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  1. I just want nice looking uniforms to start, don't really care what order yet. We can always revolt after the fact if the teal is still the alternate....Let's say the Teal is the alternate. Is there rules for switching an alternate to the primary in future seasons?
  2. Anyone think we will get any juicy leaks before the reveal on Thursday?
  3. Let's be realistic....Classic and traditional is boring so get ready to be bored and disappointed if what Coughlin is saying is correct. Personally, give me simple and boring I'd rather be on the side of boring than embarrassing. Give me a Giants, GB, SF jersey any day over the trash the Titans just released. The Titans uniforms will be out of style in two weeks (if they aren't already) and already screaming for a redo. I want something simple and timeless...Whew, that was Therapeutic. I needed that.
  4. I feel bad for you as a fan. Such a let down. IMO they are way too busy and still lack an identity. I am scared to see what Nike offered up for my Jags.
  5. If I am a Titans fan, I would hold off for 5 years and wait for the next redesign.
  6. Just a thought. The design of the Jags uniform has been going on for a year (maybe two). Think of how many mock ups and iterations they made over that span for consideration, constantly tweaked and updated. I can guarantee they created many different versions over that time and don't you think its possible along the way that just one of those options were the one that "leaked", which is entirely possible what people who claimed to have seen it were looking at? What we don't know is how early in the process it leaked. Just because it leaked doesn't mean that it was the one they chose...more than likely it wasn't the one that was selected. Could we see similar design elements in the final version? Sure we could also be completely different. We will find out soon enough.
  7. Not sure why, but I was never a big fan of the teal flake helmets. Nothing will beat the All black helmets and I am glad we are going back. I agree with the PaleV....not a fan of the different color shoulders on the uniforms. I like simple and classic. I would take the Atlanta Falcons throwback template this year and but use the teal as accent colors and call it done. Make one in Teal Primary, White and Black as the alternate.