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  1. The more I look at the packers logo with the laces, the more I like it, very original!
  2. Nice move on the packers, it is very dificult to rebrand this logo. But I like it with the laces, nice concept. Maybe you have to try somthing with the "G" mixed in the "B" or with their logo from the 60's?
  3. The giants looking good to me now. And the LA Rams are my favorite so far, realy good job!!
  4. Jets is nice. For the gaints, i think it will look beter when you make the "N" complete instead of mixing in the "Y"
  5. San Francisco concept is realy cool!
  6. Your work is amazing, my favorites are the viking, lions, redtails and the steelers. The dallas logo i also prefer their present logo.
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