all at the Linc.
  10. I dont see the Rangers being a tipping point for the powder blue revival. If the Giants start doing out then ok we jumped the shark, but I dont see it as an issue yet
  11. I dont know how the Angels aren’t rocking a yellow halo on their hat. That would be so perfect
  12. The Navy/Yellow color combo is gonna be a no from me dawg
  13. Well I’ll nitpick a little now, since thats just what we do here. I really wish they would have done without the pinstripes here. I love that they’re using that sand color, but the brown jersey/sand pants combo is pretty godawful to me.
  14. I’ll nitpick later, but the Padres are back in brown and yellow so I’ll take this as an overall victory.
  15. The Chiefs went white at home in 2006 against the Bengals. Only other time in history was in 1980 when they went white at home all year.
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