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  1. this is very cool im a big fan
  2. I'm being serious when I say that I'm not into the Revs as I could be, because of the :censored: logo. this is absolutely amazing I'd be a fan with this
  3. what! can i ask the year you graduated? that san jose rip off you're talking about was almost entirely phased out while I was there...we could only use the MC and no other imagery or anything so the recent addition of the new crest is something i guess lol. I think they really just need a total overhaul on the whole thing, or just the athletics at the very least.
  4. Their current white and gold unis are amazing (the blue one is not. the MC logo should never be a chest logo imo) but i love what you did with the striping you added but the logo does look a bit bland. I'm sure you're not strictly adhering to the college's brand guidelines or whatever but it's true what stumpygremlin said that the native imagery is almost exclusively not a Thing anymore. For me since I went to merrimack, (so im biased, sue me) the logo doesn't feel like a attached to the rest of the uniform since the striping does call back to the current school logo in that way. Not sure if using the crest would be too many stripes but I just love it so much as a chest logo. The text as well looks very standard block and pinned on to the spear rather than working together for a strong logo, which is why I think the crest would be better. Otherwise, the number font is great and the striping is beautiful.
  5. I sharpened up the pickaxes and bent them inward a bit more, as well as made the top ends of them jut out to a peak to make it imitate a football shape like suggested. I also made them more of a silhouette so that they don't overpower the SF or make it all too busy. I played with the colors a lot but I'm still not settled on any particular combination (illustrated by the outline inconsistency across colors). Please let me know what you think, it is very much appreciated!
  6. I totally understand lol I was trying to make it seem like a compass marker like pointing west but I get how that could be annoying.
  7. Hello! My first post here and of course would love to hear your thoughts. I'm slowly becoming a niners fan?? but their current logo just doesn't do it for me so I had to do something. It's just looks very dated to me. Anyways, I also played around with some wordmarks to go with it, but figured I'd get the general idea out there first to see if there was any interest. Check it out and, please, let me know what you think! Thanks!
  8. the patriots logo is cool but the helmet concept takes me out of it. seems gimmicky to make it seem like they're wearing the cap? idk seems too little but also too much at the same time
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