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  1. Oh no. You don’t get to do this. From day one I’ve been courteous and friendly and have still been called a liar, a fraud, a loser, and harassed in PM’s. Now that I’ve been proven right you don’t get to turn heel and say the power has gone to my head. You’d better believe I’m enjoying it after the crap some of you put me through. In other communities one might even consider an apology in an instance like this.
  2. So, I guessed on all that, right? Right down to the side panels (who anyone faking wouldn’t think of since they’ve been so obsolete) As for the gradients, just remember you haven’t seen the whole thing. I’ll be back for my curtain call when the helmet and pants are public. ???
  3. Those are pretty much them. Just missing one, errr, I guess you could say three, thing(s).
  4. I’ve been trying to tell you all, teal primary jerseys. And I guarantee you if they release a video of the design process, you’ll see a gold helmet was in consideration. Now I see how the dude in the NBA thread felt.
  5. Because the uniforms have silver elements and are extremely futuristic looking and heavily inspired by their namesake. What, did you think I was suggesting they would literally look like the ducks with a yellow monochrome look or something?
  6. I never said anything about helmets. You have me confused with someone else. I did say the silver in the uniform is like a “Titan wearing armor” and now you all have proof of that.
  7. Hahaha “discredited” There is no second red layer, you’re looking at the shoulder pads and whatever the shirt is that they’re wearing underneath the picture. Reddit guy does have one thing right, there ARE side panels on this jersey.
  8. The silver in the Titans uniform... hmmm best way to put this... think a Titan from Greek mythology wearing armor.
  9. That is the leak you are putting trust in?! It’s a recolor of this image the Rams used last year Teal primaries. You’ll see. And they don’t look like that.
  10. I have more information that will come to light very soon and hopefully provide me with credibility here moving forward. For the NFL’s Color Rush, each team will have two options to wear on Thursday Night Football in a solid color and a white color set in the case of clashes. You’ve already seen the Patriots add white pants and guessed the Niners will as well, but the Steelers are also getting white pants and several teams are adding alternate white pants as well. The really big news out of this though is that the NFL will allow pieces from these Color Rush sets to be mixed and matched throughout the season. Get ready to see Teams like the Packers, Patriots, Steelers, and Niners wear white pants with their home look, or teams like the Broncos and Browns blending their Color Rush uniforms with white pants. And the most trivial but probably first noticeable change is that white socks are no longer mandatory as long as the team is wearing the same color socks.
  11. Nope, not backtracking those claims. The Raiders are adding gold trim for their first year in Vegas, and that is 100%. The Browns are currently exploring several options but I do know the helmets will 100% be white. I’m not sure when the Browns will roll out the changes. I have offered proof but none of the mods want that responsibility. Plenty of regular users want to see the pictures but I’m not just going to show them to anyone. There has to be a degree of accountability.
  12. I did not mean to cause such a hailstorm, my sincerest apologies. I would like like to be as clear as possible and say that a gold helmet for Jacksonville was in the works but that was changed to black, but I stand by what I said in that a teal jersey is now the primary. As as far as the Titans, I’ll just say you should be bracing yourselves. These uniforms are pretty wild. They feature a design mechanism I’ve long watched this board fear making its way to the NFL. And again for the record I have never said they are getting red helmets. People are starting to put words in my mouth and I don’t appreciate that.
  13. Remember folks, I never laid a timeline for the changes. Everything I shared is at the very least being contemplated right now and there are existing prototypes. And after conversing with my source I stand by the claim that the Jaguars will have teal primary uniforms, and no one still knows what the hell Miami is changing.